0. Daughter Memorial



Star denotes Regent
>Mrs. Charles H. Morey

Jennie Cole Asarian
(Mrs. Sherman )
June 25, 1989 (Upper Black Eddy)
Frances Vanderherchen Ayers
(Mrs. E. Bowers)
October 23 1981 (New Hope)
Mrs. Herman Barnsley Ida Florence Hendrixson Berry
(Mrs. Harry, Sr.)
March 28, 1980 (N.J.)
Helen (Daisy) Williams Barnett,
(Mrs. William O.)
February 2, 1993(Levittown)
Elizabeth Berry Blankley
(Mrs. Joseph W.)
May 20,1998 (N.J.)
Mrs. David Brownlee (Dorothy)
Madge Elizabeth Stephens Clarke
(Mrs. Arvin N.)
October 9, 1983 (Doylestown)
Eloise Dunn Comly
(Mrs. LeRoy, Jr.)
July 11, 1981 (Fla)
Katherine Margerum Crawford
(Mrs. William T.)
June 10, 1988
Jeanne Ace DeLong (Mrs. James)
December 15, 2010 (Whitemarsh Memorial Park: Horsham, PA)
Mrs Warren S. Ely
Kay Easterling (Mrs. Gaines)
March 23, 2013 (Newtown, PA)

Marjorie Bone Fabian
(Mrs. Frank B, )
September 7, 1981 (Newtown)
Berth Fast
November 6, 1977
Nancy Taylor Fechter
(Mrs. Frederick G.)
Elizabeth Stoops Feilcke
September 7, 1975
Mrs. Andrew Ferlic Martha Swain Fennimore
(Mrs William Pruitt)
May 21, 1991
Mary Adaline Finney (Miss)
November 1, 1977 (Abington)
Susanna Search Force
February 6, 1976
Helen J. Bone Fretz
(Mrs. William B.)
Mrs. Elizabeth Funk
(German Brethren Baptist Cemetery,Doylestown)
Elizabeth Craven Geatrell
(Mrs. Harold A.)
May 14, 1988 (Warminister)
Barbara Mae Gottshall (Ms.)
October 25, 1995
Bertha Kelly Hall
(Mrs. Charles J.)
Aurelia Hornberger Hartman
(Mrs. Ralph E.)
January 10, 1980 (Doylestown)
Mrs. William G. Herridge Lavina Blackfan Hobensack
(Mrs. W. Carlisle)
May 29, 1992
(Friends Home,Newtown)
Lillian Huntly
(Mrs. George)
Margaret Crozier Johnson
(Mrs. Clarence R.)
September 27, 1979 (Doylestown)
Catherine Anne Hamilton Kappauf
(Mrs. W.E.)
February 6, 1998
Anita Kilmer Williams
May 4, 2002
Eleanor Swezey King
(Mrs Sheldon C.)
December 29 1993
Alice Walker Kloppenburg
(Mrs. Edward J.)
March 6, 1999 (FLA)
Edith Larzelere
January 31, 1975
June Diehel Leaver
(Mrs. J. Samuel )
January 28, 2002
(Trinity Cemetery, Solbury, PA)
Carrie Warner Loughery
(Mrs. William)
December 17, 1975
Paula Cliff Marks
December 17, 1975
Joan Martindale
(Mrs. Donald)
January 23, 2009
Fertrude Finney Mathers
(Mrs. Albert)
September 10, 1989 (Meadowbrook)
Hilda Foct McKeown
Mrs. Kenneth C. Millard
Joanne Tainter Milloy
(Mrs. James)
December 15, 1991
Dorothy Greenspan Moffett
(Mrs. John Ward)
October 28, 1997
Hilda Foct McKeown
Mrs. Charles H Morey
Virginia Molden
December 11, 2011
Jennie Kratz Nadler
(Mrs. Charles)
June 3, 1980 (Bristol)
Ann Savage Nixon
(Mrs. John E)
January 20, 2003
Dorothy Stern Noble
(Mrs. Judson L.)
July 9, 1998 (Pipersville)
Mrs. Samuel Paxton Dorothy J. Petry
(Mrs. Gustav F.)
October 8, 2001
(Whitemarsh Cemetery)
Margaret Ruth Greenspan Phelps
Margaret Fretz Platt
(Mrs. William R)
May 2, 1984 (Newtown)
Esther Nicholas Cooper Poneck
(Mrs. Adolph)
March 20, 1991 (Vermont)
Elizabeth Brink Rago
(Mrs. Arthur R.)
May 22, 1990 (Bristol)
Esther Smith Ray
( Mrs. Henry)
July 11, 1990 (Warminister)
Kathryn Craig Ream
(Mrs. James S.)
March 22, 1996
Lillian Helen Martha Reukauf (Ms.)
August 21, 1997 (Fla.)
Patricia Rivell
March 13, 2013
Arline Rogers
April 16, 2010
Ethel Ogden Royce
May 23, 2003
Mary King Seglem
(Mrs.Omund A.)
August 18, 1977 (Doylestown)
Linda Shanaphy
(Mrs. Sean)
October 8, 2010 (Quakertown)
Rosanna Torbet Slack
Olive F. Smith
(Mrs. Donald E.)
July 17, 1981 (Newtown)
Lenore Monk Smith
(Mrs. William E)
March 29, 1977 (Warminister)
Elizabeth Stone
(Mrs. Harry A.)
May 11, 2002 (West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwood, PA)
Marion M. Sutton
(Mrs. Stanley B.)
March 21, 1981
Louise McDaniel Swain
(Mrs. Charles V.)
November 24, 1983 (Doylestown)
Rachel Reimer Schwartz
(Mrs. Charles L)
January 13, 1999
Anna Swift
Hillside Cemetery (Rosslyn, PA)
Margaret Tait
(Mrs. Charles R.)
(Deep Run Cemetery, Bedminister)
Mrs. Edwin H. Taylor Kathleen McDaniel Titus (Mrs.)
April 28, 1987
Grace Thompson (Miss)
October 26, 1987
Grace Evans Todd
September 18, 1975
Mrs. Harry Tomb Mrs. Raymond C. Trumbull
Marjorie Greenspan Twilley
Aug. 21, 199-
Marjorie MacLeod Tudor
(Mrs. Richard )
December 18 1997
Verna Usilton
(Mrs. James C.)
September 19, 1996 (Newtown)
May Dannenhower VanArtsdalen
(Mrs. Isacc J)
October 6, 1976
Isabelle Vares
(Mrs. Constatine J.)
February 2, 1986
Elaine Waldkoenig
(Mrs. Hilbert A.)
July 6, 1986 (Chandler Hall, Newtown)
Mrs. Benjamine J Warburton III
Mildred M. Hillpot Weber
July 23, 1986
Margaret Law Wiest
(Mrs. Gordan J.)
December 1999
Sherrie Magill Winge
June 14, 2010
Elizabeth Vanderherchen Whartenby
(Mrs. Robert J. Jr.)
November 14, 1984
Elizabeth Slack Yerkes
(Mrs. William H. Yerkes, Jr.)
1995 Richwood Cemetery

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