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Alley Family Cemetery, Mohler 1885 Transcription needed
American Legion Cemetery - Nehalem The Neah-Kah-Nie High School Future Business Leaders of America did a wonderful community service project and keyed the information for the American Legion Cemetery in Nehalem and the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Bay City. Original records were supplied by the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum. Jill Koehmstedt and Hillarie Champ were the project chairpersons. All members of the chapter helped key the information that was provided. They plan to do the cemeteries that are on private property next.
American Legion - See Lockwood Tillamook Transcription needed
Bailey Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Bartnic Cemetery, Cape Mears, 1890 Transcription needed
Batterson Cemetery, Transcription needed
Beaver Cemetery 1884 Transcription online, courtesy of the Tillamook County Tombstone Project.
Beaver Creek Cemetery, aka Foland Cemetery, United Bretheren Cemetery, Beaver, 1884 Transcription needed
Blaine Cemetery 1898 Transcription online, courtesy of the Tillamook County Tombstone Project.
Browning Cemetery, Blaine Transcription needed
Chatwood Babies Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Connell Baby, Tillamook Transcription needed
Dolph Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Dougherty Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Earl Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Eternity At Sea Columbarium, Tillamook Lighthouse The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse was converted into a Columbarium in the 1990s. According to an article in the New York Times, the ashes of Nora Bailey Knight were placed in 1991. Her dates of birth and death are not presently known, but she was living in the 1980s. She is one of thirty burials at the location, but the only one whose name has been publicly released, by a descendant.
Fairview Pioneer Cemetery, aka Trask Cemetery, Tillamook 1861

Located near the Trask River, west of Tillamook. If you would like lookups from this cemetery, contact Ruby Fry-Matson at

Fawcette Cemetery, Pleasant Valley, Transcription needed
Fisher Baby Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Foland Cemetery - See Beaver Creek Tillamook Transcription needed
Fraternal Union Cemetery - See American Legion Tillamook Transcription needed
Gist Cemetery - Cloverdale 1887 Partial transcription online. Volunteers needed to complete transcription.
Hatch Family Cemetery, Garibaldi Transcription needed
Haynes Cemetery - See Trout Transcription needed
Hiram Wesley Smith Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Hodgdon Cemetery, Netarts, 1881 Transcription needed
Hutchen Cemetery, Nestucca River Transcription needed
Hebo Cemetery, 1896 Transcription needed
IOOF - Bay City Cemetery Transcription online, courtesy of Neah-Kah-Nie High School Future Business Leaders of America
IOOF - Cloverdale Cemetery Partial transcription online. Volunteers needed to complete transcription.
IOOF - Tillamook Cemetery, 1864

Located in Tillamook, it is the largest cemetery in the county. If you would like lookups from this cemetery, contact Ruby Fry-Matson at

Joe Champion Cemetery - See Trout Tillamook Transcription needed
Lakeview Cemetery - See Woods IOOF Tillamook Transcription needed
Lockwood Cemetery, aka American Legion Cemetery, Netart Bay Transcription needed
Lovell Family Cemetery, Manzanita Transcription needed

Ludtke Cemetery, Mohler, 1915

Transcription needed
McCormack Cemetery, Netarts 1889 Transcription needed
McCowell Cemetery, Netarts, 1907 Transcription needed
Moore Cemetery, Netarts Transcription needed
Munson Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Transcription needed
Nehalem Cemetery, Manzanita Transcription needed
Nehalem American Legion Cemetery Transcription needed
No Name Family Cemetery Rob Crawford Homestd Tillamook Transcription needed
O'Hara Cemetery, Rice Creek Area 1856 Transcription needed
Oregon Cemetery - Oretown Transcription needed
Oretown Cemetery, Oretown 1886

In southern part of Tillamook County. If you would like lookups from this cemetery, contact Ruby Fry-Matson at

Emily Jane McHaley Perry Gravesite Cemetery, 13 mi East of Tillamook b. 1863 d. 1886. According to the Oregon Cemetery Survey published in 1978, the "Perry" Cemetery is located in Tillamook County, Oregon, "Near Fox Creek by the Wilson River 13 miles east of Tillamook. 1 grave". It was reported to be "abandoned to nature". The location was T1S R8W S1.

Private Cemetery, Netarts Transcription needed
Private Cemetery, Tillamook River Rd, Tillamook Transcription needed
Quick Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Jct 1876 Transcription needed
Reinke Cemetery, Sandlake Transcription needed
Root Cemetery, Oceanside Transcription needed
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery, Tillamook 1903 Transcription needed
Sandlake Cemetery, Sandlake Transcription needed
Schwalmas Family Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Scout Camp Cemetery, Cloverdale 1898 Transcription needed
Scovell Family Cemetery, Mohler 1889 Transcription needed
Small, Single and Family Cemeteries Transcription online, courtesy of Helen Knight
Snyder Family Cemetery, Manzanita Transcription needed
Stratoff Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Sunset Gardens Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Sunset Heights Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Tillamook 1941 Transcription needed
Sutto Cemetery, Cloverdale 1871 Transcription needed
Trask Cemetery - See Fairview Cemetery, Tillamook Transcription needed
Trout Cemetery, aka Joe Champion Cemetery; Haynes Transcription needed
Union Cemetery, Cloverdale 1913
Transcription needed
United Bretheren Cemetery - See Beaver Creek Cemetery, Tillamook
Transcription needed
United Brethern Cemetery, Tillamook 1884
Transcription needed
Walker Cemetery, Beaver 1887
Transcription needed
Wells Cemetery, Tillamook 1897
Transcription needed
White Cemetery, Tillamook
Transcription needed
Woods IOOF Cemetery, aka Lakeview Cemetery, Woods 1889 Transcription needed

The Tillamook County
Tombstone Transcription Project

In the early 1960s, the Tillamook County Pioneers (J. Leland Bester, President) began compiling records from county cemeteries. E. Ray Measor coordinated the project, with help from Louise W. Goodrich. Members of the Tillamook Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution assisted. Most of the information you see here is taken from the resultant 1965 publication.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Cemetery Survey, published in 1978, was also used as a reference. This publication is available at many Oregon public libraries. Data includes detailed location descriptions and condition reports, as noted during the survey period. Since that time, many small grave sites have been adversely impacted by weather, vegetation and development.

Guidance and further details have been provided by the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, which holds the original document published by the Pioneers, as well as many other records pertaining to burials in the county. The staff welcomes inquiries.

We are grateful to the Pioneers and many others who had the foresight to record what was rapidly being lost. Thanks also to Carol Brown, Director of the museum, who is dedicated to providing a home for genealogical material; Ruby Fry-Matson, Administrative Assistant, whose cheerful and efficient help is a pleasure; and the Tillamook County Historical Society and its Genealogy Study Group, for their support and encouragement. Genealogy Group President Bob Reid generously offered his proofreading assistance, as did Laqueda Mahoney, who also provided technical expertise.


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