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Charles W. Abbott Family

1870 Pennsylvania Census     Lehigh County     2nd Ward     Allentown Borough

Charles Abbott34MCarpenterPennsylvania 
Emma35FKeeping HousePennsylvania 
William14M Pennsylvania 
Harry 9M Pennsylvania 
Charlotte Mathias64FAt HomePennsylvania 

1880 Pennsylvania Census     Lehigh County     Sallisbury Township

Charles Abbott46MCarpenterPennsylvania 
Emma E.47FKeeping HousePennsylvania 
Harry C.18M Pennsylvania(born July 1860)

1880 Pennsylvania Census     Lehigh County     Sallisbury Township

William H. Abbott24MCarpenterPennsylvania 
Sarah21Fkeeping HousePennsylvania 
Clara T. 3F Pennsylvania 

1900 Pennsylvania Census     Lehigh County     Hanover Township     (Rittersville District)

William H. Abbott44MCarpenterPennsylvania(born Sep 1855)
Sarah R.41FKeeping HousePennsylvania(born Dec 1858)
Charles W.17M Pennsylvania(born May 1883)
Carrie E.15F Pennsylvania(born Feb 1885)
Claude A.11M Pennsylvania(born Dec 1888)
William H. 7M Pennsylvania(born Oct 1892)
Grace E. 5F Pennsylvania(born Apr 1895)
Roy E. 5F Pennsylvania(born Mar 1898)

In the 1900 census Sarah indicated that she had given birth to eight children and that only seven were living.

Clara would have been twenty-three years of age. Clara married William Howard Schmoyer in 1894 and was living with her husband in Rittersville.

One child apparently died in infancy.


The 1910 census shows that William H. Abbott is now 54 years of age and married to Sarah R. for a period of thirty-five years. She is 51 years of age. In the household are three of their eight children (the youngest three); William H. Abbott (Jr.), age 16; Grace R. Abbott, who is 15 years of age; and Roy E. Abbott who is 12. The family is shown to be living in Lehigh County, Ritterville, and William is employed as a carpenter.

Also in 1910, in Lehigh County, in the 4th Ward of Allentown we find Charles W. Abbott, who is 26 years of age and a plumber. He is married to Sarah Rebecca Bauer, aged 24 and they have been married for eight years. They have two children; Lillian M. who is 7 years of age; Charles W. Abbott aged 3 years. This Charles W. Abbott is the second Charles W. Abbott, the one born in 1833. He is the son of William H. Abbott, above. His son, Charles W. is the third Charles W. Abbott, the one born in 1906. Sarah Rebecca Bauer, Charles' wife has the same name, (Sarah Rebecca) as her mother-in-law, Sara Rebecca Gotthardt, the wife of William H. Abbott, which is pure co-incidence.

Left; Lt. Col. Charles W.Abbott—Right; Emma E. Abbott

The original title to the cemetery plot may not have been in Charles W. Abbott's name. Title to the Cemetery plot was verified as being owned by Charles W. Abbott on December 26, 1880. There is space in each plot for ten graves. In the Abbott family plot only six of the ten graves are believed to be occupied.

One of the head stones in the Abbott plot identifies Sarah Abbott Huber, born November 17, 1885 and died January 11, 1961. This Sarah Rebecca (Bauer) Abbott was the wife of Charles W. Abbott. Sarah remarried at some point to Cyrus James Huber, Jr.. William H. Abbott died July 24, 1925 and is buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Fullerton.

There are three individuals with the name Charles W. Abbott; the first Charles W. is Lt. Col. Charles W. Abbott born in 1834 and died in 1908. The second Charles W. was the son of William H. Abbott and he was born in 1883 and died in 1931. The third Charles W. Abbott was born on May 27, 1906. The third Charles W. Abbott is the son of Charles W. Abbott, the grandson of William H. Abbott and the great grandson of Lt. Colonel Charles W. Abbott. He then is correctly a junior, named after his father, but with the same name as his great grandfather.

Charles W. Abbott (Jr.) died in December 1980 although the marker for his grave shows only his birth date. Date of death is blank. Burial records show that Charles W. Abbott was buried on 26 December 1980. Larry Long, a descendant of the Abbott family reports that Charles' sister, Lillian Abbott Cole Frankenfield, who died in 1982, is buried in the family plot in an unmarked grave.

Larry E. Long, Charles Abbott's great-great-great grandson created a web site in tribute to Lt. Colonel Charles W. Abbott. You can view it by going to the link shown below:

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