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Wahkeena Chapter Patriot Ancestors


Bingham, Elias, Sgt. CT King, Ashbel, Ens. CT
Boone, Squire, Sgt. PA Knapp, Silas, Pvt. NY
Bryant, Daniel D., Pvt. CT Ladd, John, Pvt. CT
Cabbage, Adam, PVT VA Loomis, Joseph, Sgt. CT
Calef, Joseph, PS NH Lyman, Francis, Pvt. CT
Carrico, James, PS MD Massie, William, PS VA
Condon, William, PS MD McIntosh, William, Sgt. SC
Crissman, Frederick, Jr., PS MD Mead, Ethan, Pvt. NY
Crissman, Frederick, Sr., PS MD Miller, John, Sol. VA
Custer, George, ENS, PS PA Muse, Richard, Lt. VA
Custer, Paul Sr, PS PA Myers, Henry, Ens. VA
Day, Benjamin, CS, PS MA Paine, Stephen, Sgt. MA
Day, Daniel, Cpl. MA Parmalee, Asahel, Pvt. CT
Deming, Moses, CS, PS CT Record, Josiah, Capt. VA
Dicks, James, PS NC Runyon, Richard, Pvt. NJ
Dicks, Peter, PS NC Salisbury, William, Dep. Cmsry. MA
Douglas, Ephraim, LTQM, PS, PA Scofield, Thomas, Pvt. PA
Dull, John, Pvt. PA Shepard, David, Capt. MA
Fager, Conrad, PS PA Skelton, John, Ensign VA
Feton, Samuel, Capt. PA Swearingen, Samuel, Capt. MD
Folsom, Jonathan K., Pvt. NH Taylor, Othniel Sr., CS, PS MA
Freeman, John, Sol. NY Waglom, Abraham, Pvt. NJ
Green, Peter Sr., PS VA Washburn, Joseph, Pvt. NY
Grier, Henry, Lt. PA Wheeler, Seth, Cpl. NH
Guernsey, Jonathan, Pvt. CT Wilcox, Josiah, SOL CT
Hampton, Thomas, PS VA Withington, Thomas, PS MD
Jones, Enoch, Pvt. PA Woodruff, Medad, Pvt. CT
Jones, Samuel, PS PA Woods, Hugh, PS NC
Keller, John C., CAPT, PS MD Woods, John, CS NC
Kepner, Bernard, Sr., PS PA



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