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 Civil War Veterans
Buried In
Union & West End Cemeteries

Allentown, Pennsylvania

The listing of the Union Veterans that are buried in Union and West End cemeteries shows the unit designation only if it is other than 'Infantry'. The state of birth is shown only if it is other than 'Pennsylvania'.


A - B

Charles W. AbbottCapt.K47th Regiment  
George AbleCorp.F3rd RegimentReserves 
George AckerPriv.I47th Regiment  
Edwin D. AlbrightSgt.K54th Regiment  
Tilghman S. Albright  104th RegimentMusician 
Abraham AmeyPriv.D147th Regiment  
James B. AndersonPriv.B50th Regiment  
David M. AngstadtPriv.K93rd Regiment  
John ApplePriv.E47th Regiment  
Martin Apple     
Samuel ApplePriv.K41st Regiment  
John Archbald     
Jacob D. ArnerCapt.E28th Regiment  
Charles BachmanSgt.B47th Regiment  
Daniel BachmanSgt.I104th Regiment  
Allen G. Balliet2nd Lt.E47th Regiment  
Franklin BallietSgt.B176th RegimentDrafted Militia 
Joseph E. BallietCorp.E5th RegimentMilitia 
Fritz BankhardtMusician 4th RegimentHeavy Artillery 
Hyppolite BankhardtMusicianI47th Regiment  
Allen F. BarberMusicianH5th RegimentMilitia 
Joseph BarberPriv.G47th Regiment  
Hiram BartzPriv.F190th Regiment  
Adam Bassert     
John W. BastPriv.G40th Regiment NJ
Solomon BeckerPriv.G47th Regiment  
John Behringer M5th RegimentArtillery 
Daniel BeidelmanPriv.H27th RegimentMilitia  
Franklin P. Beisel1st Lt.K47th Regiment  
Joseph Beiser H73rd Regiment  
Jeremiah D. BeitlemanPriv.C5th Regiment  
Jeremiah D. BeitlemanPriv.E202nd Regiment  
John BeitlerPriv.B176th RegimentDrafted Militia 
Rev. Jacob P. BenfordPriv.B54th Regiment  
Julivis BenningPriv.I12th RegimentCavalry 
David R. BergenstockPriv.I1st PA Regiment  
Henry BergenstockPriv.B47th Regiment  
Joseph Bergenstock     
Tilghman BergenstockSgt.B47th Regiment  
Peter H. BerndtPriv.G47th Regiment  
Alfred BernhardCorp.B176th RegimentDrafted Militia 
Peter Bernhard     
Levi B. Biery     
Walter F. Biery     
John H. Birchall     
Henry BittingPriv.C5th RegimentMilitia 
John BittingPriv.K54th Regiment  
Soloman BlankPriv.B176th RegimentDrafted Militia 
Wellington BlankPriv.I1st PA Regiment  
William H. BlankPriv.F54th Regiment  
Charles BleamPriv.H.27th RegimentMilitia 
Henry T. Bleckey     
Matthew BleichPriv.G5th RegimentMilitia 
Henry Alexander BlumerPriv. 47th Regiment  
Tilghman BoferPriv.K47th Regiment  
Augustus F. Bohlen  .   
Frederick T. BohlenPriv.B47th Regiment  
Jacob J. BookmillerPriv.A132nd Regiment  
Jacob J. BookmillerSgt.B194th Regiment  
Sylvester T. BorgerPriv.D128th Regiment  
William H. BorgerSgt.K47th Regiment  
Henry E. BornemanPriv.H5th RegimentMilitia 
Franklin BowerPriv.C38th RegimentMilitia 
John H. Bowman     
Faustin BoyerPriv.F47th Regiment  
Reuben BraderPriv.H200th Regiment  
Francis BrightPriv.E46th Regiment  
Charles M. BrobstPriv.B49th Regiment  
Hiram BrobstPriv.G47th Regiment  
Henry A. BrownPriv.K18th Regiment  
Andrew BruderPriv.D176th RegimentDrafted Militia 
Allen D. Burger E202nd Regiment  
George S. BurgerPriv.E202nd Regiment  
George S. BurgerPriv.G128th Regiment  
Henry E. BurgerPriv.E202nd Regiment  
Jacob H. BurgerPriv.E202nd Regiment  
William S. Burger     
George J. BurkhardtPriv.H72nd Regiment  
Nassib L. Butterwick     
W. H. H. Butz     
Wesley H. Butz     

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