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Thanks to: Jane Tripp, researching PLATT John & Joseph (so far). I have put together all the info I could find on the Manor of Maske.

1886 History of Adams County, PA
Originally published as History of Cumberland and Adams Counties
Warner, Beers & Co. 1886
Second reprint 1980 by The Bookmark, PO Box 74, Knightstown, Ind 46148

p 17:
In the year 1736 William Penn purchased all the region lying west of the Lower Susquehanna from the Indians. There is strong evidence that as soon as the purchase became known to the borders east of the river, they began to move across to these rich and beautiful lands. Prior to that time, doubtless, some of them had, in friendly visits to the Indians here in their hunting and trapping expeditions, looked from many of those elevations about us over the enchanting sweep of valleys, the gently rolling hills, and drank of the cool crystal waters that went rippling down nearly every hill side. They had described what they saw to their friends and a few of the most adventurous came across.

There is no record or tradition now to tell exactly who they were or when they first came. In 1739-40, Penn laid out, in what is now Adams county, a reservation for himself and family, and called it "Manor of Masque", after the title of an old English estate belonging to some of his distant relatives. He sent surveyors to run out the manor.
In a letter dated June 17, 1741, the surveyor, Zachary Butcher told of his attempts to survey the land, discussing the "unreasonable Creatures" who then inhabited the land and their attempts to "kill or cripple" any who attempted to lay out a manor there.

Below is a list (dated 1743) of those settlers who attempted to obstruct the survey:
Wm. McLelan
Jos. Farris
Hugh McCain
Matw. Black
Jam. McMichill
Robt. McFarson
Wm. Black
John Fletcher Jr.
Jas. Agnew (cooper)
Henry McDonath
John Alexander
Moses Jenkins
Rich'd Hall
Richard Fossett
Adam Hall
John Eddy
John Eddy Jr.
Edw'd Hall
Wm. Eddy
James Wilson
James Agnew
John Steen
John Johnson
John Hamilton
Hugh Logan
John McWharten (says he shall move away soon)
Hugh Swainey
Titus Darby
Thomas Hooswick

According to the author, there are some mistakes in names:
McLelan stands for McLellan
McCain stands for McKean
McFaarson stands for McPherson
Swainey stands for Sweeney
Hooswick stands for Hosack
Eddy stands for Eddie
No further steps were taken in the direction of a survey of the manor until 1765.

p 21-23

The early settlers upon the Manor of Maske located on Marsh Creek. A paper published in the Compiler, January 16, 1876, gives an interesting account of an old record paper found in the possession of the county surveyor- It is a report to Penn's agent of a list of settlers on the manor who had filed their claims upon lands, and included those who had taken out warrants as well as those who had not. To this valuable list of early settlers are added the names of of those who took out warrants between 1765 and 1775, as appears on the .records of the
Department of Internal Affairs at Harrisburg.

Agnew, James and Thomas Douglas In trust for Presbyterian meetings-house in forks of Plum Run 5 acres, April 17, 1765
Agnew, James, September, 1739.
Agnew, James, 500 acres, April 15, 1765
Agnew, James, Jr., 250 acres, April 16, 1765
Agnew, Samuel, May. 1741
Agnew, Samuel, 125 acres, April 16. 1765
Anan, Rev. Robt., May.1741
Armstrong, John, AprIl, 1740.
Armstrong, Quintin, April, 1740.
Armstrong, Q. (Mount Airy), 300 acres,October 7, 1765.
Baird, W. (surveyed to Robert McPherson. 200 acres), October 7. 1765,
Beard, John, heirs of, September, 1740.
Biddle, James, May, 1740.
Bigham, Robert, 50 acres. October 8, 1774.
Block, Robt., heirs of, March, 1738.
Block, Robt., May, 1740.
Block, Robt., 400 acres, June 22, 1773.
Block, Robt., heirs, 300 acres, May 18, 1765
Boyd, John, March, 1740.
Boyd, John, 120 acres, October 7,1765.
Boyd, Thomas, heirs, March, 1741.
Boyd, William, 200 acres, May 15. 1765.
Brown, John, May, 1741.
Brown, Samuel, May, 1741.
Brunfield, Robert, September, 1739.
Buchanan, John, 400 acres, May 15, 1765.
Buchanan, John, May, 1740.
Buchanan, Margaret (widow), May, 1740.
Buchanan, Walter, September, 1739.
Carson, John, April, l741.
Catecart, William, 800 acres, April 20, 1773
Catton, Henry, April, 1741.
Catton, Henry, 200 acrcs, October 2, 1765.
Cishinger, John. April, 1741.
Clugston, Joseph, April, 1741.
Craig, James, May,1741.
Craig, John, heirs, April, 1739.
Creighton, Robert, June, 1739.
Darby, John, heirs of, April, 1739.
Davis, Hugh, April, 1739.
Davis, Hugh, 60 acres, October 7, 1765.
Dean, Mathew, May, 1740.
Douglas, Thomas, 200 acres, April 17, 1765.
Douglas, Thomas, May, 1740.
Douglas, Thomas. 200 acres, April 16, 1765.
Dunwoody, David, April, 1741.
Dunwoody, David, 400 acres, April 16,1765.
Dunwoody, Hugh, April, 1741.
Dunwoody, Hugh, 400 acres, April 16, 1765
Edie, Samuel, May, 1741.
Erwin, James, September, 1739.
Erwin, William, September, 1739.
Evans, Duncan, October, 1736.
Ferguson, James, September, 1741.
Feguson, Hugh, September, 1741.
Fletcher, John, June, 1739.
Fletcher, John, 300 acres, April 16, 1765.
Fletcher, Robert. May 1741.
Frazier David, March, 1738.
Gettys, Samuel, May, 1740
Gettys, Saml., on Middle Creek, May, 1741.
Gettys, Saml., 250 acres, June 17, 1765.
Gibson, Jean, May, 1741.
Gibson, Jane, 100 acres. April 16 1765.
Gibson, Robt. and William. October, 1736.
Gibson, Samuel, October, 1736.
Gilmore, Jennett, 200 acres, August 27, 1765.
Hall, Edward, March. 1741.
Hall, James. April, 1741.
Hamilton, Hance, April, 1741.
Herron, Andrew. April, 1740.
Hosack, John, March, 1740.
Hosack, John, March, 1740.
Hosack, John, 150 acres, April 22, 1765.
Hosack, Thomas, 300 acres, April 22, 1765.
Innis, James, May, 1740.
Jenkins, Moses, May, 1740.
Jenkins, Moses, 200 acres, October 7, 1765.
Johnston, Ephraim and Isaac Robinson, William McClean, James Stevenson, Stephen McCorkle, Samuel Knox, 150 acres, April 22, 1765.
Johnston, Robert, April, 1741.
Johnston, Robt., 150acres. ARril16, 1765.
Karr, George, 350 acres, April 16, 1765.
Kerr, George, October, 1740.
Kerr, John, April, 1741.
Leard, John, September, 1739.
Latta, Thomas, May, 1740.
Latta, Thomas, 200 acres, April 16, 1765.
Latta, Thomas, 350 acres, October 7, 1774.
Latta, Thomas (called Rapho), April 16, 1765.
Levenston, Andrew, May, 1740.
Livingston. Andrew, 100 acres, September 16, 1765.
Linn, Adam, May, 1741.
Linn, John, April, 1740.
Linn, Robt., April, 1740.
Linn, Robt., 150 acres, April 13, 1767.
Little, John, May, 1741.
Long, Robt., September, 1739.
Long, Robert, 200 acres, April 16, 1765.
Lesley, Hannah, April, 1741.
Martin,Thomas, May, 1741.
Miller, John, April, 1741.
Moore, David, March, 1741.
Moore, Joseph, March. 1740.
Morrow, John, 200 acres, April 16, 1765.
Murphy, James, 200 acres, May 21, 1765.
Morrison, Archibald, May, 1740.
Morrison, Archibald, heirs, 200 acres, April I 19, 1775.
Morrison, John, 300 acres, Sept. 11,1765.
Morrison, Joseph, 200 acres June 27, 1765.
Morrison, Robert, 200 acres, June 4, 1765.
Murphy, John, April, 1741.
Murphy, John, 160 acres, August 13, 1767.
McAdams, Ouintin, April. 1741.
McAllister, Gabriel, April, 1741.
McCarley, Moses, April, 1739.
McCarley, Moses, 200 acres. May 15, 1765.
McCleary,Thomas, May,1740.
McClelland, David, 300 acres, April 16, 1765.
McClelland, Jacob, May, 1740.
McClelland, William, May, 1740.
McClelland, William, 800 acres, August 30, 1767.
McCluer, James, in right of William Davison, September 26. 1740.
McColcock, Samuel. May, 1741.
McConaughy, David, Hans Hamilton, Robert McPherson, Samuel Edie, John Buchanan, in trust for Presbyterian Church, in Cumberland Township, 100 acres, May 25. 1765.
McCormick, Benjamin. October. 1736.
McCracken, Thomas, September. 1740.
McCracken, Thomas, 300 acres. Oct. 7, 1765.
McCreary, William, April, 1740.
McCreary, William, 300 acres, Apri129, 1774.
McCulloch, Samuel, 160 acres, April 16,1765.
McDonald, Duncan, April, 1740.
McDonald; Duncan, assignee, 120 acres, September 15, 1766.
McDonogh, heirs, April, 1739.
McDowell, John, April, 1741.
McFarlan, John, October, 1788.
McFerran, John, May, 1741.
McFerran, William, May, 1741.
McGalvey, John, 450 acres. April 16, 1765.
McGaughy, John. April, 1741.
McGaughy, James, April, 1740.
McKean, James, 12 acres, April 23, 1775.
McKean, Alexander, March, 1738.
McKean, John, heirs of, March. 1738.
McKeeman-------, September, 1740.
McKinley, William, April, 1741.
McKinney, Robert, May, 1740.
McMullen, Charles, May, 1740.
McMullen, Mary, May, 1741.
McNair, Alex., April, 1741.
McNair, Alex., 150 acres, October 30,1772.
McNair, Alex., 250 acres, October 30,1772.
McNaught, James, May, 1740.
McNaught, James, 100 acres, Jan. 16, 1767.
McNea. John, April, 1741.
McNeil, Robert, April, 1740.
McNiel, John. March, 1740.
McNutt, John, fifty acres, May 18, 1765.
McPherson, Robert, 222 acres, Oct.9, 1738.
McPherson, Robert, 300 acres, Oct.17, 1765.
McPherson. Robert and Samuel Edie, in trust for heirs of Thomas Boyd, 150 acres, January .16, 1767.
McPherson, Robert and David Grier, 217 acres, October 17, 1767.
Nealson, Thomas, March, 1741.
Orr, James, May, 1739.
Parke, David, March, 1741.
Parke, John, March, 1741.
Paxton, John, March, 1741.
Paxton, John, 140 acres, May 28, 1765.
Paxton, Samuel, Sr., March, 1741.
Paxton, Samuel, Jr., March, 1741.
Paxton, Thomas, March,1741.
Pearson, Henry, April, 1741.
Peden, Samuel, May, 1741.
Poe, Alexander, May, 1741.
Poe, Alexander, 200 acres, April 16, 1765.
Quiel, William, Sr., April, 1741.
Quiel, William, Jr., April, 1741.
Ramsey, William, May. 1740.
Reed, James, August, 1738.
Reed, John, November, 1740.
Reed, John, 200 acres, September 16, 1766.
Reed,Mary, September, 1740.
Riddle, James, 300 acres, January 16, 1767.
Rowan, Henry, June, 1739.
Rowan, Henry, 200 acres, April 17, 1765.
Russell, James, May, 1740.
Russell, John, May, 1740.
Scott, Hugh, September,1740.
Scott, Hugh, 180 acres, April 16, 1765.
Scott, John, May, 1740.
Scott, John, 125 acres, April 16, 1765.
Scott, William, April, 1741.
Scott, William, 300 acres, April 17, 1765.
Shannon, Thomas, September, 1740.
Shannon, Thomas, 300 acres, April 16, 1765.
Sipes, George, 130 acres, April 16, 1765.
Simple, John, May, 1740.
Slemons, Rev. John, Hugh Ferguson, Amos McGinley and John Alexander, in trust for use of Middle Presbyterian Church, in Hamiltonban Township, joining lands of said
Slemons and James Kimberlin, 10 acres, August 13, 1767
Slemons, Rev. John (choice) 214 acres, August 13, 1767.
Slemons, Thomas, 165 acres, Aug. 12, 1765.
Smith, Robert, April, 1741.
Smith, William, April. 1739.
Smith, William Boyd B., March, 1740.
Spear, Robert, 192 acres (part in manor).
Steele, John (part in manor), Sept.,1740.
Steel, John (part in manor), 240 acres, April 16, 1765.
Stevenson, Samuel, May, 1741
Stevenson, William, May, 1741.
Stewart, Robert, 100 acres, May 30, 1765.
Stuart, Alexander, April, 1741.
Stuart, John, April, 1741.
Stuart, John, 250 acres, April 16, 1765.
Stuart, John (Marsh Creek), March, 1741.
Sweeny, Myles, March, 1741.
Sypes, George, April, 1741.
Tedford, James. May, 1740.
Thompson, Andrew, May,1741,
Thompson, Andrew, 125 acres, April 16, 50 1765.
Thompson, James. May, 1741.
Thompson, James, 260 acres, Oct. 7, 1765.
Vance, Charles. 300 acres, April 16, 1765.
Walker, Alexander, April, 1740.
Walker, James, May, 1740.
Watt, George, 186 acres, December 3,1773.
White, James, 150 acres (part in manor), April 16, 1765.
Wilson, James, 600 acres, April 16, 1765
Wilson, James, 538 acres, Feb. 23, 1767
Wilson, Joseph, March, 1738.
Wilson, Thomas, 418 acres, June, 1764, and October, 1765.
Wilson, Joseph, 200 acres, Jan. 16, 1767.
Wilson, Thomas, 200 acres, June 21, 1763.
Winchester, Wiloughby, November 28, 1740.
Woods, Hugh, March, 1741.
Work, Robert, 400 acres, April 15, 1773.
Young, James, 200 acres, April 16, 1765.
Young, Margaret, April, 1741.

The church referred to as in the "forks of Plum Run," is now the "Old Hill" Church, in Freedom Township, which, to this day, has its “five acres." The Manor line, when finally run out, passed through these five acres. The tract given to the "Presbyterian Congregation in Cumberland Township" in 1775, became, in 1783, the "Upper Presbyterian Congregation of Marsh Creek."

p 238.

Between 1735-36 and 1741 a number of Irish peasantry from the hills of Tyrone, Derry, Cavan, and Sligo Counties, came hither to stay, to erect a free home for themselves at the foot of the old South Mountains. The Hamiltons, Sweenys, Eddys, Blacks, McClains, McClures, Wilsons, Agnews, Darbys and others were here, near Gettysburg, in 1841 (sic). Then came the landlords' agents to survey the "Manor of Maske", and a second one to drive off the "squatters", or obtain from them pay for the permission to work in the heat of the summer and cold of winter among the rocky hills, who declared "yt if ye Chain be spread again, he wou'd stop it, and then took ye Compass from ye Surv. Gen." The men who resisted the survey of the "Manor of Maske" were prosecuted, but the wisdom of the Penns prompted a fair settlement with the squatters, which resulted in the Irish peasant becoming his own laborer and master, his own tennant and landlord. This same band of fighters for the right, organized for defense against the Indians and shared in the honors of saving the frontier from many an Indian raid. This same band of peasants first saw the tyranny of the "tea tax", and were among the first to hail the Revolution. They were among the first to recognize the liberty conventions swear fealty to the act of such conventions in 1775.

They were the men who formed McPheerson's batallion in 1775, and the Eleventh Pennsylvania Regiment of the line in 1776. They spoke bad Irish and as bad English, but their shout was heard unmistakably wherever the wave of revolution struck, and when, with their brothers saw the shackles fall from the husbandman, and industry and liberty march forward over the trails and military roads cut by the retreating soldiers of Great Britain.

p 241
Pioneers of Cumberland Twp.,squatters of the original 'Manor of Maske'. This list was made in 1765, recorded in 1792 with the aid of the descendants of the old settlers. names & dates of original improvements of the land

William McClellan May 1740
John Fletcher June 1739
Robert Fletcher May 1741
Samuel Gettys (Rock Creek) __ 1740
Hugh Scott Sep 1740
Daniel McKeeman Sep 1740
George Kerr Oct 1740
Samuel McCullough May 1741
Alex. Stuart April 1741
Robert Smith Apr 1741
James Thompson May 1741
Joseph Clugston April 1741
John McGaughey Apr 1741
William McCreary Apr 1740
Joseph Moore Mar 1740
David Moore Mar 1741
Hugh Woods Mar 1741
Edward Hall Mar 1741
John Linn Apr 1740
James Walker May 1740
Thomas Latta May 1740
David Dunwoody Mar 1741
Hugh Dunwoody Apr 1741
Thomas Douglass May 1740
Alex. Poe Apr 1739
Hugh Davis Apr 1739
John Brown May 1741
Samuel Brown May 1741
Samuel Eddy Mar 1741
John Stuar Mar 1741
Henry McDonough Apr 1739
James McNaught May 1740
Myles Sweeny Mar 1741
Thomas Boyd's heirs Mar 1741
James Hall Apr 1741
Samuel Paxton & son Mar 1741
Quinton Armstrong Apr 1741
John Murphy Apr 1741
John McNeit Apr 1741
John Armstrong Apr 1740
Andrew Thompson May 1741
John Leard Sep 1739
Robert Black May 1740
Alex. walker Apr 1741
Moses McCarley Apr 1739


The "Pines" Presbyterian Church, a pioneer concern indeed, was contemporary with the old church of "Great Conewago". In the eastern end of the present St. Paul's Cemetery this church stood until 1803, when it was removed to to give place to the first Union log church building at that point. Among the Irish Presbyterians interred there, headstones were erected to those named in the following list , name and date of death being given:

William Long, 1806
John Monteith, 1789; Jennet, his wife 1791
Alex McIntire 1786
Marget Kerr 1753
Archibald Douglas 1762
Hugh Caldwell 1785
Josiah Kerr 1784; Mary, his wife 1801
Mary Kerr 1814
George Horn 1832
Arch Coulter 1811
Susanna Coulter 1814
Elinor Coulter 1815
Martha Coulter 1811
Robert Sturgeon 1759
Robert Lorimer 1773
Margaret, wife of Robert McCorkle1809
William McFarland 1782
Thomas McCauslin 1789
Manie McFarland 1782

p 244

The Covenanters:
Among the Scotch and Scotch-Irish settlers along Marsh and Rock Creeks were small clusters of families called "Coventers" because they aserted that the obligation of the "Solemn League and Covenant" of their forefathers were binding among them. Their presbytery in the mother country took the name of the Reformed Presbytery and they styled themselves Reformed Presbyterians. They had been called Cameronians in Scotland after one of their field preachers, Richard Cameron, who was beheaded in 1680. They had also been known as Mountain People, because in times of persecution, they fled to the mountains to worship in secter places.
There were 7 or 8 little Covenanter societies between the Susqquehanna and the Blue Ridge before the arrival of their first minister from the mother country. Rev. Alexander Craighead, a Presbyterian minister who sympathized with the Covenanters in their distinctive principles, preached to them for a time. One of these little societies was at Marsh Creek, and had what was called a "tent" for their public meetings not far from the site of Gettysburg. The "tent" of the Covenanters of that time is described as simply a stand in the woods with a shelter overhead, a board braced against a tree on which lay the Bible and psalm book, and rude seats in front for the congregation over whom there was no covering except for the sky. At a general meeting of delegates from the different societies held at Middle Octorora, March 4, 1744, Thomas Wilson and David Dunwoody were delegates from the Marsh Creek society.

In 1751, Rev John Cuthbertson, the first Reformed Presbyterian minister in America sent by the denomination in Scotland, arrived in Pennsylvania. On Sep 1, 1751, Mr. Cuthbertson preached his first sermon to the Adams County Covenanters at their tent, which was not far from the residence of David Dunwoody. On April 8, 1753, was the first ordination of ruling elders of this denomination in America. Six persons were ordained, two of whom, David Dunwoody and Jeremiah Morrow, were the first ruling eldersof the Covenanters about the site of Gettysburg; the former was the grandfather of Rev. Dr. J. L. Dinwiddie, the latter the grandfather of Gov. Jeremiah Morrow of Ohio.

The society soon took the name of Rock Creek Church, and built its first log meeting-house near that stream about one mile northeast of where Gettysburg now stands (bok written in 1886 - J.) In 1764 John Murphy and Andrew Branwood were ordained elders.

The Upper Marsh Creek Church stood in what is now the desolate looking "Black's Grave-yard". After Mr Black's time the congregation pulled down the old church, and built one on North Washington Street., Gettysburg, near the Catholic Church. This was succeeded by the church
on Baltimore and High Streets. In 1775 Rev. John Black became pastor of the "Upper Marsh Creek". In 1786, he with others, was sent off to form the Carlisle Presbytery. Owing to congregational difficulties in 1790-94, he in 1794 joined a Reformed Dutch congregation near Hunterstown. His death took place Aug 16, 1802.

p 246

Black's Cemetery takes its name from Rev John Black, who was pastor of Upper Marsh Creek Presbyterian Church from 1775 to 1786. The church stood on the cemetery grounds, north of the Chambersburg road, until torn down about 1786. Among the straggling, crumbling monuments, the following names and dates of death are discernible:
Mary Orr 1754
Thomas Armstrong 1759
John Morrison 1749
His wife, 1752
Ann Fletcher 1773
Wm. Boyd 1757
Robert Black 1760
John Hosack 1789
Violet Porter 1753
Nathaniel Porter 1749
Wm. Boyd Sr. unknown
Thomas Boyd 1760
Rebecca Stevenson 1767
Robert McNutt 1772
Charles McAllister 1774
James McAllister 1782
John Bigham 1749
Agnes Bigham 1749
John Innis 1760
James Innis 1766
Robert Innis 1763
Rev Robert McMurdie 1796
Margaret McMurdy 1777
Andrrew Thompson 1768
Samuel Agnew 1760
Mary Agnew 1760
Alexander Latta 1772
Hugh Martin 1767

Many of the old monuments have been removed to Gettysburg and other places. The few remaining, as well as the venerable old home of pioneers itself, are in deplorable condition of decay. Hance Hamilton's monument, moved to Gettysburg some years ago, is badly shattered. It
records his death, Feb 2, 1772, aged fifty-one years. Tis old settler commanded in a fight with the Indians at Bellemont about 1758. The pioneer McPhersons claim some ancient monuments also in the new cemetery at Gettysburg.

p 245 - 246
The old Marsh Creek Cemetery, commonly called "McClellan's" is on the eastern bank of the creek a point north of the stone bridge on the Fairfield road. The headstones marking the burial places of the McClellans were moved to Evergreen Cemetery some years ago. The stones still to be found there give the following names and dates of death of aged people:
Henry McDonough, 1758
Rosanna Crawford, 1772
Joseph McCleary, 1840
Eleanor Kincaid, 1768
Christina Deal, 1809
Sarah Jamieson, 1807
Charles deal, 1820
Sarah Cross, 1789
Eliza, wife of John Butts, Sr., 1851
Hugh Dunwoodie, 1825
Sarah Dunwoodie, 1744
David Dunwoody, 1802
Jane Dunwoody, 1781
Elizabeth Dunwoody, 1789