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1837 Business Directory Of Beaver County
(Taken from Harris' 1837 Pittsburgh Business Directory)

Adams, Beni., Merchant
Adams, Benjamin, Associate Judge
Agnewe Daniel, Attorney at Law
Agnew, Richard, Clerk for Commissioners
Allison, ------ , Hatter
Allison, George, Physician
Allison, James, Attorney at Law
Allison, James Jr. Merchant
Allison, William, Attorney at Law
Anderson, James, Carpenter and House Joiners.
Bacis, David, Justice of Peace
Barclay, John, Merchant
Barclay, John, County Treasurer
Barker, R.B., Physician
Calender, Mr., Clergyman
Carson, Andrew & Samuel, Plasterers
Chamberlin, Mr., Attorney at Law
Clark, William, Justice of Peace
Clark, William B., Attorney at Law
Conn, J. T., Saddler
Conn, William, Boot and Shoemaker
Cunningham, ------ , Physician
Cunningham, Thomas, Attorney at Law
Dauds, John, Saddler
Eakin, ------- , Blacksmith
Eakin, Daniel, Tallow chandler
Eakin, David, Jr., Tailor
Eakin, James, Merchant
Eakin, James D., Justice of Peace, County Commissioner
Fetterman, N. P., Attorney at Law
Fields, William, Boot and Shoemaker
French, J., Boot and Shoemaker
Hall, D., Tailor
Henry, Thomas, Merchant
Henry, Thomas, Hon. Member of Congress Elect.
Henry, William, editor of "Argus"
Johnson, Thompson, Register & Recorder, Clerk of Orphansft Court
Johnston, Joseph P., Brewer
Jones, Mr., Attorney at Law
Kemp, J.H., Boot and shoemaker
Kemp, Michael, Boot and Shoemaker
Light, John, Innkeeper
Lyon, James, Merchant
M'Creery, Robert, Merchant
M'Creery, Thomas, Merchant
Maclean, William, Presbyterian Clergy
Marquis, Daniel, Saddler
Maxwell, ------------- Stonemason
Meredith, S., Attorney at Law
Minis, David, Merchant
Moore, Widow, Innkeeper
Morgan,-------------- Stone Mason
Morton--------------- Blacksmiths
Munroe, Mr., Methodist Clergyman
Nass, Abraham, Merchant
Niblaw, Alexander, editor of "Aurora"
Oliver, ---------- , Physician
Patterson, A.0, Clergyman
Porter, David, Innkeeper
Risinger, C., Blacksmith
Risingers James, Blacksmith
Roberts, H., Attorney at Law
Scroggs, John A., Prothonotary and Clerk of Court.
Shannon, J.R., Attorney at Law
Shelkey, Abraham, Tailor
Shively, ------------, Hatter.
Slow, Jackson, Carpenter & House-Joiner
Smith, -------- Physician
Somers, David, Blacksmith
Streck, Henry and George, Coopers
Stokes, M. T.., Tanner
Sutherland, Abraham, Carpenter and House Joiner.
Todd, M.L. Watchmaker
Todd, Stephen, Boot and Shoemaker
Wilson, -------------, Hatter.
Yarley, J., Carpenter and House-Joiner

New Brighton
Hoops, David & John, Tanner and Curriers
Hoops, Edward, Merchant
Hoops, H, Merchant, (C & H. Hoops)
Horbach, John, Hotel
Hunter, John C., Carpenter
Hunter, Sylvester, Plasterer
Jones, Paul, Carpenter
Lukens, John, Merchant
M'Connell, Levi, Miller
M'Combs, John, Merchant
M'Creary & Havil, Tailors
M'Kenzie, J. & Co. Venician Window Blind Factory
Magowan, Samuel, Brick Makers
Magowan, Samuel, Bricklayer (Samuel Magowan & son)
Mason, M. B., Carpenter, Lumberman
Maynard, Hoops & Mendenhall, Lumbermen
Mendenhall, Harrison, Merchant
Owens, J., Physicians
Rainbow, John, Merchant
Ramsey, Samuel, Hatter
Read, Peter & Henry, Brick Makers
Reno, Thomas T., Merchant
Shuster, Melchoir, Venician Window Blind Factory
Smith, J.P., Merchant
Stokes, Samuel, Plasterer
Tanner, William, Carpenter
Thorn & Eastburn, Tailors
Townsend, Talbot, Merchant
Vannemon & Garrison, Painters and Glaziers
Vennemon, Samuel, Carpenter
Walker, Isaac, Justice of Peace, Carpenter
Walker, James, Carpenter
Wallace, William, Tailor
Wilson, James, Wagon Maker
Worcester, David, Justice of Peace
Worchester & Clark, Venician Window Blind Factory

Carlton, R.A., Justice of Peace
Darragh, James, Tanner
Darragh, Robert, Merchant
Davidson, William, Boat Builder
Davis, J., Innkeeper
Davis, Jonathan, Baptist Clergyman
Dickey, John, Merchant
M'Clelland, Thomas, Blacksmith
Miller, J.T, Boot and Shoemaker
Moorhead, Joseph & Samuel, Tanners
Murray, J., Innkeeper
Scotty S., Boot and Shoemaker

Johnston, Thomas, owner of one of two saw mills, which can cut from 7009000 to 1,000,000 feet of boards, annually.
Lukins, Charles & Co. owner of the other saw mill, who can cut upwards of 3,000,000 feet per annum
Pugh, John & Co. Oil Mill -- with an Hydraulic press, where is manufactured between 6p000 and 8,000 gallons of oil, per annum.
Pugh &Baeum's Sash Factory -- where Sash of all sizes and descriptions is manufactured, for the eastern and western markets.
Townsend, Beard & Co. Wire Manufacturing -- Here Wire of all sizes, to the amount of sixty tons, per annum, is manufactured. This is one of the most complete and operative establishments of the kind in the Union, from whence the great valley of the Mississippi is supplied in this article.
North, Brown & Co. Woollen Establishment -- where are made jeans, sattinets and flannels.
Miner & Champlin's Bucket Factory, is a curious, interesting and extensive concern, where are manufactured about 30,000 of those neat and necessary domestic articles, so well known to every housewife.
Wolcott, C.C., has a large factory for the manufacturing of jeans upon a very extensive scales with splendid machinery, unsurpassed for excellency and beauty, by any in any part of the country.
Pugh, E & J., Flour Mill, with four run of stones, is capable of manufacturing 129000 barrels of flour per annum.
Wilson, R & W., carry on a Woollen Factory of jeans, sattinets and plain cloths.
Kennedy, Samuel has an extensive Chair and Wheelwright Factory, carried on by water power.
M'Farland, Richard, Flour and Oil Mill, in full operation, two pair of stones running, principally employed in the country trade.
Thornby & Townsend, extensive machinists, cabinet makers and manufacturers, with six pair of carding machines.
Chamberlin , E.K., Postmaster
Lukens & Bons, Merchants
Mendenhall & Millhouse, Merchants
M. Gilliland,~ Julius D. Dorris, Merchants
R. Warnick, 
John Winter, Druggist -- keeps also an extensive store of general merchandise.
Chamberlin., E.K., Physician
G. Barnes & Co., Boot and Shoemakers
Watson & Brown, Boot and Shoemakers
Nicholas Millar, Boot and Shoemakers
Jackson, --------, Saddler
John Dickey, Merchant -- In the village of Sharon, within the borough of Fallston,.

Joseph M'Ferrin, Esq., Postmaster
M'Ferrin & Lawrence, Merchants
Samuel Witherspoon, Merchants
Samuel M'Laughlin, Merchants
James Trimble, Merchants
R. & D. Wright, Grist and Saw mill

Phillips & M'Connell, merchants and trading company
Stiles & Fisher, merchants and trading company
Philip Bentel, merchants and trading company
John Donnan, merchants and trading company
J.W. Mead, merchants and trading company
Samuel Farmer, Innkeeper
J.W. Sarend, Innkeeper
Thomas G. Kerr, Innkeepers
William Smith, Physician
J.F. Robinson, Physician

Andrew Knox, Postmaster
James Cameron, Merchant
Samuel Thompson, Merchant
Alex. Mossman, Merchant
James Morrison. Merchant
Wm.Banks , Physician
James Banks, Physician
Dr. Veers, Physician
Rev. Mr. M'Elwee, Seceder; Clergymen
James Sloan, D.D., Presbyterian Clergymen
J. Ewing, Justice of the Peace
James Dungan Frankfort Hotel, at Frankfort Minerals Springs; 
Edward Maginniss, Frankfort House,. 

Zebulin Kensay, Esq., Postmaster
S. & M. Prudence, Merchant
Thomas Foster, Justice of the Peace

Smith's Ferry
S. &. S. Smith, Merchants and Innkeepers

George Dawson, Merchant
John Bunton, Merchant

Published: Gleanings, Beaver County Genealogical Society, 
Vol. XIV No. 2/3, Dec. 1992 March 1993 

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