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A suggested reading list to learn more about Tillamook County


A word about Interlibrary Loans.....

For those of you haven't tried "Interlibrary Loan" - it's wonderful and inexpensive. If you want to read a book that you can't get locally talk to your librarian. Most US libraries participate in the program. Write down the book title, author, and any other details you may have such as publisher. Give it to your librarian and she will order the book in for you. My library charges me between $2-$5 to get any book that circulates in the country. The process usually takes several weeks. The library calls you when it comes in. Usually you can take the book home for several weeks. Some libraries require you read the book on the premises. It depends on the policy of the lending library and the value of the book. Some books are so scarce that they don't circulate.

If you can't obtain your book through interlibrary loan - there is still hope. Make a trip to the Library of Congress in Washington DC some day. They have a copy of almost every book ever published in the U.S. Everyone needs to visit this wonderful repository at least once in their life! And don't forget Ebay - always a good source for obscure books, as is One final place to look - check out the local historical societies - they usually have books and transcriptions available for sale because sale of their transcriptions is one of their major sources of funding.


Nehalem Tillamook Tales

ISBN 9780870715037 ISBN-13 9780870715037, 1990, Publisher Oregon State University Press, The energy, wit, and freshness of these sixty tales, as told by an accomplished Tillamook storyteller, make this volume one of the most accessible and readable collections of traditional Indian literature.

Tillamook: Lest We Forget 264 pages, 1979, Publisher: Tillamook Pioneer association. Index online.
Epitaph For The Giants: The Story of the Tillamook Burn

by J. Larry Kemp / Touchstone Press (1967). A vivid account of 20th Century America's most spactacular and most devastating wildfire. Includes remarkable photographs of the 1933 Tillamook Burn that show the intensity and fury of the event.

Tillamook Way: a History of the Tillamook by Satterfield, Archie, Publication Date: 2000 , Publisher: Tillamook County Creamery Association
Tillamook Indians of the Oregon Coast by John Sauter and Bruce Johnson, 1974, Publisher: Binfords & Mort Publishers, OR, 196 pages
Tillamook History: Sequel to Tillamook Memories

Compiled by Lila V. Cooper, Edition: 1975, 262 pages, Publisher: Tillamook Country Pioneer Association / Tillamook. Oregon

The Tillamook: A Created Forest Comes of Age by Gail Wells, Publisher: Univ of Arizona Pr , ISBN-10: 0870710060, ISBN-13: 9780870710063, 2004
Tillamook Light: A True Account of Oregon''''s Tillamock Rock Lighthouse by Jim Gibbs, ISBN: 0832303348, Publisher: Binford & Mort Publishing, Published date: Jun 1 1979

Tillamook Burn Country: A Pictorial History by Ellis Lucia , Publisher: Caxton Printers Ltd ISBN-10: 0870042963 , ISBN-13: 9780870042966 , Publication Year: 1983
The Nehalem Tillamook: An Ethnography by Elizabeth Derr Jacobs, ISBN 0870715569 ISBN-13 9780870715563, 2003, 260 pages, Publisher Oregon State University Press; In 1933 and 1934, Elizabeth Jacobs, advised by her husband, the noted anthropologist Melville Jacobs, conducted fieldwork on the Nehalem Tillamook culture of northwestern Oregon. Working with her extraordinarily able Nehalem Tillamook consultant Clara Pearson, Jacobs recorded extensive ethnographic and folkloric materials that far surpass in quality and quantity the Tillamook research of previous investigators. Jacobs' collaboration with Pearson eventually resulted in the publication of "Nehalem Tillamook Tales, an exceptional collection of myths and tales recorded in English. But the companion ethnography was never finished. "The Nehalem Tillamook grew from that unfinished manuscript. First, in consultation with Elizabeth Jacobs, the manuscript was expanded and extensively edited by William Seaburg. After Elizabeth Jacobs' death in 1983, Seaburg added careful annotations and a detailed historical introduction. The result is a remarkable book that fills an important gap in what was previously known about Northwest Coast native cultures. This is the first book-length ethnography of any Western Oregon native group, and it will be invaluable for drawing comparisons with other Northwest Coast native cultures, especially in the areas of female roles, world view, and social expressions of supernaturalism.

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