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Multnomah County Marriages


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grooms brides

George W. Heacox

July Ann Morgen

J. H. B. Royal

C. H. Hall

Ervin Burk

Ann Rebecka Simmons

Charles Henry Crans

Anna Christina Mollhop

Daniel Bosby

Celia E. Watkins

Clemson A. Russell

Lucinda A. Renison

Leander Williams

Sarah Renison

Isaac H. Gore

Orpha T. Humphrey

George Farley

Margaret Crosby

Geo. Hink

Zelpha Duke

William Henry Molthrop

Martha Curry

William James

Nancy Conner

Charles D. Soule

Elizabeth E. Harris

George Farrelly

Margaret Crosby

Joseph Akido Zummetts

Rachel Mognett

E. W. Nottage

Mrs. Janlina Tice

Silas R. Smith

Anna E. Miller

Peter Burk

Mary McFale

Justus M. Strowbridge

Alice J. Holmes

William Cree

Margaret Phelan

Peter Funkistine

Sarah L. Levy

Peter Murray

Margaret McConnell

Marion Phillips

Eliza McNary

William Bibee

Mary Ann Thomas

John Fitszallin

Martha E. Mitchell

Louis Ensign

Mary Jane Conley

William C. Johnson

Susannah Pullen

Elias Stille

Caroline Weinshank

Simon Baum

MarJana Bettman

Bernard Keinan

Sarah Cassity

Robert Horning

Anne Cooney

Stewart Rickey

Mrs. Sarah Carter

George Batts

Eunis Quigbey

John Fitzallen

Ellen Mitchel

Thomas J. Bulgar

Mary F. Conly

Matthew F. Rice

Evelina Kimball

James M. Benson

Margaret Williamson

Amos M. Roberts

Mary Susan Caples

Able Hawkins

Eliza Kile

William M. Johnson

Martha Richmond

William Bybee

Huldy White

William P. Grench

Sarah M. Quin

Denman Talbot

Sarah Pullen

Robert Patton

Martha McBerney

R. Riley

Martha Jane Perkins

John Smith

Mrs. Anna Edelston

Jackson Files

Canelissa Morgan

Alfred Milligan

Nancy Hamilton

William Fain

Elvira Tibbets

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