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How to Contact the BCGHC

Mailing Address

Beaver County Genealogy and History Center 
250 East End Ave.
Beaver, PA 15009 

Writing to the Beaver County Genealogy and History Center
for Research Help

The following guidelines have been established concerning research requests sent to the History Center. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU MAIL

  • Please type or print your letters.
  • Limit of 2 requests per letter.
  • Make your request short and to the point.  For example: I need a death date for ???.  Or I need a marriage date for ??? Or can you check a specific cemetery for my ancestor?  Or can you provide an obit for my ancestor? (They start in 1899)
  • Please do not send queries like this: "I think my ancestor is buried in Beaver County, he died around 1850-1870.  Can you check you cemeteries for him?"  First we have over 180 cemeteries, they are not all abstracted and there is no comprehensive index.
  • We will no longer copy entire surname files. 
  • Include as much information about the person you are looking for as you can: Dates - places(township if you know it)  - etc
  • Include a self-addressed envelope
  • A family group sheet would be really helpful when sending queries!  If you do not know what a family group sheet is,   Go to and look under genealogical forms.
  • OBITUARY REQUESTS- If you know the exact date of death the fee is $5.00 plus a SASE.  If you just know the month and the year, the fee is $10.00.  If you just have the year, our regular rates will apply.  See below.  We will search for about an hour.
Letters from Members

Members please include your membership number  
It is on your membership card.

  • Research Fee - No charge
  • Copying Fee - 25¢ each
  • No self addressed envelope - $1.00
  • Members are permitted 3 free requests per year. After that there will be a $20.00 per hour charge.
Letters from Non Members
  • Research Fee - $20.00 per half hour whether something is found or not: payable in advance.  If we need additional time, we will contact you to see if you want us to continue.
  • Copying Fee - 25¢
  • No self addressed envelope $1.00 
  • Copies will be billed and bill will be sent along with research. Failure to pay copy fees will prohibit any future research.
Send requests to address above.

Thank you for your cooperation when writing to us. 

Genealogical Queries to be placed in our newsletter
The Center will publish queries of members free in the newsletter
The fee for non-members is $3.00 per query. 
The editor reserves the right to reject any query if it is deemed inappropriate. 

Send queries to address above


E-Mail Address:

The Center does not answer research questions sent to us by e-mail but if you have a general question we can reply.  We will not check a surname file to be sure your family is represented in the file.

If you have a research question, please see the section on this page regarding Writing to the Beaver County Genealogy and History Center  for Research Help

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