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1846 Applegate Trail

The Applegate Trail was a wilderness trail through today's U.S. states of Idaho, Nevada, California, and Oregon, and was originally intended as a less dangerous route to the Oregon Territory.  

As part of the Applegate Trail centennial celebration in 1946, the Winema Chapter placed an “Applegate Trail Marker 1846” at the corner of Main and J Streets in Philomath.  

In 1963, the marker was moved to the site of the Philomath Elementary School, 239 S 16th St, Philomath, OR 97370, on the corner of Applegate and 16thStreets, the former pioneer home site of Jerry E. Henkle.  

Site of the Earliest Boat Landing Lower Town, Marysville, 1851

Another historical marker was presented to the City of Corvallis in June 1957 during its Centennial Celebration. The Winema Chapter presented a 16" x 20" bronze plaque with a relief sketch of a steamboat (sidewheeler), commemorating the first steamboat landing in lower town Marysville (Corvallis) in 1851. Having thought to have been originally placed on the corner of River and Van Buren Streets, the plaque had disappeared during the road construction work and was thought to have been lost.
However, it appears that this marker had been moved to the Mayor’s Office where it remained for 18 years!  

The inscription of the plaque reads:
Site of the Earliest Boat Landing,
Lower Town, Marysville, 1851
Presented to
City of Corvallis, Oregon
Centennial Celebration, June 1957
by the Winema Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution

1855 Site of the Capitol of Territorial Oregon

Naturally, as the City of Corvallis is our home, we are equally proud of the role it played during Oregon’s Territorial period. In commemoration of that history, the Winema Chapter placed an historical marker in 1932 marking the site of the Capitol of Territorial Government of Oregon which had been moved to Corvallis on January 13, 1855.

This historical marker is mounted on the southeast corner of the first floor elevation of the Crawford & Farra Building on the corner of Second and Adams Streets.

The inscription of the plaque reads:


Site of the Capitol of Territorial Oregon Placed by Winema Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution


Toby Riddle

Toby "Winema" Riddle Photo Credit: 

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Winema, Modoc Heroine

When it comes to matters of preserving our national and state history, the members take great pride in the several plaques and markers that have been placed by this Chapter to mark significant historical sites. Our first, and probably closest to our hearts, was dedicated in 1932 with the assistance of the Eulalona Chapter.  

The inscription on the bronze plaque reads:  "In Memory of Winema, Modoc Heroine. Interpreter for the peace commission. Pensioned by Congress for courageous and loyal service in the Modoc War 1872-1873. Presented by Winema Chapter, Placed by the Eulalona Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution. May 30, 1932".