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Pioneer family in wagon
Schminck Memorial Museum
Schminck Museum
Schminck Memorial Museum
Lakeview, Oregon

In 1845 and 1846, James Foster and Elizabeth Currier crossed the Oregon Trail as children, arriving in Oregon by 
different routes. They were married several years later. Lula, their youngest of 15 children, spent her early years on  
their cattle ranch at Summer Lake. In 1901 she married Dalpheus Schminck in Lakeview, where he clerked for over 
50 years in a general mercantile store.

Dalph and Lula were avid collectors of pioneer artifacts, including her mother's lovely quilts. They gathered together 
more than 5,000 items. In 1948 Lula, a past Regent of Lake View Chapter, willed their bungalow in trust to the 
OSSDAR, as a museum. It was opened to the public by the Oregon Daughters in 1962. Elizabeth Currier Foster's quilts are featured in the NSDAR Museum Exhibit, "Bound for the West: Women and their Families on the Western Trail."

Museum artifacts

Prehistoric accession, October 2002.  Tulle sandal, sagebrush sandal, basket parts one small lid, two bone
tools , small stick & bone tools, rabbit net.   Basket parts and lid, rabbit net, small stick and bone tools on loan to University of Nevada Department of Anthropology, for study and dating.  Artifacts taken from the Catlow Valley
area 1937-1938. Note background, native American collection gallery.

The museum has quilt patterns available for purchase from our collection of quilts dating from early 1800s to 1930s.

                       Schminck Memorial Museum
                       128 South "E" Street  
                       Lakeview, OR 97630
                       (541) 947-3134

Schminck Museum was open to the public in 1938 while Dalph and Lula resided in the home. After their deaths in 1960 and 
1962 the Oregon State Daughters of the American Revolution continued public tours of the museum.

There is a small admissions charge to the museum. Please contact the museum for specific information or for other inquiries.

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