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Multnomah County Reference Books and Lookup Volunteers

Here are the Multnomah County books in which kind people have volunteered to do look-ups. If you own any Multnomah County books, whether listed or not, and are willing do look-ups, please let me know. If you know of any other published Multnomah County resources, not listed, please send Julie  a message

Feel free to request a look-up from the following books. Please limit your request to one name per request.

If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for his or her time.

Remember the people listed on this page are volunteers. Some of whom volunteer for multiple counties and multiple books. Taking the time to follow a few guidelines will make their job much easier. If the volunteers are overwhelmed with the number of vague lookup requests, they might quit doing lookups all together.

Please follow these required guidelines for lookup requests. Requests which do not follow this format may not be answered:  

1. Subject line of your lookup request should state: "Lookup request( including county)-- Name of Book"

2. Give all information you have that might be relevant-- birth, marriage or death dates; dates person was living in Multnomah County.

3. Make your request for information specific-- what are you looking for: a marriage record, a census listing. Don't just ask for "Any information you have on John James".

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Multnomah County References

  Reference Book Lookup Volunteer

Cemetery Records


Julie Kidd, River View Cemetery Internments, Multnomah Co., OR. Portland, Oregon: Genealogical Forum of Oregon, 1998.

Please be sure to include "River View Lookup" in the subject line of the request

Julie Kidd


  Riverview Cemetery Records  

I own a copy of the Oregon State Death Index and have many contacts with funeral homes and other cemetery people on the area. I have access to the records of  the Metro Pioneer Cemeteries, some 50,000+ burials. I am willing to obtain information for anyone who e-mails for family research.
PS: I also will do special research for hire, i.e.: obits, funeral home records, biographical sketches, etc.

Stanley R. Clarke

Wythle & Lloyd Brown. Records of Lone Fir Cemetery, Sexton's Records, 1879-1898. East Portland.

Volunteer needed


Census Records


  1860 Multnomah County Census. Abstracted and published by Julie Kidd, Oregon Territorial Press, Portland OR, 1998. Julie Kidd

Mrs. Harry I. Hiday. 1870 U.S. Census, Portland

Volunteer needed


Mrs. Harry I. Hiday. 1870 U. S. census, Multnomah County, Oregon : incorporated city of Portland, not included.

Volunteer needed

  1880 Federal Census lookup for Multnomah Co. OR Linda Patterson

Church Records


Harriet Munnick. Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest.  Portland 1852-1871.

Volunteer needed


Land Records

  Genealogical information from Oregon Donation Land Claims Bert Shaw

Vital Records


Harriette Word Park. Marriage Records of Multnomah County. 1855 - July, 1890. Portland, Oregon: Genealogical Forum of Oregon.

Jan Robinson

  Oregon Death Index 1903-1970 lookup  
  Oregon State Death Index Stanley R. Clarke


  Yearbooks from Grant High School, Portland, OR: years 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982 Carmel N. Edwards
  Lincoln High School (Portland) 1928 Yearbook Rosie Potts
  Benjamin Franklin High School Almanac. Yearbooks for the years 1931, June 44-Jan 45, June 45-Jan 46, June 46-Jan 47, June 47-Jan 48 and 1948, 1953-1956 Stephanie Kraushaa




  Miscellaneous Lookups for Multnomah Co.  

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