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bulletAerial Views
bullet1889 Birdseye view of Portland
bulletEvans Valley
bulletAerial View of Portland with West Hills in the background
bulletBirdseye View
bulletPortland, Oregon City of Roses (view east from Civic Stadium)
bulletMt. St. Helens, from Council Crest
bulletGlimpse of Portland, Mt. Hood in Distance
bulletTualatin Valley and Mt. Zion, from Council Crest
bulletPortland and Mt. Hood, 1901
bulletPortland, Oregon and Mt. Hood by night
bulletView from a Skyliner, Portland, Oregon. Mt. Hood in the distance
bulletPortland, Oregon (Later--for dating, Morrison bridge is old one)
bulletAir View of Portland, Oregon, Showing Battleship Oregon. Business District. 5 Main bridges and East Side in background.
bulletView from City Park showing Canyon Road, Vista Bridge and Mt. Hood
bulletPortland's New Sky Line from Hawthorne Bridge
bulletView of Business Section and River Front as seen from the Hawthorne Bridge
bulletWaterfront, Wholesale and Shopping Sections
bulletCouncil of Jewish Women Neighborhood House
bulletElks Temple
bulletElks Building
bulletElks Building
bulletMultnomah Athletic Club and
bulletMasonic Temple
bulletMultnomah Club
bulletMultnomah Stadium
bulletWaverly Country Club
bulletYMCA (1913)
bulletYMCA and the YWCA
bulletCommercial Buildings
bulletBellasco Theatre
bulletBoard of Trade Building
bulletBoard of Trade Building
bulletChamber of Commerce
bulletChamber of Commerce
bulletCorbett Building
bulletEmpress Theater
bulletEquitable Building
bulletLiberty Temple
bulletLumbermans Building
bulletMarquam Building
bulletLocal Loan Co, Morgan Building
bulletPublic Market
bulletSpalding Building
bulletWells Fargo Building
bulletYeon Building
bulletYeon Building
bulletGood Samaritan
bulletGood Samaritan (1912)
bulletGood Samaritan
bulletMedical Center
bulletOld People's Home
bulletSt. Vincent's Hospital
bulletSt. Vincent's Hospital
bulletSt. Vincent's Hospital
bulletSt. Vincent's Hospital
bulletSt. Vincent's Hospital
bulletBenson Hotel
bulletThe Bowers, 11th & Stark
bulletHotel Broadway
bulletHotel Clyde
bulletCornelius Hotel
bulletCornelius Hotel
bulletCornelius Hotel
bullet Cornelius Hotel, Ladies Reception
bulletCornelius Hotel, Main Lobby
bulletDanmoore Hotel
bulletEaton Hotel
bulletHamilton Hotel (1920)
bulletHeathman Hotel
bulletHoyt Hotel
bulletImperial Hotel
bulletImperial Hotel
bullet International Hotel
bulletJean d'Arc
bulletMallory Hotel
bulletMultnomah Hotel
bulletMultnomah Hotel
bulletMultnomah Hotel
bulletMultnomah Hotel
bulletNortonia Hotel
bulletNortonia Hotel lobby
bulletHotel Oregon, 7th & Park
bulletHotel Oregon
bulletPalace Hotel
bulletPerkins Hotel
bulletPortland Hotel
bulletPortland Hotel
bulletPortland Hotel
bulletPortland Hotel
bulletPortland Hotel
bulletPortland Hotel
bulletSeward Hotel
bulletNew Portland Hotel
bulletRainier Hotel
bulletVenable Hotel
bulletMunicipal Buildings
bulletPortland Armory
bulletCity Auditorium
bulletPortland Public Auditorium
bulletCity Hall, from 4th & Madison
bulletCity Hall, from 4th & Jefferson
bulletCity Hall, 5th Avenue
bulletCity Library
bulletPublic Library
bulletPortland Library (1905)
bulletCity Library
bulletNew City Library
bulletNew County Court House
bulletCustoms House
bulletCustoms House
bulletCustoms House
bulletFederal Post Office
bulletPost Office, Portland Ore
bulletPortland, Oregon Post Office
bulletPost Office (1910)
bulletPortland, Oregon Post Office Building
bulletNew Post Office, Broadway & Hoyt
bulletNew Post Office, Portland Ore.
bulletNewspaper Buildings
bulletJournal Building
bulletThe "Oregonian" Building
bulletOregonian Building
bulletOregonian Building
bulletNew Oregonian Building
bulletResidential Buildings & Streets
bulletFourth Street
bullet7th & Columbia
bulletA Residence
bulletDolph Residence
bulletEzra Meeker, A Typical Residence
bulletResidence, Portland Heights
bulletJossleyn estate on Mt. Tabor
bulletHome of Mr. Josslyn, Mt. Tabor
bulletKing Street, from Washington
bulletFloral Arch, Lovejoy Street
bulletA Typical Residence, Lovejoy Street
bulletSunken Garden, Private Residence Park St and King St.
bulletSection of Portland Portland Heights
bulletA Portland, Oregon Home
bulletPortland Heights
bulletA Residence in Portland
bulletPortland, Oregon Residences
bulletResidence Street
bulletResidence Street
bulletResidential Street in Portland, Oregon
bulletA Rose Garden
bulletRose Garden, Portland, Oregon
bulletRose Walk
bulletStreet Scene, Portland, Oregon
bulletA Victorian House
bulletPark Ave., Residence Street
bulletBuckman School
bulletPortland Academy
bulletEast Side High School
bulletEast Side High School
bulletJefferson High School
bulletJefferson High School
bulletJefferson High School
bulletLincoln High School
bulletLincoln High School
bulletLincoln High School
bulletReed College
bulletReed College - Palatine Hall
bulletPortland High
bulletWashington High School
bulletWashington High School
bulletWest Side High
bulletMoler Barber College
bulletStore Buildings & Commercial entities
bulletBitner & Co.
bulletHazelwood Cream Store
bulletHazelwood Cream Store
bulletHazelwood Cream Store, interior
bulletHill Villa
bulletLipman Wolf & Co.
bulletLipman Wolf & Co.
bulletLouve Bar
bulletOlds, Wortman & King Department Store
bulletOlds, Wortman & King Department Store
bulletPortland Lumber Company
bulletPortland Public Market
bulletPortland Public Market
bulletNorth Portland Stock Yards
bulletTony Forbes service station
bulletLotus interior
bulletBridal Veil Logging Co.
bulletBroadway Bridge, over the Willamette River at Portland
bulletNew Broadway Bridge at night
bulletBroadway Bridge, over the Willamette River
bulletBurnside Bridge
bulletMadison-Hawthorne Bridge
bulletHawthorne Ave. Bridge
bulletPacific Highway Interstate Bridge, Spanning Columbia River
bulletMorrison Street Bridge
bulletMorrison Bridge, with houseboats
bulletBroadway Bridge, open with a ship passing
bulletBattleship passing under St. John's Bridge
bulletSt. John's Bridge, Portland, Ore. (real photo)
bulletSteel Bridge, open
bulletSteel Bridge, closed
bulletSteel Bridge, Portland, Ore.
bulletSteel Bridge (railroad crossing)
bulletPortland, Oregon Steel Draw-Bridge
bullet Hawthorne-Madison Bridge
bulletMorrison Street Bridge
bulletMorrison Street Bridge (crowded with people)
bulletMorrison Street Bridge (crowded with people)
bulletSt. Johns Bridge
bulletSt. Johns Bridge
bulletFirst Congregational Church
bulletFirst Congregational Church
bulletFirst Episcopal Church
bulletTemple Beth Israel
bulletTemple Beth Israel
bulletFirst Baptist Church
bulletGrace Methodist Church (1913)
bulletMonastery Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother
bulletSt. Marks
bulletThe White Temple
bullet"White Temple" First Baptist Church
bulletCity Streets
bulletA Glimpse of Business Section
bulletHeart of the City, Portland Ore.
bulletPortion of Business Section
bulletPortland Heights
bulletSectional View, Portland Ore.
bulletSectional View, Portland, Ore.
bullet3rd & Alder
bullet3rd Street, looking north
bullet3rd Street, Portland, Oregon
bulletThird Street, Portland, Ore.
bulletThird Street north of Alder
bulletThird and Alder Street
bulletLooking North on Third Street
bulletLooking South on Fifth Avenue
bulletLooking North Fifth Avenue from Taylor St.
bulletSixth Street (from Yamhill)
bullet6th, looking north from Alder St.
bulletA View at Sixth Street (from Taylor)
bulletSixth & Yamhill, looking north (1940s)
bulletSixth Street, Portland Ore.
bulletSeventh Street looking North from Yamhill
bulletSeventh Street, Portland Ore.
bulletAlder Street East from 7th
bulletAlder Street
bulletAlder Street
bulletBroadway from Madison Street, Looking North, New Federal Building at Right
bulletBroadway at night
bulletBroadway & Oak
bulletBroadway south from Oak
bulletBroadway Looking North from Yamhill
bulletFront Street, Market District (1900)
bulletMorrison Street from Fifth Street
bulletMorrison Street, east from Seventh Street
bulletMorrison Street, east from Seventh Street
bulletMorrison Street, looking from 5th
bulletMorrison Street, showing Postoffice, Hotel Portland and Marquam Grand Theatre
bulletMorrison St. (looking east from 6th)
bulletMorrison St. Portland, Ore.
bulletTaylor St.
bulletWashington Street, East from 7th
bulletWashington Street, looking west from 3rd
bulletWashington St., looking east from 10th
bulletLooking South on Sixth from Washington
bulletWashington Street
bulletCouncil Crest
bulletCouncil Crest Amusement Park
bulletCouncil Crest, the Dreamland of Portland, Oregon
bulletPortion of Council Crest, showing the Scenic Railway also Scenic Boat
bulletCouncil Crest Observatory
bulletScenic Railway, Council Crest
bulletCity Park
bulletBear Pit (1908)
bulletFoot Bridge
bulletView in City Park (fountain)
bulletOwl Erie, City Park (1911)
bulletPark Ave. Entrance to City Park Showing Lewis and Clark Monument
bulletWashington St. Entrance to City Park
bulletLewis & Clark Exposition
bulletOfficial Mailing Card Lewis Clark Centennial 1905
bulletForestry Building, Lewis & Clark Memorial
bulletExterior View of Forestry Building
bulletPortland, Oregon. Forestry Building
bulletForestry Building (1906)
bulletForestry Building, Portland Ore. (1911)
bulletOfficial Mailing Card, 1905, Government Building
bulletOfficial Mailing Card, 1905, Terrace View
bulletLaurelhurst Park Lake
bulletLaurelhurst Park
bulletScene in Laurelhurst Park
bulletUnder the Trees in Laurelhurst Park
bulletView in Laurelhurst Park
bulletThe Oaks, "Portland's Coney Island on the Willamette River" (1906)
bulletOaks Park, general view
bulletThe Avenue Looking South, "The Oaks"
bulletThe Bath House at "The Oaks"
bulletThe Oaks. Portland, Oregon
bulletChute the Chutes at The Oaks
bullet"The Oaks" from the Chutes, Portland
bulletBoat Landing and Swimming Pool at "The Oaks"
bulletThe Oaks. Portland, Ore. (swimming pool)
bulletThe Oaks. An Amusement Resort.
bulletOak Trees at "The Oaks"
bulletGeneral View at "The Oaks" (1907)
bulletOregon Yacht Club "The Oaks"
bulletPark Blocks
bulletOne of the Park Blocks located in the Heart of Portland
bulletPark Blocks scene
bulletPeninsula Park
bulletThe Community House in Peninsula Park
bulletPeninsular Park
bulletSunken Gardens, Peninsula Park
bulletPlaza Park
bulletThompson Fountain on Plaza
bulletThompson Fountain, Plaza Park
bulletThe Plaza and Thompson Fountain
bulletThe Plaza
bulletSoldier's Monument, Plaza Park
bulletOther Parks and Monuments
bulletSwimming Pools at Jantzen Beach on the Columbia River
bulletSkidmore Fountain, Portland, Oregon
bulletSoldier's Monument, River View Cemetery
bulletRose Parade
bulletStreet parade
bulletBailey Gatzert
bulletBailey Gatzert
bulletExcursion Boats on the Columbia
bulletFireboat, Geo. H. Williams
bulletFireboat, Geo. H. Williams
bulletS.S. Beaver (1910)
bulletSt. Johns Ferry
bulletT. J. Potter
bulletThe Lake Bonneville Docked at Bonneville Dam, Columbia River Highway, Oregon
bulletUnion Depot, with people and carriages on street
bulletUnion Depot, stormy view
bulletUnion Station , flowerbeds
bulletUnion Station, from track side
bulletThe Union Station (1940s)
bulletGreyhound Bus Depot
bulletPortland Airport
bulletSeaplanes on the Willamette River
bulletRiver Views
bulletWillamette River
bulletPortland Dry Dock
bulletHarbor View. Long Raft in Tow.
bulletLower Harbor. Portland, Ore.
bulletMunicipal Terminal Pier, Portland Ore.
bulletPortland Harbor, Oregon
bulletPortland Harbor. Shasta Route
bulletPortland Harbor from Broadway Bridge
bulletPortland Harbor showing Morrison Street, Steel, O. W. R. & N. and Broadway Bridge
bulletSailing Vessels in Portland
bulletShipping Scene, Portland, Oregon
bulletColumbia River 
bulletPower Plant, Bonneville Dam, Columbia River between Washington and Oregon
bulletBonneville Power and Dam Navigation Dam. Largest Lift Navigation Lock in the World. Columbia River Highway, Oregon
bulletFish Hatchery, Bonneville, Ore.
bulletColumbia River showing Lone Rock near Cape Horn, Oregon
bulletThe Locks of the Canal around the Cascades of the Columbia River
bulletCascade Locks, Columbia River Highway
bulletCascade Locks, Columbia River (1914)
bulletCastle Rock, seen from the Columbia River Highway
bulletEvening on the Columbia River, Oregon
bulletSteamer on the Columbia River
bulletColumbia River Fish Wheel near Portland, Ore.
bulletFish Wheel on the Columbia River
bulletGill Netting on Columbia River
bulletColumbia River Lighthouse
bulletLog Raft on the Columbia River
bulletShipping Scene, Columbia River, Portland, Ore.
bulletFlood Destruction, Vanport, Ore.
bulletA Wharf Scene, Portland, Oregon
bulletColumbia River Gorge
bulletColumbia River Gorge
bulletGorge of the Columbia River
bulletGrand View of the Columbia River from the Highway above Bridal Veil
bulletBishop's Cap at Shepherd's Dell
bulletChanticleer, Columbia Highway Ore.
bulletEast Approach to Eagle Creek, Columbia River Highway
bulletEagle Creek Camping Grounds on the Columbia River Highway, Ore.
bulletGiant Head Rock, Columbia River
bulletOneonta Gorge, Falls of the Columbia River
bulletRock Tunnel, Oneonta Gorge
bulletPillars of Hercules, Columbia River Gorge
bulletPillars of Hercules on the Columbia River
bulletRooster Rock, Banks of the Columbia River
bulletRooster Rock, Columbia River Oregon
bulletRooster Rock and Columbia River
bulletSheppherd's Dell Bridge
bulletSheppherd's Dell, Columbia River Highway
bulletSheppherd's Dell, Columbia River Highway
bulletSt. Peter's Dome on the Columbia River
bulletLower Bridal Veil Falls
bulletFalls, Punch Bowl, Eagle Creek, Columbia River Highway
bulletFairy Falls, Waukeena Trail
bulletHorsetail Falls on the Columbia
bulletHorsetail Falls, Columbia River Highway
bulletLatourelle Falls on the Columbia River Highway, Ore.
bulletMcCord Creek Falls. Columbia River Highway
bulletWah-Kee-Na Falls. Most Beautiful and Picturesque of Falls on Columbia River Highway
bulletWah-Kee-Na Falls on the Columbia River Highway, Ore.
bulletMultnomah Falls
bulletMultnomah Falls
bulletMultnomah Falls
bulletMultnomah Falls, Oregon (1904)
bullet Multnomah Falls, Benson and highway bridges
bulletMultnomah Falls, Benson Foot Bridge and Columbia River Highway Bridge
bulletMultnomah Lodge at the Falls
bulletViaduct near Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Highway
bulletMultnomah Lodge, Multnomah Falls
bulletVista House
bulletVista House--Crown Point "On the Columbia River Highway"
bulletVista House, Crown Point, Columbia River Highway, Oregon
bulletVista House. Crown Point, Columbia River Highway
bulletCrown Point looking East (1950s)
bullet"Vista House", Crown Point, Columbia River Highway
bulletVista House, Crown Point, Columbia River Highway, Oregon
bulletVista House, Crown Point, Columbia River Highway, Oregon
bulletCascade Locks (yes, I know that the city of Cascade Locks is not in Multnomah County, but it's close)
bulletThe Locks of Canal around the Cascades of the Columbia
bulletCascade Locks, Columbia River Highway
bulletCascade Locks, Columbia River (1914)