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Submitted by Norma Turner

There is a very old cemetery in Canyonville, OR., which is located up the
hill behind the hospital.  The names were collected from the stones which
The stones have been lain down and placed in one cement slab.  This cemetery
has suffered from vandalism to the point that some of the stones were left in
pieces.  That is why they were place within one slab, to protect what is left.
I do not know if anyone within Canyonville has information on those buried
within this cemetery.  Perhaps if someone does, they will be able to add to
this in some way.

I hope this information can be of some use to someone reserching these
Here are the names and what information was readable:

Jesse Roberts     age 18        1862
J. J. Roberts       d. May 2, 1869   9yrs. 1mo.
Melvin O. Roberts   (no information)
Andrew Thomas  age 63   d. Jan. 28, 1870 or 1876
William Newton   age 45   d. April 21 or 27, 1866