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    First Kentucky "Orphan" Brigade 

Breckinridge Family and Friends
Niagara Falls, Canada, August 1866


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Following his escape from capture in June 1865, Gen. John C. Breckinridge settled initially in exile in Canada.  The Breckinridge family spent the summer of 1866 in Niagara, on Lake Ontario, where they enjoyed the visits of family, friends, and old comrades.  This photo was taken in early August 1866 on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, just before the Breckinridges left for France (see - William C. Davis, Breckinridge: Statesman, Soldier, Symbol. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, pp. 537-557).

The following identifications are not all certain, and anyone having additions or corrections is invited to send this information to Geoff Walden at  This copy of the print was evidently labeled by Col. J. Stoddard Johnston.

Seated  --  Maj. Warren Viley and his wife Catherine Jane Martin

Standing, left to right  --  Maj.Gen. John Cabel Breckinridge - Mrs. John R. Viley (Mary S. Johnson) - Martinette "Nettie" Viley (daughter of the Warren Vileys) - Clifton Rhodes Breckinridge (son of Gen. Breckinridge) - Elizabeth "Betsy" Flournoy Viley (daughter of the John Vileys) - Maj. John Rhodes Viley - Fannie Breckinridge (Gen. Breckinridge's daughter) - Col. Josiah Stoddard Johnston - Junius Richard Ward

The copy reproduced here was generously provided by Anne Baker, who also provided the following information on the people shown; contact Anne at

John Cabell Breckinridge (born 16 Jan 1821, died 17 May 1875). His wife was Mary Cyrene Burch (born 1826, died Oct 1907), daughter of Clifton Rhodes Burch (1792-28 Dec 1834) and Alethia Viley (18 Nov 1793-4 Sep 1838).

Clifton Rhodes Breckinridge (1846-1923), son of Gen. JCB. He was the father of Mary Carson Breckinridge (1881-1965) - founder of the Frontier Nursing Service.

Fannie Breckinridge (1848-1924), daughter of Gen. JCB - later married Capt. John Andrew Steele, USA (1840-1921).

Major Warren Viley (born 3 Aug 1817, died 19 Jan 1902) and his wife Catherine Jane Martin (born 18 Jun 1821, died 29 Mar 1886)

Martinette "Nettie" Viley (born 22 Jan 1851, died 8 Feb 1923) - daughter of Major Warren Viley and Catherine Jane Martin - she later married Lister Witherspoon.

Major John Rhodes Viley (20 Feb 1821-21 Dec 1880) - brother of Maj. Warren Viley; his wife was Mary S. Johnson (15 Dec 1825-22 Apr 1888).

Elizabeth "Betsy" Flounoy Viley, daughter of John Rhodes Viley - she later married W. B. Hawkins.

Josiah Stoddard Johnston - born 10 Feb 1833 in New Orleans, LA; his wife was Eliza Woolfolk Johnson, daughter of Gov. George Woolfolk Johnson and Anne Viley. George W. Johnson died as a result of wounds at Shiloh [while fighting in the ranks of the 4th Kentucky Infantry – GRW]. Anne Viley Johnson was a sister of John Rhodes Viley and Warren Viley. Josiah and Eliza married in Scott County, KY, 13 June 1854.

Junius Richard Ward (born 16 Dec 1808) - married Matilda Viley, aunt of Warren Viley, Anne Viley Johnson , and John Rhodes Viley, and sister of Alethia Viley - mother of Mary Cyrene Burch Breckinridge, wife of Gen. JCB.


Photo and information courtesy Anne Baker.


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