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Multnomah County Marriages


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grooms brides

Isadour Kaufman

Fany Dobriner

Chas. Hoskins

Abba M. Ayer

George F. Tribon

Maria Louisa Zimmer

Edgar Ritchey

Cynthia Caroline Wilson

Joseph Seueyhane

Louisa Spring

John P. Cline

Anthey Cline

Pierpont Thayer

Sallie B. Goodrich

Arthur Harris

Mary Hicks

E. W. Reynolds

Maryann Ferguson

John McBride

Lydia Sunderland

L. Veshay

Catharine Mead

B. H. Hendee

Maria P. White

Frederick Bickel

Catherine Karleskind

George F. Townsend

Ann McKeran

Patrick Kegan

Elizabeth McDonald

Patrick Flynn

Maryann McKeon

William Garwood

Hannah Culberton

William P. Pelton

Sarah Amanda Brown

Jacques Bauer

Julie Heyman

G. Mitchell

Theresa Levy

Peter W. DeHuff

Emily F. Stryker

Thomas Glennon

Catharine Russell

John F. Linder

Martha J. McQuinn

Cornelius Austin

Elphia E. Morgan

John F. Linder

Martha J. McQuinn

Lafayette Caples

Cahrlotte Noland

(--?--) Bellinger

Ellen Dunbar

Plympton Kelly

Elizabeth A. Clark

Michael Padden

Mary Shearon

M. J. Elder

H. F. Brown

John Easterbrooks

Adna A. Bennett

Henry Wagoner

Bertha Inbitz

Lewis Piper

Mary Vancleave

Charles I. Graham

Sarah A. Brooks

Patrick Sinnott

Bridget Moran

John W. Collins

Eliza Manse

Aron Church

Sarah Sheaver

Norman Williams

Jane Brown

T. Kaufman

A. Neuberger

Thomas H. Cann

Louisa A. Gibheart

Thomas D. Fuller

Mary Jane Overacker

John Murphy

Ann Butler

W. E. Kendall

Arabella Shriver

David Steinheiser

Babbett Beary

William Wilks

Sarah Rowen

Horatio Cook Jr.

Kate I. A. Daly

William R. Dupee

Rosena Burch

E. G. Randall

Amy M. Chamberlain

D. H. Alderson

Clara Beaty

John P. Heslin

Druellos M. Dunbar

Granville Cecil

Mrs. Eliza Ann Fritsch

C. O. Clarke

Fannie Johnson

Joseph W. Payne

Ann E. Bybee

Marshall Peterson

Maggie A. Marshall

John Costello

Catharine Ayers

Charles Renard

Lucy A. Angelo

J. B. Wallace

Margaret Joice

Peter C. Williams

Lavina F. Hall

D. L. Williams

R. A. Witherall

C. S. Gourley

Mary Francis Stewart

Thomas Gibbons

Mary Rankin

Isaias W. Case

Mary A. Dunn

Henry Sunshine

Nancy M. Glenn

John W. Collins

Eliza Manse

James Newman

Elizabeth Arents

Andrew V. Peters

Lizzie M. Shaw

James St. Clair

Betsey Norton

Charles Hull

Isora L. Taylor

Thomas McCully

Rosannah McCully

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