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This page presents historical and genealogical information on the largest unit from Kentucky to serve in the Confederate forces during the War Between the States, 1861-1865.

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Flags of the Orphan Brigade
Photos of surviving Orphan Brigade battleflags, as well as the history behind the flags.
Featuring flags of the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 9th Kentucky Infantries.

Orphan Brigade Photo Gallery
Photos of Orphan Brigade soldiers with mini bios of the soldiers
Watch for added bios and new photos !

Battle Honors of the Orphan Brigade
Watch for updated links describing the battles in detail.
Battle of Oconee River Bridge
Battle of Stockbridge

Uniforms of the Orphan Brigade
Photographs of surviving Orphan uniforms as well as the history behind them

Rosters of Orphan Brigade Units
Watch for this area to be updated with new rosters of Orphan Brigade Units. Was your soldier in ?:

Background of the Orphan Brigade
What was the Orphan Brigade? Why were they called the Orphan Brigade? Link to charts showing the commanders and the composition of the Brigade at various points during the war, as well as a post war memoir about Cobbs' Battery.

Weapons of the Orphan Brigade
Read about the various weapons used by the Orphan Brigade and view illustrations of the weapons.

Our list of suggested reading for information on the Orphan Brigade
A listing of reenactment unitswho portray the Orphan Brigade
Our list of suggested links to related web sites

Do YOU have an ancestor that fought for the Orphan Brigade? If so, would you tell us about them?

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