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Winema Chapter Meetings

Biddle House now Porter House

Meetings - Past and Future
Examples of Past Meeting Topics

Performing a play, "Stories of Hospitality and Heritage: DAR Namesakes," written by one of our associate members.

Ladies in costume participating in the play.

Disaster Preparedness - presented by a member of the California National Guard. He shared several useful tips, including:

  • Have a minimum of 3 days food and water, 1 gallon per day per person. Better would be to have 9 days. During a big disaster, it may take 3 days for help to arrive, more days to get to you.
  • Develop an out of state contact list, a family plan that might include a place to try to meet. It is often easier to call out of state than locally.
  • Keep copies of important documents in your car – insurance information, credit card information, perhaps a spare ATM card.
  • Keep copies of important documents in a waterproof bag in your freezer. During a fire, the freezer will be the last to go. How will you get a new driver’s license?
  • Have an emergency kit in your car. Aside from the usual items – flashlight, food, blanket, etc. – consider having a pair of shoes – how far will you walk in high heels? A pair of pants for if you are wearing a skirt.

Corvallis Community Band. Small ensemble performance and review of the Band’s commitment to Corvallis.

Chintimini Wildlife Center

The Applegate Trail

Chintimini Wildlife Center

Dr. Ostler, History Professor, University of Oregon.

Allied Waste talked about recycling. Did you know the round snap on lids, like on sour cream or cottage cheese containers, are recyclable?

Field trip to the Brass Ring Carousel in Albany.

Drawing of "Zulu", Brass Ring Carousel

Examples of Upcoming Topics - 2012-2013
Honor Flight Oregon.  

Army R.O.T.C..

Master Gardener presentation on conservation in the garden.

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Updated October 2014