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McDonald, Washington County, PA Obituaries - Page 1
Transcribed by Victoria Hospodar Valentine

These are mostly presented by year and will eventually be indexed

August 20, 1892  McDonald Outlook

A telegram from Burgettstown Thursday morning announces the death of J. W. AIKIN, a prominent lumber merchant of that place.  He was aged about 45 years and leaves a wife and two children.

September 24, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

In Cecil, of diphtheria, on the 19th inst., a 4 year old child of Thomas AINSCOUGH.


December 10, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Miss Elizabeth ANDREWS, age 28 years, a former resident of McDonald, died Wednesday morning at Carnegie after an illness of several months.  The body has been brought to the home of her aunt, Mrs. ___nie MCDOWELL of this place, and the funeral services will be held here Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock.  The interment will be at Imperial.  Miss ANDREWS was born ___ but moved wth her father William ANDREWS to Ohio several years ago.  Lately she had been residing at Carnegie.  Her father survives.


July 23, 1892  McDonald Record

              A sad accident occurred at the McDonald depot last Sunday afternoon by which a man named ANTONOVSKI, living at Willow Grove, was killed.  He was waiting at the depot with the body of a child of his who had died the day before, intending to take it away on the train when he noticed an east bound freight approaching at a high rate of speed, and fearing apparently that the little coffin containing the remains projected too far over onto the track, ran to pull it back. But he was not quick enough in getting away and the train hit him, knocking him about twenty feet and injuring him so that he died in a few moments.  His wife and little girl standing by were terribly affected at being thus doubly afflicted.  ANTONOVSKI was a Hungarian and worked in the Willow Grove mine.


July 9, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

            On Saturday last, Wm. ARMSTRONG, a driller at the Moorhead No. 2, while filling some torches with oil, was severely burned about the breast and face by the  oil taking fire and exploding.  He was removed to the Caldwell House, McDonald, where he died Sunday evening.  ARMSTRONG was about 22 years old, and lived with his parents near Cecil.


September 22, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

On the 16th inst. of membranous croup, 6-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. AUSTIN, McDonald.


May 1892 

In the East End, on Saturday, a Belgian child.

April 9, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Died on the 5th inst., infant son of Matthew BENNETT, of McDonald.

Aug. 6, 1892  Observer

On the 31st, ult., on Barr street, wife of Mr. Samuel BEST.  The remains were taken to Clarion.


April 9, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Died on the 5th inst., infant son of T. D. BRADY, a tenant in one of the Birdie SHORT houses.


January 16, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

            It was with deep sorrow we learned of the early death of D. W. BROWN, Esq., of Canonsburg, which took place on Saturday night, the 9th inst., at Mercy Hospital, Pittsburg.  The disease which took his life was pneumonia, from which he suffered for about three weeks.  David was born about 45 years ago in Allegheny county.  When quite young, his mother, who was a sister of the late Cornelius BORLAND, died.  Soon after this his father, the late David BROWN, move to the farm (in) Mt. Pleasant township on which M. B. BROWN now resides.  Her David was brought up, working on the farm in summer and attending the district school in winter.  During the winter of '59 and '60 he was a pupil in the school taught by the writer.  He was bright, manly, generous, and very fond of fun, which, we believe, were characteristic of during life.  Not being enamored of farm life, he set about preparing himself for a professional life.

            He attended Monmouth College at Monmouth, Ill., and graduated from that institution in the class of 1837.  He afterward took a course in the law school of Harvard, where he studied and was admitted to the practice of law at Washington.  For a time he was with the late W. O. CRAWFORD, Esq., of Pittsburg bar; then for a while he was associated with L. MCCARRELL, Esq., of the Washington bar, but for several years past he was located at Canonsburg, where he enjoyed quite an extensive practice.  He took great interest in the politics of his day, and was prominent in the Democratic party in this county.  He was that party's candidate four or five years ago for district attorney, but was defeated.  He was popular and successful as a stump speaker, and his voice was often heard during the recent campaigns in behalf of Democracy and its candidates.

            During the late non-partisan amendment campaign in this State, although he was a Democrat, he made numerous speeches in behalf of the Prohibition amendment.  He believed Prohibition would promote public welfare and thereby temptation to intemperance would be in a great measure be removed from the young and rising generation.  His voice will no more be heard hear, for the shaft of Death has struck him, and ...  He leaves two brothers and ...

*Remainder torn off

**The date of his college graduation has to be off considering his age at death and the time mentioned as having been the writer's pupil.


May 21,1892  McDonald Outlook

Alexander BURGETT, Sr., father of the well-known McDonald blacksmith, died at his home in Midway on Monday.  The funeral services were on Tuesday and the interment at the Hill Cemetery.

            Deceased was a member of the McDonald U. P. Church and all his life had been a good citizen and a model neighbor to all who lived near him.  Last fall he and his wife and son moved from their McDonald street homestead to Midway to get away from the danger of fire and the noise and turmoil of the oil field.  For more than a year Mr. BURGETT had not seemed to be well, a kind of paralysis gradually creeping over him.


Sometime at the end of July 1892.  From a scrap of newspaper with no dates

McDonald Record

On the 16th, child of Martin BURNS.


December 10, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            On the 2nd inst., of diphtheria, in the East End, child of August BUTOU.


July 16, 1892  McDonald Record

Dr. LAROSS this week conducted a post mortem examination of the body of a colored man named CAIN, who died at Rend’s blocks, and proved his disease to be cancer of the stomach.

July 23, 1892  McDonald Record

            The Charles CAIN, who died of cancer of the stomach at REND’s Blocks, was not a colored man, as was reported last week.


October 29, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            A. B. CALDWELL, the well known Washington merchant, died on Thursday.


December 17, 1892  McDonald Outlook

              At Rend’s Shaft, ___ 15th, child of Peter CAMPBELL.


September 22, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

John CAMPBELL, brother of W. C. of this place, died at his home in Wilkinsburg on Monday aged 65 years.  His remains were brought here and interred at Center.  The deceased had been ill for a long time, though food poisoning was the immediate cause of death.

*Midway column


Btw. March 13 and April 18, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

            W. S. CAMPBELL, flagman on the local freight between Washington and Pittsburg, was killed Friday afternoon at Bower Hill by the cars.

*There was damage to the page and the date was not visable, but I made a guess by using other information on the page.


December 17, 1892  McDonald Outlook 

              On the 14th inst., in the ___end, of injuries received in Brier Hill mine, Jules CAREY, aged about ____ years.


December 31, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Of diphtheria, on Wednesday, daughter of Joseph CENIS, aged about two years.


November 19, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook


            On the 14th, inst., of fever, Catherine Jeannette, daughter of Mr. John CHAMBERS of Cecil, aged nine years.


December 10, 1892 
McDonald Outlook

            On the 16th ult., of diphtheria, a child of Arthur CHARLIER of the East End.  On the 1st in the same family, of the same ... a child; and on the 9th in the same family, another child.  A fourth child of Mr. CHARLIER is sick with the same disease.


November 5, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook


            Friday of last week Frank CARMAUX, a Frenchman, was at Sheridan Station struck by a fast train and his body was wedged in and above the engine cylinder.  No one knew what had become of him until the train reached Birmingham when the sight of the mangled corpse in such a position created great excitement..


December 31, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Edward CHERRY, one of the best known citizens of Mt. Pleasant township died at this home on Friday, of paralysis, in his 75th year. Mr. CHERRY was sick but about two weeks and his death was unexpected.  The deceased was an uncle of Commissioner John E. STEWART and Sheriff CHERRY.


August 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Mrs. Nancy COLE, of Jefferson township, died last Friday aged 93 years.  She was the oldest person in that township and probably the oldest in the county.  A very unusual thing at the funeral was that six of her great grandsons, all voters, acted as her pall bearers.

*Date missing from page

Aug. 6, 1892  Observer

John CONNER, Sr., an old and highly esteemed citizen of Cecil, died Friday evening of last week aged 85 years.  He leaves two sons and a daughter, John, Samuel and Sarah.


July 9, 1892  McDonald Outlook

On the 3d, in McDonald, Miss Blanche COOK, aged about 12 years.  Interment at Oil City.


July 9, 1892  McDonald Record

A little daughter of Joseph COOLEY, near Frankfort Springs, met with a shocking death last week while playing around an oil-rig, by being caught in the belt of the large wheel, and carried into the wheel and crushed instantly.


September 22, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

George COOLEY, of this place was killed near Black Diamond mine by a McDonald coal train last Saturday night.  The train hands took the remains on to McDonald where they were taken charge of by ROGERS & GIFFIN.


Aug. 6, 1892  Observer

Miss Eliza CRAIGHEAD, a native of Cecil township, died at Elderidge, Indiana County, last week.  Miss CRAIGHEAD was a teacher more than forty years ago, and from her the editor of this paper first learned how to read and spell.


October 29, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

Wm. CRAWFORD, 12-year old son of Wm. CRAWFORD, of Goff, Westmoreland county, died of typhoid fever last week.  The father of deceased is a son of the late Major CRAWFORD and a brother of R. H. CRAWFORD, of Midway.


Aug. 6, 1892  Observer

At Brier Hill, on the 5th, inst., infant child of B. CURRY.


December 17, 1892  McDonald Outlook

On the 15th inst., in McDonald, infant child of ____ DANVIN.

*Portions of page missing


November 12, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            A Mr. DARBY, an old soldier, who made his home with Robert SMART, died last week.  He was about 50 years old.


Btwn. March 13 and May 12, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

Pierre DELIANT, a Belgian miner, was killed by a fall of slate at Brier Hill on Thursday morning.  He leaves a wife and four children, the youngest of which is nine years old.  They won a house and lot on Belgian Hill.  Friday afternoon the remains were buried at Arlington.  Deceased was well known as an honest, hard working man, struggling to make a home for his family in the country of his adoption.  He was a regular attendant at the U. P. Church.

*Dates inferred from other items on the page



February 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

            Mr. James DICKSON died at this home near Bulger on Sabbath evening, Jan. 24, of pneumonia coming from grip.  He was in his 72d year, and leaves a wife, four sons and two daughters to more their loss.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. G. M. KERR.  The remains were taken to the Washington cemetery for interment.


January 2, 1892  Robinson Valley Outlook  -  McDonald , PA 

A.     F. DOWNING, brother of J. D. DOWNING, the well known oil operator of

McDonald was instantly killed by an explosion of nitroglycerine while shooting a well at Archer’s Fork, O.  The glycerine was in a barrel and was exploded by the concussion of a stone thrown against it.  Mr. DOWNING’s head was cut clean in two at the line of the eyes.


May 1892

Mrs. Mary ELLIOTT, widow of Morgan ELLIOTT, died at her home in North Fayette township on Monday, aged ** years.  Interment at the Hill Cemetery.


October 29, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            A child of Monsieur ELOI, Belgian Hill, died on Wednesday.


December 3, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            On the 29th ult., of fever, near Nickel Plate mine, Mrs. Leante ELOI.  Deceased was one of a party of six that came here from Belgium about six months ago, and only the two brothers, Joseph and Leante ELOI, remain.  Mrs. Joseph ELOI died on the 17th ult. and two children of Leante ELOI died during the summer.


October 8, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            John EMLER, of Candor, was run over and killed by the cars near Bulger on Monday morning.  Stepping out of the way of a freight he got in front of the Burgettstown Accommodation.  He leaves a wife and nine children.  The body was badly ... remainder missing.


June 16, 1892  McDonald Record

On the 13th inst., in Pittsburgh, of general debility, John EWING, Sr. 

            Funeral on Thursday, interment at Hill cemetery.  Mr. EWING was one of McDonald’s oldest citizens, and was well known through out this part of the country as a stonemason.  He lived in his house on Third street until a few weeks ago, when was taken seriously ill and he was removed to a Pittsburgh hospital.  He leaves a wife, a son, John EWING, Jr., living in Pittsburg, and a daughter, Mrs. STEVENSON of Noblestown street.

*Compiler’s note:  In the following week’s paper there is a correction to this obit.  It states: “Last week there was a error in the obituary of John EWING, Sr.   His children are:  One son in Pittsburg and two daughters in Glasgow, Scotland.


December 10, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            On the 7th inst., of diphtheria, child of Newton FAIR, on the ... farm.


July 9, 1892  McDonald Outlook

              On the 3d, at Jumbo, child of Scott FALCON.


January 23, 1892

Guernsey, Ohio, Times-The death of Captain FARRAR, which occurred Monday evening, January 11, 1892, will no doubt be a surprise to many of our readers; but it has been anticipated by his immediate friends, who alone have understood the serious character of his malady.  His death was caused by uremic poisoning, resulting from chronic affection of the bladder, from which he has been a sufferer more or less seriously since his exposure in camp.

            William McFarren FARRAR was the third of the nine children of Samuel FARRAR and Jane SIMONTON, and was born in Washington county, Pa., September 3, 1824.  His father was the son of Andrew FARRAR and Margaret MOORE, who had seven sons and three daughters all of whom leave married sons and daughters.  His mother was the daughter of Peter SIMONTON and Margaret MCFARREN.

            His ancestors on both sides were remarkable for the amount of Scotch-Irish and Puritan blood in their veins, for their high personal character, great patriotism and deep and stern religious convictions.  Their history is almost the history of the Presbyterian church in Western Pennsylvania.  In eluding to his early history the names of the MCCURDYs, MCFARRENs, MCCRACKENs, MCDOWELLs, MCCREADYs, MCEWENs, and the like, indicative of their origins and character, are common.

            Mr. FARRAR served through the war as captain of Co. H. 65th O. V. I., and attached to the staff of General ROSECRANS, together with General GARFIELD, the latter’s chief of staff, and General SWAIM, at present judge advocate general of the United States.  The three became warm personal friends; and SWAIM and FARRAR were both tendered choice of positions by President GARFIELD.

            Mr. Sym. FARRAR, of Midway, is a brother of Capt. FARRAR.


June/July 1892  McDonald Record

John FIFE, an old citizen of Canonsburg, who some years ago came to that place to reside from Upper St. Clair, died on Tuesday, aged 78 years.


September 10, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

            Michael FLAHERTY was killed by jumping from a freight in the tunnel at Sheridan.


May 1892

Mrs. Margaret FORSYTH died at her home at Burgettstown on Tuesday of paralysis.  Deceased was the widow of the late Wm. FORSYTH and the mother of Thomas FORSYTH, the merchant tailor of this place.  She was the daughter of Wm. HASTINGS and was born and raised near Hastings Station


April 9, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            W. C. FORSYTH, a respected citizen of Burgettstown, died last Saturday morning of neuralgia of the heart, aged 72 years.  He leaves a wife, who is in a critical condition with paralysis, and seved (sic) children.  The funeral took place Sunday, interment at Clinton, Allegheny county.  The deceased was a bother of Thomas FORSYTH of Canonsburg, and the father of Thomas FORSYTH, merchant tailor of McDonald.


January 1892

A two-year-old son of Aime FOUCAR, of Belgian Hill, died Wednesday of croup.  This is the third child that has died in that family in the last few months.


November 17, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

On the 12th inst., at his home in McDonald, Mr. James PRYOR, aged about 78 years.  Deceased had been a paralytic for several years.  He was the oldest miller in the country.  He worked in the old North Branch mill over half a century ago.  His aged wife survives him.  The funeral was on Monday.  Interment at Arlington.  Mrs. PRYOR has gone to live with a nephew named CULLIN in Allegheny.

*The deceased’s name could be FRYER; the print is very difficult to read.


     At midnight, July 21st, 1892, little Henry, son of John and Harriett LOVE GARDNER, aged 22 months.  The parents have the sympathy of a large circle of friends.

(A poem written by his aunt, M. F. L. was printed, but not included here)


May 1892

        On Saturday, and infant son of Wm. GARDNER, of Thom’s Run.


June 11, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

 George C. GRAHAM, an oil driller, 29 years old, was killed Friday morning at Oakdale.  GRAHAM had just stepped off the eastbound train and was crossing the next track when the work train approached and ran him down.  The deceased man lived at Franklin with his parents and sisters.


October 29, 1892 McDonald PA Outlook

In McDonald, on the 21st inst., of diphtheria, Jessie Murtel, daughter of Mrs. Ella HALLAMS, aged 9 years, 7 months and 9 days.  Interment at Wheeling Cemetery.


October 29, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            The funeral train of Mrs. HARRISON, six cars, passed through McDonald Thursday evening. 

            *This would be Mrs. Benjamin HARRISON, first lady of the United States.


Sometime in September 1892, no date was visible on the page

McDonald Outlook

Rev. John M. HASTINGS died at his home in Westchester, Pa., on Friday of last week.  He was a Presbyterian minister, and also a teacher, he having for many years, in company with his brother, Fulton HASTINGS, conducted an academy at Wilkinsburg.  His mother was a sister of the late Dr. John MCCLUSKEY, of Henry MCCLUSKEY and of Mrs. James HERRIOTT.  His wife was a sister of the late John N. MCDONALD, of this place.


February 6, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

            Mostly ripped away:  

Apparently the mother of Mrs. HAWLEY also died, her last name was SMITH, and it looks as though the first name might have been Sarah.  She was buried at Burgettstown.  She is listed as mother-in-law of Mr. John B. HAWLEY, who is listed as deceased in the next obit.  Could he have also died at this time?  (From another issue, Mr. HAWLEY's death apparently occurred sometime in January 1892.)

            On February 2d, after a very brief illness-- pneumonia and nervous prostration --Mrs. Mary HAWLEY, widow of the deceased John B. HAWLEY and daughter of Mrs. SMITH, died.  The interment was at Burgettstown.

            This family in the fall moved from one of Miss Maggie LINDSEY's home on Barr street to Burgettstown.  Mr. HAWLEY was a section boss on the railroad at Burgettstown.  J. A. SMITH, section boss this place is a son of the deceased Mrs. SMITH.  Another son is W. W. SMITH, married and living in Mansfield, and a railroad man.  O. W. SMITH married and living at Dinsmore and a section boss is a son of Mrs. SMITH.

            Mrs. SMITH was a native of Carroll county, O.  Her husband, John M. SMITH, died her in McDonald about four years ago.  He was formerly well known as a stage driver between Pittsburg and Steubenville.  The family has lived hereabouts for at least 20 years and all of its members are much respected.

            A host of friends sympathize with those of them who are left to morn such extraordinary loss.

            Ms. GOULD, of Steubenville, an elderly lady, as sister of Mrs. SMITH, while attending the funeral of Mrs. HAWLEY, fell on the ice and had an arm broken.


July 9, 1892  McDonald Outlook

Near Montour, Allegheny county, June 30th, Mrs. Flora HAYS, wife of Lewis HAYS, aged about 20 years.  Mrs. HAYS was the oldest daughter of Edward HINDMAN, deceased, formerly of Bavington.


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