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McDonald, Washington County, PA Obituaries - Page 3
Transcribed by Victoria Hospodar Valentine

These are mostly presented by year and will eventually be indexed


Between April 23 and May 17, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook        

Died, April 15, in Burgettstown, Mrs. Mary Jane PURDY, relict of Rev. J. L. PURDY, aged sixty-five years.

*Dates inferred from other items on the page


May 1892

Last Saturday a 16-year-old son of Mr. PUZZI, a Frenchman living at Miller’s Crossing, was so badly injured in Laurel Hill mine by being caught between the dilly wagon and the wall of the mine that he died on Sunday.  He was a driver in the mine.  Interment at Arlington on Tuesday.


December 24, 1892   McDonald Outlook 

          James QUINN, a well-known oil driller, was killed by the cars at Oakdale on Saturday.  He was about 37 years of age and was well known throughout the oil regions of Pennsylvania.


Sometime at the end of July 1892.  From a scrap of newspaper with no dates  McDonald Record

On the 16th, child of James RENKOSS, of Barr street


December 31, 1892  McDonald Outlook

John REYNOLDS, of Tom’s Run (sic), was struck by a train on the Panhandle Railroad last Friday evening and was instantly killed.


Sometime in September 1892, no date visible on page  McDonald PA Record

Mrs. Sarah ROBERTS, wife of John T. ROBERTS, formerly of Canonsburg, died at her home in Joliet, Ill., on Wednesday night last in the __ year of her age.  The deceased was a daughter of John KELSO, formerly of Cecil.  The remains were brought to Venice last Friday and interred at the U. P. burying ground.


Sometime in October 1892 no date was visible on newspaper  McDonald PA Record

 Mr. J. C. RODGERS and wife came up from Sistersville on Monday to attend the funeral of his mother, Mrs. Margaret A. RODGERS which occurred at Washington, Pa., on Tuesday.  Deceased was 66 years old.  Her husband, E. K RODGERS formerly a well-known liveryman, died about five years ago.  Her maiden name was ALLISON and she was a sister of Messrs. Archibald and Ebenezer ALLISON, who live six miles west of Washington, and of James ALLISON, who lives in Nebraska.


July 30, 1892  McDonald Outlook

Major James P. SAYER, of Washington, died last Friday.  He was well known.  He had a great record as a soldier in the late war, lost a leg in the service, and was a heroic sort of fellow whenever duty called him to the front in any walk in life.  And so this old comrade is “DEAD”.  A man is here; and then he is not here; that is, he is dead.  At work today; gone tomorrow.  And the best of us leave but little more mark behind us than is seen when one puts his finger into the ocean and withdraws it.  It that so?  Not quiet.  The good that we do lives after us in this life; and the evil too, but not so long, we know; for good must overcome evil.


Sometime between June 15 and July 4, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Robert SIMPSON of Noblestown, an old soldier and aged 56 years, died last week.  He was buried at Robinson Run cemetery.  Capt. Thomas ESPY Post had charge of the funeral.

 *Page was very damaged, dates missing


February 6, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

            Mostly ripped away:  Apparently the mother of Mrs. HAWLEY also died, her last name was SMITH, and it looks as though the first name might have been Sarah.  She was buried at Burgettstown.  She is listed as mother-in-law of Mr. John B. HAWLEY, who is listed as deceased in the next obit.  Could he have also died at this time?  (From another issue, Mr. HAWLEY's death apparently occurred sometime in January 1892.)

            On February 2d, after a very brief illness-- pneumonia and nervous prostration --Mrs. Mary HAWLEY, widow of the deceased John B. HAWLEY and daughter of Mrs. SMITH, died.  The interment was at Burgettstown.

            This family in the fall moved from one of Miss Maggie LINDSEY's home on Barr street to Burgettstown.  Mr. HAWLEY was a section boss on the railroad at Burgettstown.  J. A. SMITH, section boss this place is a son of the deceased Mrs. SMITH.  Another son is W. W. SMITH, married and living in Mansfield, and a railroad man.  O. W. SMITH married and living at Dinsmore and a section boss is a son of Mrs. SMITH.

            Mrs. SMITH was a native of Carroll county, O.  Her husband, John M. SMITH, died her in McDonald about four years ago.  He was formerly well known as a stage driver between Pittsburg and Steubenville.  The family has lived hereabouts for at least 20 years and all of its members are much respected.

            A host of friends sympathize with those of them who are left to morn such extraordinary loss.

            Ms. GOULD, of Steubenville, an elderly lady, as sister of Mrs. SMITH, while attending the funeral of Mrs. HAWLEY, fell on the ice and had an arm broken.


August 1892  McDonald Outlook 

The father of ex-county Superintendent SPINDLER, died of heart disease at Beallsville on Tuesday after returning from a trip to Chautauqua.


July 1892  McDonald Outlook

 Mrs. Lizzie STEWART, relict of Alexander STEWART, who was killed in the battle of Gettysburg, died of cancer at her home near Clinton on Friday, the 19th inst. -- Enterpriser


November 17, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook 

On the 17th inst. in South Fayette, Mr. STEWART. He was a son-in-law of Mr. SHIPLEY, a former resident of this place.  Mrs. STEWART has for sometime been an invalid as the result of a streetcar accident in Pittsburgh.  A suit for damages is pending and it is said the company has offered to settle for $**,000.


September 29, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

Mrs. James STEWART of near Eldersville, died last Saturday aged about 55 years.


July 16, 1892  McDonald Record

At Bavington, on the 10th inst., Mrs. Kate STIFFLER, wife of John STIFFLER, Sr., in the 61st year of her age.  Interment was at Florence.


May 28, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Dr. James C. STOCKTON died in Philadelphia on May 18.  He was a son of Rev. STOCKTON of Cross Creek, a brother of T. C. STOCKTON, M.D., and also a brother of Mrs. Margaret LEE, who died on the 17th of this month and, like his sister, died from the effects of La Grippe.  The remains were buried at Cross Creek Presbyterian Church.

*In case you are wondering, la grippe is the flu.


February 6, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

            Mr. Edward POOLER recently attended the funeral of his only sister, Mrs. Maria STONE, at Detroit.  Mr. P. has one brother living, Wm. POOLER, who resides in Clearfield county.


May 1892

(The brief notice of the death of Samuel STURGEON, Sr., which was so hurriedly inserted in the Outlook last week contained some discrepancies as will appear in the following.)

DIED—At his home near Willow Grove Station, Allegheny county, Pa., on Sabbath May 1, 1902 at * o’clock p.m. Samuel STURGEON, Sr., aged ** years.

Mr. STURGEON was born near Oxford, Adams Co., Pa., March * th, 1800, and removed with his parents, in the year 180*, to the farm on which he died.  He resided on the same farm, and in the same house, for a period of ** years.  He was the youngest brother of the Hon. William STURGEON, and the last survivor of a family of ten persons.  Mr. STURGEON never married but resided with his parents, and at their death inherited the old homestead.  He was an honest and industrious farmer, a consistent member of the Raccoon congregation, Candor, Washington county and regular in attendance upon divine worship although he had to ride six miles over a bad road, and often when the weather was inclement.  After the organization of the McDonald church he transferred his membership to it, as it was more _ to his home.  In politics he was a Democrat of the Jeffersonian school and during his long life he never wavered in his devotion to principle.  A great reader and possessed of a retentive memory, he was well and intelligently informed in all that related to the history of his country.  In person Mr. STURGEON was tall and slender, neat and careful in dress.  Kind and courteous in manner, he ever commanded an influence for good upon all who came in contact with him.  Although qualified to fill almost any office, he never sought distinction in that way, choosing rather to live an independent life of the farm.  His body was quietly laid to rest by the side of his parents in the old burying ground at Candor Presbyterian church.


November 17, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

On the 11th inst. at the home of her son-in-law, Mr. Richard GLADDEN, Lincoln Avenue, Mrs. Catherine TRIMMER TEUTON.

            Deceased was the widow of George TEUTON, who was many years ago well known at Hickory as a hotelkeeper, and she was a cousin of Mr. Thomas TRIMMER of McDonald.  She had three daughters, Mrs. John SAUTERS, a widow, also making her home at Mr. GLADDEN’s, Mrs. Vinie C. GLADDEN, and Mrs. Clara PIERSON 4*th and Butler Sts., Pittsburg.  The interment was at Arlington on Sunday.  Mrs. TEUTON was a member of the McDonald Presbyterian church.


May 1892

On Thursday, at Rend’s Shaft, a colored boy, 12 years old, named Harry THOMPSON.


September 8, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

At the residence of Mr. KERR, near Canonsburg, on the 5th inst., Miss Martha Jane THOMPSON, aged about 67 years.

            Deceased was an aunt of Mrs. Curtis POTTER.  The interment was on Thursday at Miller’s Run.  The funeral was attended by a large concourse of friends and relatives.


April 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Thos. TIDBALL, brakeman on the work train, was killed at Jumbo Thursday afternoon while coupling cars.  He was in between two cars that came very close together when coupled, and holding the coupling pin he signaled to George FITZSIMMONS, the paper man, who was standing near, to give the engineer the signal to back up.  The engineer would not take FITZSIMMON’s signal, so TIDBALL ran out, gave the signal and went back between the cars as they came together, but was unable to get himself into a safe position, and his head was caught between the cars and crushed.  He was not injured any other way.  This occurred at 2:35, while funeral services were being conducted in the Presbyterian Church over the body of another railroad man who had been killed Tuesday evening, Albert HOLMES.  He died a half an hour later.

            The remains were taken to his house at Woodville. He was a single man and the only support of his mother.


September 8, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook 

On the 31st ult., 10 months old daughter of A. TIMLIN, of the MEVEY farm.


Btwn. March 13 and May 12, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

An aged Frenchman named TUESCHE died at the Champion Coal Works on Tuesday and was buried at Arlington.

*Dates inferred from other items on the page.


July 2, 1892  McDonald Outlook 

            Death has again invaded the home of Superintendent TURNER of the P. C. C. & S. L. R. R.   Only last Tuesday Mr. TURNER buried his little son, and on the same evening a bright little daughter died.  The remains were taken to Indianapolis Wednesday evening and laid by the side of the brother.


Sometime at the end of July 1892.  From a scrap of newspaper with no dates  McDonald Record

On the 21st, a son of August VALENTOUR, aged about six months.


Sometime in September 1892, no date was visible on the page  McDonald Outlook

At the residence of the family on East Noblestown street, McDonald, on Monday, Sept. 19th, Mrs. Mary Louise, wife of August VALENTOUR and daughter of Mr. Louis CHAMBON, aged 29 years.

            The funeral was on Tuesday evening.  Rev. Dr. CATHCART conducted services at the house.  The interment was at Midway cemetery.  Two small children are left without a mother.  Mr. VALENTOUR in this untimely  _____ of this ____ wife has the sympathy of a large circle of friends.


Sometime in October 1892, no date was visible on the newspaper  McDonald PA Record

           On Wednesday, at her home on East Noblestown street, McDonald, Mrs. Joseph VANDUSKY, aged about 70 years


September 22, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

On the 17th inst. at Champion, Mrs. VERCHUREN, aged 75 years.  Deceased was the mother of Joseph VERCHUREN of this place.


September 22, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook 

Casper WEBBER, white, and a colored man named NEWMAN were killed at Carnegie last Sunday morning by an excursion train.


Between April 23 and May 17, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook

Died, April 23, in Independnce, of pneumonia, Mrs. Mary, wife of James WESTLAKE, in her seventy-sixth year

*Dates inferred from other items on the page


November 7, 1892  McDonald Outlook 

            Engineer George K. WHEAT, Jr., was killed by an east bound fast train at Willow Grove Thursday morning.  He hand his fireman, J. S.CONNELLY, were coming off night turn from a local freight and stepped on the track just in time to be caught by "No. 2 east."  WHEAT was instantly killed, and CONNELLY was badly injured about the head.  The remains of the engineer were taken to the city.  He was 30 years of age and leaves a wife and two children in Wheeling.


September 22, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook

Finnic WILDE, a 16-year-old boy, who once lived here with his grandfather, Mr. SHOTTEN, died last week at the Washington county poor home and was buried at Center on Saturday.  He had been crippled for a long time by an injury to his kneecap.        

*Midway column


August 13, 1892  McDonald Outlook

            Died, on Friday night of last week, of diphtheria, Sopia WILHELM, aged six years.  Deceased was a daughter of the manager of the Walnut Hill Company Store, and was an unusually interesting child.


Sometime in September 1892, no date was visible on the page  McDonald Outlook

Pressly WILLARD, who had been making his home with his son-in-law, George SKILES of Chartiers township, died Friday morning of last week from the effects of a stroke of paralysis received several days before.  The deceased was 84 years of age and leaves a family of grown up children.  The funeral services were held Sunday afternoon and were conducted by Rev. ANDERSON of Venice, assisted by Rev. E. E. DOUGLASS, of Houstonville.  Interment at the Venice U. P. church burying ground.


May 28, 1892  McDonald PA Outlook


            Isaac WILLETS, an old and well-known oil operator, died at his house in Belmont, New York, on Friday night of general debility at an advanced age.  He is said to have been worth seven millions of dollars, all made in the Washington oil field.


October 15, 1892   McDonald PA Outlook


            Mrs. Rachel WILLIAMS, wife of Samuel WILLIAMS, died at the family residence in Oakdale, September 12. She was __ years of age.  Early in life she professed Christianity by uniting with the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Her remains were interred at Hill cemetery.


October 29, 1892   McDonald PA Outlook

Tuesday evening William WILSON, a well-known citizen of Burgettstown, was killed by the eastbound fast line.  He was coming from his farm, and when opposite the Johnston Hotel halted a moment to weight for a freight to pass.  He stepped in behind this train and was caught by the fast line.  Both legs were broken, and he received internal injuries that caused death in a few minutes.  Mr. WILSON was about 40 years old and unmarried.  During the past three years he has with his three sisters lived on the Rev. FREDERICKS property, which he bought.

When the train struck the unfortunate man the body was thrown with great violence some 40 feet away.  A 2x3 post that was part of the platform guard was torn away and the remains when picked up were crushed to a pulp.  Samuel RIDDILE, the carpenter of this --- was at the JOHNSTON home at…… remainder of page crumbled away.


July 2, 1892  McDonald Outlook 

            John P. WOODS died suddenly at his home in Burgettstown, June 27, 1892.  The deceased was born in Lancaster, Pa., Nov. 27, 1815. He was an honored and esteemed citizen, having filled every township office but constable.  The last office to which he was chosen by the voters of Smith township was justice of the Peace.  He was twice re-elected by the voters of the borough of Burgettstown, and was serving his third term at the time of his death.  He served as Treasurer and secretary and Manager of the Union Agricultural Association.  He was a consistent member of the United Presbyterian church of Burgettstown.  In January, 1838, he married Miss Esther MILLER, who survives him.  No children were born to them.  Three sisters remain--Mrs. WHITEHILL, Salt Lake City; Mrs. PHILLIPS, St. Louis, and Mrs. Harriett DONNAN, Burgettstown.  John P. WOOD will live in the memory of the citizens of the northern part of Washington county for years to come.--Enterprise


July 23, 1892  McDonald Outlook 

            Jacob WRIGHT, one of the oldest and most respected citizens of the upper end, died Friday night at his home near Collier, aged 86 years, after a long illness.


July 9, 1892  McDonald Outlook 

            On the 2d inst., in McDonald, infant son of Joseph YATES.  This is the second child Mr. YATES has buried inside of one week.

September 8, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook 

On the 31st ult., at Millers Crossing of consumption, Mrs. YOEDER


September 22, 1894  McDonald, PA Outlook 

A child of Mr. D. K. YOLTON, near Candor, died on the 15th inst.    

*Midway column


October 6, 1894  McDonald Outlook 

Miss Euphemia ACKLESON died at her home here on the 30th ult., aged 62 years.  Death was caused by ery______.  Miss ACKLESON was a sister of John ACKLESON, deceased of North Star, and left two living sisters. Mrs. J. C. WILSON of Washington, and Mrs. James MELONEY of ___way, with latter of whom she made her home.


September 23, 1893  Outlook 

Another Tragedy.  The Hard Fate of an Orphan Boy Who Was Seeking a Home.

            That portion of the railroad track near Brier Hill tipple, where fifteen to twenty persons have been killed by the cars in the last five years, is keeping up its record.  Last Saturday morning arrived on the nine train from Columbus, O., Oscar AILER, 14 years old, who was coming to make his home with is uncle, Rev. O. E. AILER.  The boy’s father, John AILER, who is well known around McDonald, had died at Columbus the week before and his mother had died only three weeks before that.

            Oscar came to Brier Hill to the house of his uncle, and learning that he was engaged in building the Baptist Church at the head of Fannie street, he started to go there.  Crossing the track at Brier Hill he was run over by a freight that was making twenty miles an hour and cut to pieces.  The remains were gathered up and Coroner JOHNSON was notified, and came on and held an inquest in the evening.  The verdict was accidental death, but the jury found that it was the plain duty of the Town Council of McDonald to pass and enforce an ordinance regulating the speed of trains passing through the Borough.  Mr. JOHNSON says he will call the attention of the District Attorney to the many deaths caused by the reckless running of trains in this valley.  This poor boy was killed within an hour after his arrival in McDonald.


September 1, 1894   McDonald PA Outlook

Miss Mary ALLAN, aged 20 years of McKeesport, died on Tuesday from the effects of injuries received in a fall last Friday.

June 17, 1893  McDonald PA Outlook  

Dr. S. H. ALLEN, who formerly practiced medicine at Candor, died at his home at Bakerstown, Allegheny county last week.  He was an uncle of M. R. ALLEN, Clerk of Courts.


February 11, 1893  McDonald PA Outlook 

          The wife of Hippolite ANSELE, who lives near the Nickel Plate mine, died on Sunday.  Deceased had been in this country only about a year.



Early February 1893  McDonald PA Record

            On North avenue, McDonald, on the 2d inst., Miss ANTOINE, daughter of Henry ANTOINE.

            Interment at Noblestown.


December 2, 1893  Outlook

Van B. BAKER died of consumption at the Moundsville penitentiary on Wednesday, after the imprisonment of four years.  He denied the murder of his wife and her mother to the last.


December 23, 1893  Outlook

            Joseph BANNISTER, who is well-known in McDonald as an oil man, died at Wellsville, N. Y., last Saturday from injuries received in an accident.  The nature of the accident was not mentioned in the telegram.

            Elsewhere is a brief note of the death of Joseph BANNISTER at Wellsville, N. Y.  It now appears that he was run over by a train, both legs being crushed, and he lived but a few hours.  He was 32 years old.  Was well known in the oil fields as an extensive operator.  He had gone home to visit his father and mother.  He came to his death by trying to pass across a freight train which blockaded a crossing, the cars starting up and throwing him under.  The wife of Mr. Joseph LYONS, who lives in one of the MALONEY houses is a sister.


July 28, 1894  McDonald PA Outlook

James BARNES, who was a few weeks ago kicked by a sick horse he was handling, died at West Penn Hospital last Sunday evening.  Death was caused by an injury to the brain.  The remains were brought home and interred in Arlington cemetery on Tuesday.  Deceased was a son-in-law of Mr. James MAIZE of the East End, and leaves a wife and one child.


July unknown, 1893  Outlook

            Dr. LAROSS, of this place and Dr. CULLINAM, of Willow Grove, yesterday held a post mortem examination of the body of a man named BARNES, who was hurt a few days ago at Champion mines by a fall of slate, the object being to determine the immediate cause of death. The found that peritonitis caused death, brought on by the injuries gotten in the mine.


August 18, 1894  McDonald Outlook

Mrs. Sarah BAUSMAN, widow of John BAUSMAN, one time editor of the Washington Reporter, died at the home of her son, Rev. Joseph BAUSMAN, at Rochester, Pa., last Saturday.  John BAUSMAN was well known as an able man to all Washington county people.  He died about 30 years ago in Pittsburgh.


November 18, 1893  Outlook

Died, at Candor, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Mary BECK, of heart disease, aged 76 years.


July 28, 1894  McDonald PA Outlook

A little child of John BELL, of this place, died on the 20th inst., and was buried at Washington.


January 13, 1894   McDonald Outlook


            On the 7th inst., at Candor, of consumption, Mrs. BELL, in the 34th year of  her age.  Deceased was a daughter of Robert BECK and a sister of Mrs. James COLE of Oakdale.


November 11, 1893  Outlook

At California, in this county, on Wednesday, Wade H., son of Captain Jas. K. BILINGSELY was killed by the explosion of an anvil, which he was firing to celebrate the Republican victory.  He was 20 years old and a student at Bethany College.


November 11, 1893  Outlook 

At California, in this county, on Wednesday, Wade H., son of Captain Jas. K. BILINGSELY was killed by the explosion of an anvil, which he was firing to celebrate the Republican victory.  He was 20 years old and a student at Bethany College.


August 25, 1894  McDonald Outlook

On the 22d inst, of congestion of the bowels, at his home on East Lincoln avenue, Mr. BOXMEYER, aged 25 years.  Deceased leaves a wife and one child.  He was a boilermaker for W. P. REND.


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