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William Duran
A Biography by Richard Duran

William Duran was born November 18, 1827 in Elizabethtown, Hamilton County, OH and died October 6, 1902 in Athena, Oregon and is buried in the Athena Cemetery.  William married Jane Catherine Boothby on January 18 1854 in Polk County, Oregon. Jane was born August 6, 1838 Pittsfield, IL, daughter of Reason Rounds Boothby and Mary Jane Waller.  William and Jane were divorced in 1880 and in 1884 Jane married John McFarland.  Jane and her new husband moved to Eugene, Oregon where she died April 9, 1915.   Jane and John McFarland are buried in the Pioneer Cemetery, Eugene, OR.

No evidence has been located as yet to indicate when William moved to Oregon, most likely it was in 1849. In 1850, William was listed both in the Polk County, Oregon Census, as well as the 1850 census of Pike County, Illinois.. He had 314 acres on the Willamette River close to the mouth of La Creole Creek. The old town of Eola was laid out on a portion of his land.

By 1865 the town of Eola had started to decline.  William Duran and his father-in-law, Reason Boothby, moved their families to Whiskey Creek near present day Waitsburg, Washington. In 1871 William returned to Oregon and took up a homestead on Dry Creek, just north of Weston. He also took a position with Wells Fargo as division manager of the Blue Mountain Stage Station near Weston, Oregon.

 Jane Duran reportedly told her granddaughter, Cassie Beck, that her father, Reason Rounds Boothby, ordered her to marry William although he was twenty years older. According to the divorce proceedings, Jane had left William in 1876, she probably moved to Weston where she had property. William filed for divorce in 1881 and, after the divorce was final, moved to Morrow County.


  i. Rhoda Mary, b. 26 Feb 1855, Eola, Oregon Territory
  ii. Emma Jane, b. 23 Sep 1857 Eola, Oregon Territory;
  iii. Reason Rounds, b. 21 Mar 1860 Eola, Oregon
  iv. Alfred John, b. 27 Sep 1865 Eola, Oregon
  v. George William Bolter, b. 1 Jul 1869 near Waitsburg, WA
  vi. Henry Haley, b. 16 Mar 1872, Weston OR;

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