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1860 Transcribed here
1870 Transcribed here
1880 Transcribed here
1890 Not extant (burned)
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A ED 386 Bay Ocean, Netarts, South Prairie Precincts
B ED 386 Carnalian, ED 387 Bay Precincts
C ED 387 Fairview, Trask and Maple Leaf Precincts
D ED 387 Wilson, ED 482 Kilches, ED 388 Beaver Precincts
E ED 472 Blaine, Sand Lake, ED 389 Hebo Precincts
F ED 479 Cloverdale, ED 390 Folry, ED 484 Garibaldi Precincts
G ED 484 Rockaway, ED 391 Hoguarton, Tillamook Precincts
H ED 392 Stillwell and Tillamook Precincts
I ED 392 Hoguarton, Goodspeed, Tillamook City Precincts
J ED 392 Hays, Sunnymeade, Tillamook City Precincts
K ED 393 Senslaw Forest Reserve, Little Nestucca, Union and Neskowin Precincts
L ED 394 Wilson and Nehalem Precincts
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