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 Civil War Veterans
Twenty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Allentown, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Twenty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company G

Recruited at Allentown
Mustered in on April 18, 1861, at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Allen Infantry of the First Defenders

The number to the right of the men's name is their age at enlistment. The men shown with the symbol (*) are buried in the Union and West End Cemetery, Allentown, Pennsylvania (This represents fully 25% of the men of the Allen Infantry). Rank and units to the right indicate that the individual enlisted a second time after serving his ninety-day term. If the individual was discharged prior to the official muster out date, that inofrmation is shown.

Capt Thomas Yeager35*Major, 53rd PVI
1st Lt Joseph T.Wilt21*Lt., 153rd PVI, Co B
2nd Lt Solomon Goebel29*Pvt., 17th Cavalry, Co H
1st Sgt John E. Webster38
2nd Sgt John A. Winne22
3rd Sgt William Wagner21 Pvt., 128th PVI, Co D
4th Sgt Henry W. Sawyer
1st Cpl William Wolf *
2nd Cpl William Kress24*
3rd Cpl Ignatz Gresser25*Corporal, 128th PVI, Co D
4th Cpl Daniel Kramer25*discharged 5/27/1861
Drummer George F. Henry32*
Pvt Charles W. Abbott27*Captain, 47th PVI
Pvt Theodore Anderson31
Francis Bach23
Pvt Henry Cake24
Pvt Norman H. Cole18 discharged 5/31/1861
Pvt William S. Davis discharged 5/9/1861
Pvt Wilson H. Derr18*Pvt., 202nd PA Reg Co E
Pvt Charles Dietrich18 
Pvt Ephraim C. Dore28
Pvt Milton H. Dunlap18 discharged 5/31/1861
Pvt William Early22
Pvt William G. Frame28
Pvt Charles C. Frazer25
Pvt Gideon Frederick42*Pvt., 54th PVI, Co K
Pvt Matthew R. Fuller34
Pvt Samuel Garner33
Pvt James Geidner24 Musician, 47th PVI, Co G
Pvt Otto P. Greipp21
Pvt Edwin Gross25
Pvt Joseph Hauser58
Pvt John Hawk33
Pvt Joseph Hettinger22
Pvt Nathan Hillegass31*Pvt., 54th PVI, Co K
Pvt Edwin M. Hittle19
Pvt John F. Hoffman25
Pvt George Hoxworth30
Pvt David Jacobs22
Pvt George Keiper18
Pvt Alexander Kercher19
Pvt Maximilian Lakemeyer21
Pvt Isaac Lapp19
Pvt Franklin Leh19 discharged 5/9/1861
Pvt Martin W. Leisenring18 Pvt., 47th PVI, Co B
Pvt Paul Lieberman34
Pvt Thomas McAllister21
Pvt Henry McNulty24 discharged 4/28/1861
Pvt Edwin H. Miller28*Pvt, 54th PVI, Co B
Pvt Theodore Mink28*Captain, 47th PVI, Co I
Pvt Charles Orban37
Pvt Charles A. Pfeiffer18*discharged 5/31/1861 Pvt. 128th PVI, Co G (Des10/17/62)
Pvt George W. Rhoads29 Pvt, 47th PVI, Co K
Pvt John Romig28 Pvt, 54th PVI, Co K (deserted)
Pvt Ernest Rottman44
Pvt William S. Rhue51*
Pvt Jonathan Reber27*
Pvt Adolph Schadler23
Pvt Enville Schadler18
Pvt Francis Schaffer24
Pvt Samuel Schneck20 1st Sgt, 9th Cavalry, Co A
Pvt Charles Schwartz19
Pvt Stephen Schwartz19
Pvt Lewis G. Seip26 discharged 5/25/1861 Pvt., 47th PVI, Co K
Pvt Charles A. Shiffert18*Pvt Co H, 209th PVI
Pvt Marcus H. Sigman21
Pvt Charles Spring28
Pvt Adolph Stefast35
Pvt Henry Storch19*Corporal, 47th PVI, Co B
Pvt John Uhler19
Pvt Martin Veith23
Pvt William Wagner?*Pvt, Co D, 128th PVI
Pvt John Weber26
Pvt John E. WebsterDischarged 6/25/1861
Pvt David Weiss18*
Pvt Joseph Weiss26*Pvt, Co K, 54th PVI
Pvt Allen Wetherhold18*
Pvt Benneville Wieand18
Pvt James M. Wilson44*
Pvt Frederick Zuck22

The men of Company G, Twenty-fifth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment were mustered out on 26 July 1861.

Medal of Honor Presented to First Defenders
By the State of Pennsylvania
Act of the Legislature
dated May 26, 1891

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