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Wenksville UMC Cemetery (Partial)

Wenksville, Menallen Township, Adams, Pennsylvania

Selective search for early grave markers of associated families of Noel, Warren, and Leeper. Submitter Ellis Michaels,, Copyright 2002. Tombstone photographs by Ellis Michaels Copyright 2003.

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Black, Susan H. w/o Henry died 25 Apr 1875 aged 25y 11m 12d

Leeper, Daniel died 11 Dec 1899 aged 80 y 4 m 17d {GAR Flag Marker}
(note: marker noted to have been damaged since 1980, but has been repaired)

Leeper, Daniel 1859-1938, His Wife Hannah M 1861-1945, Amanda L. 1854-1933

Leeper, infant daughter of Daniel & Hannah Leeper

Leeper, Lydia died 14 May 1871? Aged 76y 6m 23d tombstone

Leeper, Nancy born 05 Aug 1826 died 03 Feb 1905

McCauslin, Samuel 09 Nov 1831-13 Feb 1906, and Susannah his wife 29 Dec 1833-08 May 1915 tombstone

Meals, Elizabeth with of Jacob R. Meals, died 20 Aug 1873 tombstone

Noel, Anna tombstone

Noel, Clova d/o W & E died 20 Mar 1890 aged 10m 3d tombstone

Noel, David died 21 Jun 1871 aged 50y 5m 26d tombstone

Noel, Elizabeth died 27 Apr 1853 aged 59y11m 27d tombstone

Noel, Elizabeth M.A. w/o Wm. L died 27 Jul 1894 aged 43y 6m 22d tombstone

Noel, John A (stone badly weathered) died 14 Jan 184? Aged 70y 5m 2d {GAR Flag Marker} tombstone

Noel, Clova d/o W & E died 02 Feb 1899 aged 8m 15d

Noel, Lona B. died 23 Feb 1877 tombstone

Noel, Mary Ann died 26 Apr 1904 aged 69y 7m 24d tombstone

Noel, Wm. I. 15 Sep 1854-27 Sep 1920, and his wife Annie 26 Apr 1869-27 May 1945

Warren, Abraham died 05 Jan 1887 aged 56y 10m 21d {GAR Flag Marker}

Warren, Amanda d/o Wm & C died 30 Sep 1873 aged 18y 7m 25d tombstone

Warren, Anna C. d/o J & M died 10 Sep 1879 aged 5m 2d

Warren, David died 28 Jun 1884 aged 76 y

Warren, Edward died 03 Sep 1855 aged 81y 1m tombstone

Warren, Edward 31 Aug 1838-03 May 1920, and Caroline his wife 28 Sep 1841-23 May 1920 {GAR Flag Marker}

Warren, Elijah died 14 Nov 1873 aged 60 y

Warren, Elizabeth w/o David (stone unreadable otherwise) tombstone

Warren, Ellen w/o Abraham died 25 Jul 1874 aged 37y

Warren, Frederick died 06 Nov 1873 aged 73y 6m 5d tombstone

Warren, Hannah w/o Frederick died 25 Aug 1868 aged 67y 3m 21d tombstone

Warren, Hannah wife of David died 28 May 1894 aged 81 y 9m 19d

Warren Isaac died 07 Jul 1865 aged 88y tombstone

Warren, Isaac died 24 Feb 1906 aged 72y 7m 19d, and Caroline died 15 Nov 1905 aged 72y 7m 28d

Warren, Isaac D. died 13 Mar 1855 aged 45y 9m 10d tombstone

Warren, Isabella R. d/o Elijah & Lydia died 01 Nov 1873 aged 22y 1m 20D

Warren, John born 02 Dec 1801 died 06 Oct 1873 aged 71y 10m 4d {GAR Flag Marker}

Warren, John died 03 Nov 1924 aged 81y 1m 28d, and Margaret died 15 Mar 1908 aged 67y 5m 13d tombstone

Warren, Lotty M. d/o A & E died 01 Apr 1875 aged 8m 8d

Warren, Lydia died 30 Oct 1873 aged 52y 10m 13d

Warren, Margaret w/o Edward died 21 Aug 1858 aged 73y10m10d tombstone

Warren, Mary w/o John died 11 Feb 1880 aged 78y 9m 29d

Warren, Mary died 24 Dec 1870 aged 86y 1m (buried next to Isaac) tombstone

Warren, William- (difficult to read) died 1920's

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