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Selected items from the Western Argus, 1830-1834: 
Beaver County, PA

These extracts are from microfilmed copies of the Western Argus newspaper. Original punctuation and spelling have been maintained. 

June 6, 1830
Runaway from the subscriber, on or about the 24th of May last, James SCOTT, an apprentice to the plastering business, aged about 18, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high-had on when he went away, a white fur hat, a suit of blue cassinett clothes. Whoever returns said apprentice, or gives information where hi is shall have the thanks of the subscriber. James B. CLOW North Sewickly Township June 1, 1830 N.B. All persons are cautioned against harboring said SCOTT as legal measures will be resorted to against anyone doing so. J.B.C.

July 9, 1830
Broke jail, on the night of the 12th inst. Joseph DILWORTH and Jeremiah WOODS, the former for petty larceny, and the later for surety of the peace, DILWORTH is about 35 years of age, about 5 feet ten inches high, dark complexion. WOODS is eighteen or twenty years of age, about five feet six inches high, set make, fair complexion. Whoever returns said prisoners, shall have the above reward, or one half for either. David PORTER, sheriff Beaver June 17, 1830

September 10, 1830 
Runaway from the subscriber in the town of Beaver, on the night of the 17th inst. An indentured apprentice to the carpenter, house joiner and cabinet business, named Eli BROOKS, a lad about nineteen years of age, about five feet seven inches high, fair complexion, rather a down look, had it is believed on when he went away a white roundabout, linnen pantaloons, a black hat, it is supposed he has gone to his fathers in Allegheny County, near the Franklin Road, on the direction of Harmony, fourteen miles from Pittsburgh, whoever returns said apprentice shall have the above reward. Wm. CAIRNS Beaver August 19, 1830

December 10, 1830 
In the Beaver Jail, on the 7th inst. By William CLARKE, Esq. Mr. Josiah S. M'DONALDto Mrs. Elizabeth FARREE

April 1, 1831
Six Cents Reward 
Runaway from the subscriber living in Economy Township on the 20th inst. An apprentice boy named George RUFF, aged 15 years stout build cassinet clothes &e. The above reward, but no charges will be paid, upon his delivery to the submitter George FINK Feb. 22, 1831

August 5, 1831
The public are hereby cautioned not to trust my wife Jane, her daughter Mary Ann BRADY or William Harrison HART her son, on my account, as I am determined not to pay debts of their contracting. Peter TEDROW South Beaver Township July 13, 1831

August 12, 1831
6 Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber, on the 20th day of June last, a bound girl named Ellen ALLISON, aged about 15 years. The above reward will be paid to any person bringing her back. All persons are forewarned not to trust or harbor her on my account William ADAMS, Sharon, August 10, 1831

December 9, 1831
Six Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber on the 20th day of November last an indented apprentice to the tailoring business named John BILES. He had on when he went away a black cloth strait coat, black mixed pantaloons and vest, and a new fur hat. Whoever takes up said apprentice and returns him shall have the above reward, but no charges. All persons are forewarned from harbouring him or trusting him on my account. William ADAMS, Sharon, December, 1831

March 10, 1832 
Six Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber on the 27th ult. Amos RANDALL an indented apprentice to the Boot and Shoemaking business. He is between 17 and 18 years old; his person is slender, about six feet three or four inches high, light complexion-had on when he left a dark grey cassinett roundabout and pantaloons, black seal skin cap and square toed shoes. All persons are forbid trusting or harboring said boy at their peril, and whoever will apprehend and return said apprentice to the subscriber shall be entitled to the above reward, but no charges will be paid. William FOWLER, Fallston, March 1, 1832

July 6, 1832 
Six Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber living in Economy township, Beaver County, a short time since, four indented children of the following ages and names viz:
Ulrich Weinberg age 16 years 
William Weinberg age 13 years 
Caroline Weinberg age 10 years 
Joseph Weinberg age 6 years. 
The above reward, but no charges will be paid upon their delivery to the subscriber. Frederick EKENSPERGER, May 25, 1832

August 10, 1832
Four Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber, on Section No.5 Beaver Division Penna. Canal, on the 4th inst an apprentice to the Blacksmith business named Benjamin ARNES, aged about 18 years about 5 feet 8 inches high, down look, except when looking up-a good workman when so disposed, which on the average is about once a month-full breasted, if his head was turned the other way. He had on when he went away a grey coat, blue pantaloons, but no shirt! Any person harboring or trusting him on my credit, shall be answerable at the great day of accounts, when their bills may be heavy enough without this in addition. Any person bringing back said apprentice or lodging him in the New Castle jail, so that I can get him again shall have the above reward of four cents and a sound drubbing from George FARROW, Section 5, August 7, 1832

Sept. 14, 1832
Whereas my wife Polly BOWEN left my bed and board sometime since and shows no disposition to return. This is to caution all persons from trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting from this date John BOWEN Big Beaver tp.Aug. 8, 1832

October 26, 1832
Ranaway from the subscriber in North Beaver township, Beaver County a young woman named Peggy SHAFER. Which being a bound girl aged about 16 years about 5 feet 6 inches high Whoever takes up said runaway and brings her back to me shall have the above reward and no charges. John Venatta August 21st, 1832

November 16, 1832
A gentleman direct from Cincinnati, states that the cholera has abated and is nearly extinct in that city and Louisville, and that business is reviving. At Pittsburgh there are still a few cases principally among the blacks in the suburbs of the city.

November 23, 1832
Runaway Boy! 
Ranaway from the subscriber living in Chippewa township on the 9th of October last, his son, a lad about thirteen years of age fair complexion, fair hair, small of his age, rather forward and talkative. His clothing when he went away was anew Rorem hat, shirt, waistcoat and pantaloons. Whoever returns said boy shall be reasonably rewarded for his trouble. And further, all persons are hereby notified not to harbor said boy. Eli POWEL Chippewa township Nov. 7th, 1832

January 4, 1833 
In consequence of mental derangement, the public are cautioned not to trust my wife, Mary, as it is very inconvenient to pay debts that she contracts, which are of no benefit to the family. As this is the second notice the subscriber his given to the public, it is hoped that this will be sufficient. James IRWIN Hopewell twp. Dec. 6, 1833

January 18, 1833 
Information Wanted 
Of Joseph WOOSTER, who resided in Chenango county, New York, about twenty years ago since, who is now about 38 years of age. He was the son of Joseph and Annah WOOSTER , who now reside in Mercer county, in this State. Any person giving information of said Joseph WOOSTER, will confer a favor by addressing a letter, with all possible information, to the subscriber, at Mount Jackson, Beaver county, Pa. Stephen BRIANT Nov. 24, 1833

January 25, 1833
On Tuesday, the 22d inst. By the Rev. Jonathan Davis , Mr. John GARBER, merchant, of Wilmore, Cambria County, Pa. To Miss Eliza, daughter of Gen. Samuel POWER, of this borough. (With the above marriage notice we thankfully acknowledge the receipt of a handsome slice of Wedding Cake; and in return, we tender the youthful pair our most sincere wishes for their happiness and prosperity.-To those who are yet single, we would say ----"Go and do likewise.") 

On the 24th inst. By the Rev. W. Maclean Mr. Isaac WILLIAMS to Miss Ann DAVIDSON, both of Brighton township. 

On the same day, by the same, Mr. Abraham LANE to Miss Mary HOOPER, both of Freedom. 

On the 20th inst. By C.S. Reno, Esq. Mr. William FRENCH to Miss Elizabeth MURRAY , both of Bridgewater.

Died-On the 21st inst. Mr. James MOORE, of New Sewickly township, a soldier of the Revolution, aged rising 80 years. On the 19th inst. Mrs. USSELTON. Consort of Mr. Samuel USSELTON, of Moon township aged about 40 years.

March 1, 1833
On yesterday evening by the Rev. Wm Maclean, Mr. James HARTAN, of this borough to Miss Eliza ELLIOT of Brighton Township. On the 21st alt. by the Rev. T. E. Hughes, Mr. Milo REED, of Brighton Township to Miss Nancy BRADSHAW of South Beaver Twonship. On the same day, by_________, Mr. John BARNS to Miss Amanda MOORE, both of Ohio Township.

March 5, 1833 
On the 12th instant, Miss Deborah YARDLEYof Borough township, aged about21 years.

March 8, 1833 
Six Cents Reward 
Ranaway from subscriber, living in Economy, Beaver County on the 24inst. An indented apprentice boy in the blue dyeing business, Jacob MARTIN aged 15 years, light complexion, stout build. The public are warned from harboring him by the consequences of the law. The above reward, but no charges, will be given upon his delivery to the subscriber in Economy. Michael WEINGAERTNER February 27, 1833.

March 22, 1833
On the 19th inst. By the Rev. Jas. Wray, Mr. Dawson B. DOWDS, of Moon towrnship, to Miss Mary IRONS of Hopewell Township. On the 21st inst. By John Kerr, Esq. Mr. John MEANOR to Miss Elizabeth STONE, both of Moon township. On the same day by_________, Mr. Andrew EBERHAR, of Brighton township, to Miss ________KELLY, of North Sewickly township. On the 23d ult. By the Rev. Robert Semple, Mr. Joseph MATHENY to Miss Mary MACGREGOR, both of North Sewickly township.

March 29, 1833
On Wednesday evening the 27th inst. By the Rev. W. Maclean , Dr. Robert CUNNINGHAM, of North Sewickly township, Beaver County, to Miss Jane, daughter of James ALLISON, Esq. of this borough. On Thursday the 14th inst. by William RAYL, Esq. Mr. John NEVEL to Miss Sarah NEVEL all of Ohio township. 

Of consumption, on the 19th inst. Major Enoch W. BARRIS, of North Sewickly township aged about 35 years. 
On the 26th inst. Elvira, daughter of Mr. George FLEMING of New Sewickly township age 9 years.

Six Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber living in Economy, Beaver County on the 26th inst. an indented apprentice girl, named Christiana HOEHR aged 17 years, light complexion stout build. The public are warned from harboring her by the penalties of the law. The above reward, but no charges will be given upon her delivery to the subscriber in Economy. Lewis SCHREIBER March 27th, 1833

Information Wanted 
The subscriber is anxious to obtain information of Henry FERGUSON, son of Richard FERGUSON, late of Adms county, Pennsylvania. It is believed he is now in some part of Washington county. He will oblige his borther Joseph's daughter, if he addresses a letter to Alexander BROWN, Fallston Post Office, Beaver County, Pa. Margaret Ann BROWN Feb. 20, 1832

April 12, 1833
In Beaver, on the 10th inst. By the Bev. Geo. Holmes, Mr. George C. BARNS to Miss Jane ROBINSON , both of Fallston. On the 14th inst. By Wm. Morton, Esq. Mr. Jacob LUTTON, of Shenango township, to Mrs.. Ruth SPRINGER, of North Sewickly township. At Erie, (Pa.) on the 2d.inst. by the Rev. G. A. Lyon, Mr. Samuel D. SHANNON, formerly of this county, to Miss Sarah SALTSMAN , of the former place. 

Died-On Monday morning the 8th inst. After a lingering illness of rising two years, William LEET, Esq. Of Sharon Beaver County aged about 75 years. He has been for a long time a resident of this county, and much respected by his neighbors and fellow citizns. On the 5th inst, Mr, William HAMILTON, of South Beaver township, aged about80 years. On the 8th inst. Miss_____M'KENZIE, of Borough township, aged about 13 years.

April 5, 1833 
Information Wanted 
The subscriber is anxious to obtain information of his brother, John EBERHART, a German, who came to this country rising two years since. He attended a mill at Baltimore, two years ago. The last information had of him he was at Chambersburg. Any information from him, or from any person having a knowledge of his place of residence will be gratefully received, by letter, directed to Newcastle, Mercer County, Pa. Jacob EBERHART April 1833

On Tuesday evening last, a man calling himself Harry MARR, borrowed a horse from the subscribers wife, and it is believed that he has cleared out with him. The horse was a bay, blind in the right eye, a small lump or scar on the right flank, mane cut off, and foretop square. Said MARR called himself WILLIAMS, at Sharon; but it is very probable that such a consummate scoundrel has a number of aliases. Any person apprehending him or securing the horse, so that I can get him again, shall be reasonably rewarded. John LINE, Big Beaver Township, March 27, 1833

April 19, 1833 
Six Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber living in North Sewickly township, about the 1st of April, a bound boy named Washington STEWART near 15 years of age-light hair-had on a fur hat-half worn coat &c. Any person taking up said boy shall have the above reward, but neither thanks nor charges. Caleb PYLE North Sewickly township April 12, 1833 

Married On 
Thursday evening the 18th inst by the Rev. W. Maclean, William HENRY, Editor of this paper, to Miss Eliza S. HAMILTON of Sharon, Beaver County. 
On Wednesday the 17th inst. by Elihu T. PUGH, Esq. Mr. Joseph T. PUGH to Miss Nancy M'CREARY, all of the borough of Fallston. (In the absence of the Editor, who is enjoying similar luxuries, the 'Printer's Devil' takes it upon himself to acknowledge, with the above marriage notice, the receipt of a splendid slice of wedding cake, for which he returns his thanks, and hopes that the parties may, through life, fully enjoy the new world upon which they have entered.) 
On the 11th, by Nathaniel HARNET, Esq. Mr. John TAYLOR, merchant, of Little Beaver township to Miss Cathaerine PHILLIPS of North Beaver Township.

Died- On the 14th inst. Jackson, son of Mr. Samuel PORTER, of this borough, aged 5 years.

June 21, 1833
$20 Reward 
Broke the jail of Beaver County, on the evening of the 11th instant, three prisoners to wit: Powers INMAN, a debtor, John M'CALL, a debtor, and John CONWAY, for surety of the peace. INMAN, is a large raw boned man, 5 feet 11 inches high, aged about 26 or 28 years, large nose, and blue eyes; a kind of Yankee-he had on an old faded blue or grey coat, short in the waist, too small to button, with woolen strings at the buttons. M'CALL is about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, coarse visage, thick lipped, freckled and quite assumming in his manners. CONWAY is a large stout man, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, with a very bad countenance, down look-he had on a green wamus. A reward of $10 will be paid for the apprehension and delivery of Powers INMAN and $5 for each of the others. Wm. CONN, Jailer Beaver Jail, June 13, 1833

May 3, 1833 
On the 1st. inst. By James Cochran, Esq. Mr. Joseph MADDEN, of Darlington, to Miss Juliet M'CLOSKY, of Columbiana county, Ohio (Accompanying the above we received a handsome slice of Wedding Cake, for which the parties will please accept our thanks, and our most sincere wishes for their happiness and welfare.) On the 25th ult. By John Imbrie, Esq. Rev. Daniel LAWRENCE to Miss Lucinda, daughter of Mr. James DILLEN, all of Beaver County.

Died ---- On the 6th ult. Miss Ann FOWLER, consort of Mr. Wm. FOWLER, of South Beaver township, aged about53 years.

June 21, 1833
On the 13th of June, by Nathaniel Harnit, Esq. Mr. John SPROTT, to Miss Margaret BOVARD, both of Little Beaver Township.On the same day by the Rev. George S. Holmes, Mr. Joseph I WHITNEY, to Miss Emiline W. MORGAN.

Died-At Baltimore, on the 14th inst., Mrs. Mary KELSO, daughter of Daniel MOORE, Esq. Of Washington, Pa. In the 19th year of her age.

July 5, 1833 
The Board of Health of the city of Pittsburgh report that eighteen persons have died of Cholera in that city, from the 25th of May to the 1st inst. We learn, however, from various sources, that for a week past the number of deaths have been from five to ten per day. The flying reports may be much exaggerated, but we think the Board of Health are as much under the true number. A Mr. Waters, (scythe manufacturer,) who lately removed to Fallston, in this county, visited Pittsburgh last week, was attacked with Cholera and died in 15 hours. The disease continues with unabated mortality down the river.

July 19, 1833 
Died-In Cambria county, on Monday the 8th inst. Ann Maria, daughter of Doctor E. APPLETON, of Bridgewater, aged 7 months and 10 days. "The Lord gave, and the Lord taketh away-blessed be the name of the Lord." July 26, 1833

Died-On the 21st inst. At his residence in Ohio township, in this county, Mr. Hugh GRAHAM, a soldier of the Revolution, aged 77 years. He was an honest man and a true patriot. Died-Suddenly, on the 21st. Mr. Edward DOWNEY , of New Brighton, aged about 40 years.

August 16, 1833
On the 5th inst. By the Rev. G. S. Holmes, Mr. Jonathan GHRIST to Miss Margaret COOPER, both of Fallston

Sept 27, 1833
Died on the 16th of Sept. inst. Of Scarlet fever, Matilda M'CLYMONDS, daughter of John M'CLYMONDS. Esq. of Darlington, aged 5 years three months and twenty three days. Although she was sorely afflicted, yet she bore up under all her sufferings with a composure and resignation, which would well become a saint of three score years and ten-standing on the very banks of Jordan; and just waiting to pass over. 

Happy child, they days are ended, 
Thy short pilgrimage is o'er; 
Gone, by Heavenly guards attended, 
To be here on Earth no more.

Farewell sweet child, farewell, 
In heavenly mansions roam; 
Take, take her soul, with thee to dwell, 
Yes, take thy little exile home.

Died-on the 2d September inst. John SCROGGS M'ILROY, only child of Thomas M'ILROY, of Darlington, aged sixteen months Oh cruel Death, so soon to pull, So fair a Rose, not quite blown full; And leave the parents to bemoan; And much lament their infant gone.

But why should we Death cruel call? 
He's quit a world of woe; 
Yet nature says lament his fall, 
And tears unbidden flow

October 4, 1833
On Tuesday the 1st inst by_______ Mr. Elihu EVANS of Fallston district, to Miss Eliza, daughter of Stephen STONE, Esq., of Beaver Point.

October 18, 1833 
Died-On the 14th inst. of Bilious fever, Mr. Matthew J KENNEDY, of Brighton township, aged 32 years. The deceased left an amiable wife and several small children to deplore their loss.

October 25, 1833
Whereas my wife, Catherine, has left my bed and board without any just cause or provocation, I therefore forewarn all persons from haboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting from this date. Samson MARKER Oct. 24, 1833

November 1, 1833 
On the 4th inst. Of a lingering illness, Mr. Piercifer TAYLOR, of this borough, aged about 65 years. He has been long a resident of this county, and always bore the character of an honest and upright citizen. On the 23 inst. At his residence in Green township, Mr. Wm. M"Harg, age rising 80 years. On the 4th inst. Horace, infant son of Hanry STROCK, of this borough.

November 22, 1833
On Thursday the 7th inst. By William Porter, Esq., Mr. George PIERSOL, of New Sewickly township, to Miss Suhannah BARRIS, of North Sewickly township

November 29, 1833 
On the 6th inst. By the Rev. J. Dilworth, Mr. Henry SMITH merchant of Warren, Ohio, to Miss Catharine H. daughter of Stephen STONE, Esq. Of Bever Point 
At Pittsburgh, on Thursday the 21st by the Rev. Martin Ruter, D.D. Rev. E APPLETON, M. D. of Bridgewater, Beaver Co. to Mrs. Sarah M'CORMACK, of the former place. 
(With each of the above notices we received a handsome piece of Wedding cake,and as in duty bound, return our acknowledgements and good wishes to the parties, individually and collectively, hoping they may long enjoy prosperity and happiness, here and hereafter.)

December 6, 1833
Whereas my wife Sarah has left my bed and board, without any just cause or provocation and as it is neither desired nor expected that she will return, I hereby forwarn all persons from trusting her on my accounty, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting. Solomon Irons Hopewell Township Nov. 26, 1833

December 20, 1833
On the 19th inst. By______ Mr. William EAKIN, of Bridgewater, to Miss Nancy RILEY, of Allegheny county. 
On the 7th ist. By the Rev. W. Maclean, Mr. Joseph HENNAN, of Bridgewater, to Miss Ruth Piersol, of Economy township. 
On the 5th by Wm. Porter Esq., Mr. Edward GARDENER, to Miss Sarah MOORE, both of New Sewickly. 
On the 10th by the same, Mr. Wm. BOYD to Miss Amanda BUCHINS, both of Mercer County. 
On the 12th by the same, Mr. John CAMPBELL to Miss Hannah GASTON, both of Beaver County.

On the 14th inst. Mrs. Sarah LAWRENCE widow of the late Samuel LAWRENCE, Esq. Of Beaver township, aged rising fifty years.

No microfilm of papers from Jan-March

March 28, 1834
Six Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber living in Economy on the 15th inst. Michael SCHANBACKER, an indented apprentice 15 years old, light complexion, had on a grey cassinett roundabout and pantaloons, &c. Whoever brings the said apprentice back to me have the above reward, but no charges paid him. George BENTEL Economy, Feb. 18, 1834

April 4, 1834


On the 27th ult. By the Rev. Mr. Monro, Mr Jefferson THOMPSON, to Miss Timy SWEASEY, both of Sharon, Beaver County

On the 25th March last, by Jordon M. Nye, Esq. John C. CUNNINGHAM of Chewton, to Miss Rachel DAVIDSON, of Big Beaver Township

Died On the 2d inst. Mr. ________ DONNELL, of Brighton Twonship, aged about 80 years.

April 11, 1834


On the 27th March, by Nathaniel Harnit Esq. Mr. Samuel NICELY to Miss Mary Powers, all of this county.


On the 1st inst. at his residence, in North Beaver Township, Mr. William MEVAY, aged 73 years.

On Friday, the 4th inst. John LIGHT, Sr. of Brighton township, aged 80 years. He has been a resident of this neighborhood about 40 years, and was a respected citizen. On the same day, Mrs. Jane ATKINSON, of Bridgewater, aged 73 years.

April 25, 1834


On the 24th inst. by the Rev. W. Maclean, Mr. James PETERMAN to Miss Jane BEATTY, both of Big Beaver Township.

On the 22d inst. by D. Porter, Esq. Col. Alva LEONARD to Miss Elizabeth FORBES, both of North Beaver Township.

On the 24th inst. by the Rev. Mr. Monroe, Mr. Samuel ENGLISH to Miss Margaret ANDENY, both of Bridgewater.

May 16, 1834

$5 Reward 
Escaped from my custody, on the night of the 5th inst., Robert N POOL (on a charge of rape) whoever takes up said POOL and delivers him to me, shall have the above reward. Henry WEYAND, Constable of Noth Beaver.

May 30, 1834


On Thursday, the 22d instant by the Rev. Mr. Gilmore, Col. Jas. A. SHOLES, of Fairport, Beaver County, to Miss Margaret ANDERSON, of Allegheny County, Pa.

On Thursday, the 22d inst., by James Jackson, Esq., Mr. Levi JACKSON, to Miss Harried JACKSON, all of Brighton Township, Beaver Co., formerly of Chester County, Pa.

July 4, 1834

Six Cents Reward 
Ranaway from the subscriber on South Beaver Township, Beaver County, a young woman named MARY CURNELOUS, a bound girl, aged 16 years, about 5 feet 5 inches high. Whoever takes up said runaway and brings her back to me, shall have the above reward , but no charges. Francis Johnston June 2, 1834

Died-At Brighton, Beaver county, Pa on the 29th June, of Pulmonary Consumption, MARY ANN, daughter of HENRY SIMS, aged 29 years

Married-On the 25th ult. By the Rev. Mr. Sample, Mr. JOHN MOORHEAD, to Miss JANE McCLEARY, both of Mercer County.

July 11, 1834

Obituary Died in Brighton, Beaver Co Penna on the 29th June, of Pulmonary Consumption MARY ANN, daughter of HENRY SIMS, aged 29 years. The deceased was originally gifted with a mind of superior order, which she diligently cultivated and improved by study and reflection,-naturally open and generous in her disposition, she possessed a peculiar sweetness and urbanity of manners, and was a person of the finest sensibility.-In her was seen the dutiful child, the affectionate sister, and the warm and faithful friend. Her chief excellence and that which crowned all the rest, was her uniform and exemplary piety. She in early life became a member of the Methodist society;-hers was the religion of the heart, it was not a sort of morality too often and too fatally mistaken for religion-it deeply interested affections, it was a powerful principle which pervaded her life, and directed her conduct, a religion that sustained and consoled her in the hour of trial and deep affliction, and in the prospect of death raised her completely above its terrors.-Her death was as might have been expected from her holy life-it was peaceful and happy-altho'in her last moments she could converse but little, yet she remembered her friends that were particularly dear to her, and with great composure of mind distributed to them the mementos of her love, and gratitude. Her loss will long and deeply be felt through the whole circle of her numerous acquaintances and friends to whom she was so much endeared.

Died, on the 8th inst. Mrs. ELLEN KERR, consort of JOHN KERR, Esq. of Moon township

July 18, 1834


On the 17th inst. Mr. JESSE MENDENHALL, of Fallston, aged about 22 years. 

On the 8th inst. JAMES, son of WILLIAM HAYS, Esq. of Pittsburgh; aged 23 years

On the 11th inst. M1. JOHN G. JOHNSTON, of South Beaver township, aged about 50 years.

August 1, 1834


On Thursday the 31st ult. By the Rev. George Scott, Mr. DANIEL REED, of Hookstown, to Miss MATILDA CAROTHERS of Hanover township


On Sunday evening last, Mr. JAMES M'ILROY, of Fallston, aged about 30 years

August 8, 1834

Died Louisville, Ky, on 23d ult. Mr. JAMES GLENN, formerly of this county, aged about 33

August 15, 1834

Since our last paper was issued, several cases of cholera have occurred in this county, most of which have proved fatal. On Thursday night of last week, RICHARD BAXTER, a young man residing at Fallston, was attacked, and died the next morning. On Friday, JOHN COLLIER, a young man of the same place, fell victim to the destructive disease, after a few hours illness. On Wednesday, a man named JAMES COURTRIGHT, residing a mile north of the borough, was attacked and died the evening following. 

We learn that JEREMIAH SAUNDERS, a young man residing at Fallston, was attacked at Zelienople, (Butler county) on Tuesday last, and died in a short time.

We have been furnished with the following list, which we believe comprises all the cases that have occurred in this county, since the first appearance of the disease among us. 
SAMUEL HOOPER, steamboat Byron, dead 
EPHRAIM KNOWLES, s.b. Eclipse, dead 
MRS. BRACY, convalescent MR. 
MRS. DEAN, dead 
JAMES M'ILROY, do Children of do, do 
MRS. M'ILROY, convalescent 
MRS. WORCESTER, convalescent 
WILLIAM REED, convalescent 
MRS. PUGH, do 

August 22, 1834


On the 18th inst. Mrs. RU-ANAH M'ILROY, consort of the late JAMES M'ILROY of Fallston, aged about 27 years. The deceased was respected by all her acquaintances, and has left two small orphans to mourn their loss. 

Escaped from the constable of Little Beaver township, on the morning of the 18th inst. WILLIAM WELSH, arrested on a charge of adultery. Said WELSH is about 5 feet 10 inches high, about 49 years of age, corpulent and ruddy complexion, light hair and sandy whiskers. The above reward will be given to any person who will deliver him to the Jailor in Beaver, or to the subscriber. WILLIAM TAYLOR, constable, Aug. 18, 1834

August 29, 1834


On the 4th of July lst, by John Harshe, Esq. JOHN LOGAN, Esq. editor of the Beaver Republican to Miss ELIZABETH ROBERTSON, both of this borough. (We should have taken very great pleasure in publishing the above marriage at the proper time, had it been made public. The reason for secrecy in the affair can be best explained by the parties themselves. )

September 5, 1834


At Brighton, on the 29th ult. By the Rev. Jonathan Davis, Mr. JAMES BONNER, of Warren county, Pa to Miss AMANDA LEET, of Sharon, Beaver county.


On Tuesday the 2d instant, Mrs. _______MULVENON, consort of Mr. FELIX MULVENON, of Borough township, aged about 60 years. Her character was such as to command the respect and admiration of all her acquaintance.

September 19, 1834

Cholera We had hoped that this fell destroyer had altogether left our borders; but it seems that such is not the fact. We learn that JAMES M'CORMICK, Esq. a respectable citizen of Hopewell township, aged rising 60 years, died of the disease last week and about six miles down the Ohio, five cases have occurred, two of which proved fatal on last Friday, viz: the wife and son of Mr. JOHN WILSON. The others we understand are recovering. 


On the 9th inst. by E_eadbury, Esq. JOHN NESBIT, Esq. of Mount Jackson, Beaver county, to Mrs. MARY DANFORTH of Hubbard, Trumball county, Ohio.

On the 15th by Rev. D. Norwood, Mr. ___MES MILLER to Miss ______M'COU__IE, both of North Beaver township

Died- On Monday evening last, the___inst. after protracted illness, Mr. ELI___ORE, Innkeeper, of this borough aged about 35 years.

On the 13th, Mrs. _______ROBINSON, consort of Mr. ROBERT ROBINSON of Moon township aged rising 60 years. 

September 26, 1834

Married - On the 26th by the Rev. J. D. Wray, Mr. George Quinn of Columbiana Co. Ohio to Miss Jane Bruce, of Raccoon township, Beaver County.

Died on Saturday last the 20th inst. at Fairview, in this county, Mr. John Dickson aged about 40 years, leaving a wife and small family to deplore the loss of an affectionate husband and tender father. 

October 10, 1834

Married on yesterday morning, by the Rev. W. Maclean, R. Charles Rowan of Pittsburgh, to Miss Sarah Carson of this borough.

On the 23rd ult. Mr. Joseph Scott, of Little Beaver township, Beaver County, to Miss Martha Dildine of Columbiana County Ohio

On the 2d. October inst. by the Rev. J. Monroe, Mr. David Whitla, to Miss Jane Reaves, both of Brighton.

October 17, 1834


On Thursday, the 9th inst. by John Nisbet, Esq. David Connor of Mercer County, to Miss Julian Davis, of N. Beaver

On Thursday, the 2nd inst by the Rev. George Scott, Mr. Johnston Calhoun, aged 82 years to Mrs. Nancy Miller aged 55 years , all of Green township.

At Hookstown, on Saturday morning, the 4th inst. Mr. Benjamin Hooke, of consumption aged 50 years.

October 24, 1834

On Thursday the instant by the Rev. Mr. Monroe Mr. Atlas E. Lacock, of New Sewickly township, to Miss Louisa daughter of James Lyon, Esq. of this borough.

On Tuesday the 21st instant, by the Rev. Mr. Maclean, Mr. John Sutherland, of this borough to Miss Sarah Jane Rhoads, of Brighton township.

November 7, 1834

On Tuesday the 16th ult. By the Rev. Mr. Ray;, Mr. Samuel Ustelton to Miss Ellen Baker, all of Moon township.

In Phillipsburgh, on the 2d inst. by the Rev. Mr. Daubort, Mr. Jacob Wagoner to Miss Christiana Haet.

November 21, 1834


By C. S. Reno, Esq. on the 13th inst. Mr. Samuel Stidham, to Miss Patty Gordon, all of New Sewickly township.

By the same on the same day, Mr. A. Powel, to Miss Patty Lozier, all of New Sewickly township.

By the same on the 16th inst. Mr. Thomas Demer to Miss Elizabeth Hastings, both of New Sewickly township.

Mr. J. King, Portrait Painter, late from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, & c. Respectfully informs the citizens of Beaver County, that he has taken lodgings at the house of Samuel M'Clure, Beavertown, where he will remain for a few days, to wait on the Ladies and Gentlemen, who may favor him with their patronage. The flattering encouragement which he has hitherto received, induces him to expect, that the citizens of this vicinity will improve the present opportunity, to secure correct likenesses of themselves and their friends;at prices far below the usual charges, for the same style of Painting. Ladies and Gentlemen of Beavertown, and the neighboring villages, are invited to call and examine for themselves, a number of specimens, and among others, several from Pittsburgh, Fallston, Brighton, & c. For other particulars, Mr. K is pernitted to refer to Dr. C. T. Whippa, James Patterson, Joseph W. Meynard and M. T. C. Gould, of Brighton-in whose families he has just executed eighteen portraits; some of which through their politeness, he is now permitted to offer as specimens of his art. November 20th, 1834. 

Published: Gleanings, Beaver County Genealogical Society, 
Vol. XIV No. 2/3, Dec. 1992 March 1993 

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