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Allegheny County 1850:

Roll 745: Pittsburgh 1-4 ward
Roll 746 Pittsburgh 5-9 ward

Roll 748: Moon Twp., Findley Twp., N and S. Fayette Twp., Robeson Twp., Snowden Twp., Upper St. Clair Twp., Mifflin Twp., Lower St. Clair Twp., South Pittsburgh, Birmingham boro, E. Birmingham, Pitt Twp.

Allegheny County 1860:

Roll 1058: Pittsburgh 1-3 ward
Roll 1059: Pittsburgh 4-6 ward
Roll 1060: Pittsburgh 7-9 ward
Roll 1061: Lawrenceville, McCandless, Shaler, S. Fayette, Upper St. Clair
Roll 1062: Chartiers, Duquesne, Fawn, Indiana, Lower St. Clair, Manchester, Monongehela, Sharpsburg, Tarentum, Temperanceville
Roll 1063: Baldwin, Crescent, E. Birmingham, E. Deer, W. Deer, N. Fayette, Findley, Franklin, Jefferson, McKeesport, Moon.
Roll 1064: Peebles, Pine, Robinson, Ross, Snowden, S. Pittsburgh, Versailles, W. Elizabeth Boro, Wilkins
Roll 1065: Birmingham boro, Collins, Elizabeth boro, McClure, Mifflin, Neville, Ohio, Patton, Penn
Roll 1066: Pitt, Plum, Reserve, Sewickley boro, Sewickley, W. Pittsburgh
Roll 1067: Allegheny city

Allegheny County 1870
Roll #:
1290: Allegheny city (1-3 or 4th ward)
1291: Alleghency city (4-8 ward)
1293: Lower St. Clair, Allentown, Birmingham, Monongahela, Mt. Washington, Ormsby
1295: Pittsburgh 1-5 wards
1296: Pittsburgh 6-10 wards
1297: Pittsburgh 11-15 wards
1298: Pittsburgh 16-23 wards 

Ancestry's Images Online 1870 Allegheny County Location Index

Allegheny County 1880:
Roll #:
1086: Allegheny city 1-4 wards
1087: Allegheny city 4-7 wards
1088: Allegheny city 8-13 wards

Roll 1089: Leet Twp, Ross Twp, Stowe Twp., Robinson Twp., Richland Twp., Reserve Twp., Plum Twp., Pine Twp., Penn Twp., Patton Twp., Ohio Twp., Claremont, O'Hara Twp., N. Versailles Twp., N. Fayette Twp., McCandless Twp., Mifflin Twp., Marshall Twp., Lower St. Clair

Roll 1090: Lower St. Clair Twp., Lincoln Twp., Jefferson Twp., Indiana Twp., Hampton Twp., Harrison Twp., Forward Twp., Franklin Twp., Findley Twp., Fawn Twp., Elizabeth Twp., E. Deer Twp., Collier Twp., Scott Twp., Moon Twp., Crescent Twp., Chartier Twp., Baldwin Twp., W. Elizabeth boro, Killbuck Twp., W. Bellevue Twp., Verona boro

Roll 1091: Pittsburgh 1-5 ward, Sewickley Twp., Shaler Twp., Snowden Twp., S. Fayette Twp., Harmar Twp., Springdale Twp., Brushton Twp., Wilkinsburg Sherret Twp., Sterrell Twp., Union Twp., Upper St. Clair, S. Versailles Twp., W. Deer Twp., Wilkins Twp.
Roll 1092: Pittsburgh 5-12 wards
Roll 1093: Pittsburgh 13-19 wards
Roll 1094: Pittsburgh 19-27 wards
Roll 1095: Pittsburgh 27-36 wards

Allegheny County 1900:
Roll #:
1354 (partial): county, and Allegheny city 1-2 wards
1355: Allegheny City 2-5 wards
1356: Allegheny City 5-10 wards
1357: Allegheny City 10-14 wards, and Pittsburgh 1-5 wards
1358: Pittsburgh 5-11 wards
1359: Pittsburgh 11-14 wards
1360: Pittsburgh 14-17 wards
1361: Pittsburgh 17-20 wards
1362: Pittsburgh 21-22 wards
1363: Pittsburgh 22-27 wards
1364: Pittsburgh 27-35 wards
1365: Pittsburgh 35-38 wards, Osborn boro, Alleppo Twp., Aspinwall Boro, O'Hara Twp., Avalon boro, Baldwin Twp., Bellevue boro, Ben Avon boro, Bethel Twp., Braddock boro, Carnegie boro, Chartiers Twp.,

Roll 1366: Braddock boro and township, Carnegie boro, Chartiers Twp., Collier Twp., Coraopolis, Crafton, Crescent Twp., Duquesne boro, E. Deer, E. McKeesport, E. Pittsburgh, Edgewood boro, Elizabeth boro.

Roll 1367: Elizabeth Twp., Elliott boro, Emsworth, Esplen boro, Etna boro, Fawn Twp., Findley Twp., Forward Twp., Franklin twp., Glenfield boro, Greentree boro, Hampton Twp., Harmar Twp.,

Roll 1368 Harrison Twp., Homestead boro, Indiana Twp., Jefferson Twp., Kilbuck Twp., Dixmont, Knoxville boro, Leet Twp., Lincoln, Lower St. Clair Twp., McCandless Twp., McKeesport City

Roll 1369: McKeesport City (6-10 ward), McKees Rock boro (1-2 precinct), Marshall Twp., Mifflin Twp. (1-6 precincts), Millvale boro (1-3 ward), Montooth boro, Moon Twp., Mt. Oliver boro.

Roll 1370: Mt. Oliver boro, Neville Twp., N. Braddock boro, N. Fayette (1-5 precincts), N. Versailles Twp., Oakdale boro, Oakmont boro, Ohio Twp., Patton Twp., Penn Twp. (1-3 pct), Pine Twp., Pitcairn boro (1-3 wd.), Plum boro (1-2 precinct), Port Vue boro, Rankin boro, Reserve Twp (1-2 precinct), Richland Twp., Robinson Twp.

Roll 1371: Ross Twp., Scott Twp., Sewickley boro, Sewickley Twp., Shaler Twp., Sharpsburg, Sheraden boro, Snowden, S. Fayette, S. Versailles Twp., Springdale Twp., Spring Garden boro, Sterrett Twp., Stowe Twp., Swissvale boro, Tarentum boro, Turtle Creek boro, Union Twp., Upper St. Clair (1st precinct)

Roll 1372: Upper St. Clair, Verona, Versailles, W. Deer, W. Elizabeth, W. Liberty, Wilkinsburg, Wilkins, Wilmerding (and rest of roll is Armstrong county: Apollo and Cowanshannock)

Allegheny County 1910
Roll #: 
#1293 Allegheny (ED'S 17-29, 36-64)
#1294 Allegheny (ED's 65=108)
#1295 Allegheny ED's 109-15, 658)
#1296 Allegheny (ED's 159-207)
#1297 Allegheny (Ed's 208-249, 252, 253)
#1298 Allegheny (Ed's 250-251, 254-283, 659)
#1298 Allegheny (ED's 284-315)
#1299 Allegheny (ED's 284-315)
#1300 Allegheny (ED's 316-346)
#1301 Allegheny (ED's 347-379)
#1302 Allegheny (ED's 380-422)
#1303 Allegheny (Ed's 423-458)
#1304 Allegheny (Ed's 459-496)
#1305 Allegheny (ED's 497-525, 547-522)
#1306 Allegheny (ED's 553-564, 581-603)
#1307 Allegheny (ED's 526-546, 565-580, 604-620)
#1308 Allegheny (ED's 621-657)

Also reported for 1910

Roll 1292: Aleppo twp., Aspinwall boro, Avalon boro (1-3 wards), Baldwin twp., Bellevue boro (1-3 wards), Ben Avon boro, Bethel twp., Brackenridge boro, Upper St. Clair twp., Carnegie boro (1-2 ward)

Roll 1293: Braddock boro (1-4 wards), Carrick boro, Chartiers twp., Clairton, Collier Twp., Coraopolis boro, Crafton boro, Crescent twp., Dormont boro, Dravosburg boro (1-3 wards), E Deer Twp., E Mckeesport boro, E Pittsburgh boro

Roll 1294: Edgewood boro, Elizabeth boro, Emsworth boro, Etna boro, Fawn twp., Finley twp., Forward twp., Franklin twp., Glassport boro, Greentree boro, Harmon twp., Harrison twp., Hays boro, Heidelberg boro, Indiana twp., Ingram boro, Kennedy twp., Kilbuck twp., Glenfield boro, Homestead boro (wards 1-5), Jefferson twp.

Roll 1295: Knoxville boro, Edgewood boro, Leet twp., Leetsdale boro, Lincoln twp., Lower St. Clair Twp., McCandless twp., McKees Rocks boro, McKeesport (city of wards 1-11), Marshall twp., Mifflin twp.

Roll 1296: Millvale boro (wards 1-3), Moon twp., Mt. Oliver boro, N. Braddock boro (wards 1-3), Marshall boro, Munhall boro, Neville twp., N. Fayette twp., N. Versailles twp., Oakdale boro, Oakmont boro, O'hara twp, Patton twp., Sewickley Heights twp., Ohio twp., Sewickley twp., Penn twp., Pine twp., Pitcairn boro, Plum twp., Port Vue boro, Rankin boro, Reserve twp.

Roll 1297: Richland twp., Robinson twp., Ross twp., St. Clair boro, Scott twp., Sewickley boro, Snowden twp., Shaler twp., Sharpsburg boro, Swissvale boro, Tarentum, Thornburg boro, Union twp., Upper St. Clair twp., S. Fayette, S. Versailles, Spring Garden, Cheswick boro, Stowe twp.

Roll 1298: Turtle Creek boro, Penn twp., Verona boro, Versailles boro, N. Versailles, W. Deer Twp., W. Elizabeth boro, W. Homestead boro, West View boro, Whitaker boro, Wilkins twp., Wilkinsburg boro (1-3 wards), Wilmerding boro, Wilson boro

Roll 1299: Pittsburgh wards 1-3

Roll 1300: Pittsburgh 4-5

Roll 1301: Pittsburgh wards 6-8

Roll 1302: Pittsburgh wards 8-11

Roll 1303: Pittsburgh wards 11-13

Roll 1304: Pittsburgh wards 14-16

Roll 1305: Pittsburgh wards 17, 18, 20

Roll 1306: Pittsburgh wards 20, 22, 23

Roll 1307: Pittsburgh wards 19, 21, 24-25

Roll 1308: Pittsburgh wards 25 and on

Allegheny County 1920

Roll 1515: McKeesport Wards 7-11, Moon Twp, Neville Twp, Mt Oliver Borough, Munhall Borough, North Braddock Borough Wards 1-3