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Reunion of the Freedom Boys and Girls of Fourty Years or More in the Methodist Episcopal Church, Freedom, Pa

May 30, 1902

A booklet commemorating this reunion was published by William H. Bonnage, Printer, of Beaver Falls, Pa., dated 20 March 1906. The booklet contains the proceedings of the day and many pictures of participants and those who had already passed on. Because many of the names in the following list have been grouped as relations, they are presented here without alphabetizing the names.

List of Those Who Registered at the "Reunion" with Maiden Name and Post Office Address
Chas. H. Bentel Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Amanda Clark Bentel  Freedom, Pa.
Theodore Graham Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Ella Coulter Graham Freedom, Pa.
Abram McDonald Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Sarah J. Noss McDonald Freedom, Pa.
James Manor Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Jennie Sloan Manor Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. S. A. Nickum Hillman Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Matilda Feazell Hall Freedom, Pa.
Wm. Lee Betz Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Annie Leonard Betz Freedom, Pa.
Sam'l Clark Coulter Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Lizzie Morgan Coulter Freedom, Pa.
Alfred McCaskey Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Mattie Lourimore McCaskey  Freedom, Pa.
Wm. H. Baker Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Fedelia Bryan Gibson Freedom, Pa.
Wm. H. Hooper Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Celestia Phillips Brown Freedom, Pa.
David E. Lowry Freedom, Pa.
Wm. D. Kronk Freedom, Pa.
Ozias Reno Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Tillie Pritchard Reno Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Joseph Furnier Baker Freedom, Pa.
Daniel Snead Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Louisa Wolfe Snead Freedom, Pa.
Wm. T. Mohler Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. M. E. Eppley Mohler Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Louisa Hoffman Mohr Freedom, Pa.
Robert H. McCaskey Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Susan Dripps Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Emma Dripps McCaskey Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Emma McCaskey Lockhart Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Thalia McCaskey Fowler Freedom, Pa.
William Graham Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Annes Boli Graham Freedom, Pa.
Oliver J. Hamilton Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Linnie Furnier Bryan Freedom, Pa.
James A. Small Freedom, Pa.
William Flugga  Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Susan Martin Flugga Freedom, Pa.
Rev. P. H. Gordon Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Pink Wood Gordon Freedom, Pa.
John W. Rider Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Hannah Barnes Rider Freedom, Pa.
Harold Rider Freedom, Pa.
John Rider, Jr.  Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. J. E. Coulter Lloyd Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. M. J. Dunlap Hamilton Freedom, Pa.
Rev. J. K. Howe Freedom, Pa.
Mrs. Mary J. Calvert Hamilton Freedom, Pa.
JohnConway Rochester, Pa.
Mrs. Thalia Bentel Conway Rochester, Pa.
Mrs. Adelaide Betz Hollenbough Rochester, Pa.
Mrs. Elizabeth Park Phillips Rochester, Pa.
Edward Tait Rochester, Pa.
Miss M. A. Logan Rochester, Pa.
Mrs. N. F. Conway Hurst Rochester, Pa.
Mrs.Williamina Mohr Schnabel Monaca, Pa.
James McConnel West Bridgewater, Pa.
Wm. P. McConnel Beaver, Pa.
Miss Laura McConnel Beaver, Pa.
A. P. Marshall Beaver, Pa.
Mrs. Cora F. Bentel Marshall Beaver, Pa.
John L. McKenzie Beaver, Pa.
James Graham Fallston, Pa.
Mrs. Mary J. McKenzie Graham Fallston, Pa.
Jos. M. DeVenny New Brighton, Pa.
Mrs. Sallie A. Graham DeVenny New Brighton, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Graham Marquis New Brighton, Pa.
Mrs. Sarah Cooper Graham New Brighton, Pa.
Mrs. Sarah Feazel Graham New Brighton, Pa.
John B. Graham New Brighton, Pa.
Dr. H. S. McConnel New Brighton, Pa.
John H. Webster New Brighton, Pa.
Mrs. Tizetta Graham Webster New Brighton, Pa.
Mrs. Mary J. Stoops Ray New Brighton, Pa.
Mrs. Jane Q. Baker New Brighton, Pa.
James O. Hamilton New Brighton, Pa.
Samuel Ray New Brighton, Pa.
Robt. B. DeVenny New Brighton, Pa.
W. W. Kerr Beaver Falls, Pa.
Mrs. Nancy J. DeVenny Kerr Beaver Falls, Pa.
Mrs. Amanda Brown Campbell Beaver Falls, Pa.
Mrs. Helen M. Graham Elliott Beaver Falls, Pa.
Mrs. McClain Beaver Falls, Pa.
Miss Olive S. Kerr Beaver Falls, Pa.
Miss Myra E. Kerr Beaver Falls, Pa.
Thos. C. Kerr Beaver Falls, Pa.
Mrs. Lizzie Merriman Kerr Beaver Falls, Pa.
Miss Ethel L. Kerr Beaver Falls, Pa.
Miss Mildred DeV. Kerr Beaver Falls, Pa.
Sam'l. R. Campbell Beaver Falls, Pa.
Mrs. Kate Crooks Wood Oakmont, Pa.
Mrs. C. B. Holland Wright Wilkinsburg, Pa.
ZacharyT. Coulter Coraopolis, Pa.
Miss Pearl Coulter Coraopolis, Pa.
Mrs. Nancy W. Skillinger Stough Derry Station, Pa.
Rev. N. P. Kerr Derry Station, Pa.
Mrs.> Emma Robinson Kerr Derry Station, Pa.
Dr. Wm. F. Vankirk Grafton, W. Va.
William Sipe Sewickley, Pa.
Fred P. Graham Sewickley, Pa.
Miss Mabel Graham Sewickley, Pa.
Miss Virginia D. Graham Sewickley, Pa.
Mrs. Robert Boobyer Sewickley, Pa.
R. B. Boobyer Sewickley, Pa.
Mrs. Amanda Jackson Nitzell Hagerstown, Md.
Mrs. Mary Bryan Reitzell Hagerstown, Md.
W. A. Reitzell Hagerstown, Md.
Mrs. Ella F. Phillips McNaught Ben Avon, Pa.
John W. McNaught Ben Avon, Pa.
John R. Graham Bellevue, Pa.
Mrs. Jennie Hesson Long Newport, Pa.
Addison B. Hall Avalon, Pa.
Jeff. Kerr East Liverpool, Ohio
Mrs. Emma L. Kerr East Liverpool, Ohio
John H. Smith Muncie, Ind.
Mrs. Kate Schauffelberger Smith Muncie, Ind.
Mrs. Jennie H. McCaskey Scott Washington, Pa.
Miss Elizabeth McCaskey Washington, Pa.
Mrs. Annie McCaskey Luker Kittanning, Pa.
Mrs. Elizabeth Mohr Lowe Steubenville, Ohio
Wm. S. Graham Allegheny, Pa.
A. Clark McConnel Allegheny, Pa.
Wm. H. Grim Allegheny, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Clapper Grim Allegheny, Pa.
Mrs. Fannie Clapper McKinnon Allegheny, Pa.
Rev. John R. Wolfe, D.D.  Allegheny, Pa.
Alonzo H. McConnel, 1513 Bluff St.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Rebecca Porterfield McConnel Pittsburgh, Pa.
James McKee Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Amelia Holland McKee Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Kate Bentel Stoneroad  Pittsburgh, Pa.
John S. Holland, Larimer Ave.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. S. B. Otto Holland Pittsburgh, Pa.
Henry S. Holland, 472 Frankstown Ave.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Kerr McCaskey, 620 Ward St.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Maggie Hall Anderson Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wm. H. Holland Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Wm. H. Holland Pittsburgh, Pa.
Frank N. Grim Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Margaret Davis Grim Pittsburgh, Pa.
Thos. L. Robinson (Hazelwood)  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Hesson Robinson Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. N. V. Robinson Drum, 5820 Harvard St.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Margaret Holland Pittsburgh, Pa.
Rev. E. M. Wood, D.D.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Delilah Flitcraft Wood Pittsburgh, Pa.
Philip Hoffman, 351 Meyran Ave.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wm. J. Drum, 5820 Harvard St.  Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Henry L. Horst Holland Pittsburgh, Pa.
Mrs. Annie Boggs Kerr Vanport, Pa.
George Harkins McKee's Rocks, Pa.
Rev. Morgan Wood, D.D. Cleveland, Ohio

The Death of the Girls

"Mrs. Josephine Furnier read a paper on "The Death of the Girls", in which the sweet personal reference, made to the life of each, as the reader passed along, was indeed touching, and brought tears to many eyes." 
Barbara Ann Kronk - Many present will recall her handsome, healthy appearance; beautiful in form and feature while she lived, but more so, as she lay in her casket; having been stricken down with fever.
Mary Kronk - Married Joseph Ecoff, and after his death, a Mr. West. They lived some years in Pittsburgh; sickness overtook her, and now she sleeps.
Kate Kronk - She was a modest and unassuming girl; of a very delicate constitution. She was taken early in life to her Heavenly Home.
Emily Graham - Noble girl; married a Mr. Hooper. For some years their home was in St. Louis, Mo. She lived a consistent, Christian life, and she went to join the great company on High.
Amelia Cooper - In her young girl-hood, disease attacked her; all that loving friends could do, could not stay the Hand of the Destroyer, and she passed out of life.
Lizzie Hall - Married Samuel Claney, subsequently Martin White. A few years since, she sank under a disease that gave her great pain, but now Lizzie rests in peace.
F. Ella Kerr - Sweet-spirited, gentle Ella, whom everyone loved; she was a true friend a real blessing to those who met her. She married Mr. C. L. Heverin; lived in Philadelphia, Pa. two years, when typhoid fever cut her young life short, and she went to sing with the Angels.
Clarinda Furnier - Cut down before she had matured into womanhood, and went out of life without regret.
Rhoda Phillips - Married Mr. James Manor, and after a few years of married life, was taken from the embrace of earthly friends to her Heavenly Home.
Emily Graham - Lived for years in our town; married Joseph McDermott. Not being of a rugged constitution, disease made her an easy prey and carried her to the grave.
Mary Graham - Young womanhood had been reached by her, when sickness overtook her, and she slept.
Amelia Graham - Sister of the two foregoing. In the flush of young womanhood, her life was crushed out by a malignant fever, and her friends left to mourn.
Mattie Bentel - Gentle, kindly disposed, cheerful, bright, hopeful, with great beauty of character. She was a very exemplary, Christian girl; married Joseph Ledlie, and for some years their home was in Beaver. She had a weak constitution, and was not able to stand the attacks of disease. She has gone to her reward. We hope to meet her some day; her memory is blessed.
Lottie McCaskey - Married Frank Crail; removed to one of the Western States. It is said, an accident hurried her out of life.
Emma Robinson - Married Thomas Boley. Consumption was in her system, and in her young womanhood, she went home to die no more.
Sadie Robinson - Married Theodore Graham, and lived her life in Freedom. Her delicate constitution could not stand the attack of consumption. She was anxiously waiting and trusting for the Master's call.
Ida Robinson - Lovely in life, beautiful in death. The same dread disease took her. The evening before her death, two young lady friends, (one of whom is present), on leaving her, kissed her good-night with tearful eyes. She said, "Girls, don't leave me with tears in your eyes; I may not be here in the morning; if not, it is all right; I will ask the privilege of accompanying the Angels, when you are to go. I will meet you and go with you." The next morning early, she was not, for God has taken her.
Sadie Robinson - Of slender mould; married Jefferson Stough; lived a few short years, when a fatal disease took her from loved ones.
Isabelle Baker - Bright, pure, afflicted Belle struggled through to young womanhood, and then the weary wheels of life stood still, and Belle was "At Rest."
Amanda Baker - Lived her life near Freedom, and finally her young life went out from disease. She put her trust in God.
Lizzie Baker - There are but a few who will not remember the patient suffering Lizzie. Always ready to go. Her anxiety being about leaving others. She was a most devout and earnest Christian, and she calmly and peacefully fell "asleep in Jesus".
Mary Wolfe - She was very patient and resigned. Married Frank Bentel, and, after a few years, to the Will of God was taken from loved ones to her Home Above.
Mary Samantha Kerr - Lived a few years in our town; removed with her parents to Minnesota, where, in young womanhood, she was stricken with fever, and passed away.
Prudence Ann Nickum - Bright as a scholar; married Washington McKee; a few years of married life were given them and then to their Home Above.
Mary Ann Coulter - Married James Stuck; after his death, married a Mr. Singleton; removed to the West and there died.
>Felicity - Married a Mr. Porter. Her name was down on the list for the Reunion, but she has gone to join the "Great Reunion" above.
Irene French - Married Samuel Vandevort. Years ago they went to Indiana; there she fell prey to disease and went down to the grave.
Louisa and Lucinda Merriman - These two sisters left Freedom in their teens; went to New Albany, Ind. with their parents. Rumor says they are dead.
Miss Bellmyer - Of delicate frame, she readily yielded to disease, and early in life, she passed away.
Kate Bryan - Married a Mr. Francis. The latter years of her life were filled with suffering; she bore it with resignation and patience.
Sarah J. Beatty - Married John R. Graham; lived all her life in these adjoining counties; finally disease overtook her and now she sleeps in the Cemetery.
Martha J. Snead - Kind, gentle Martha; married Stephen Rogers; spent her life near her old home. She lived a Christian life, and has gone to the "Church Triumphant."
Mary Snead - Lively and pleasant; she lived on the sunny side of life; married John Schofield. After a few years, her life went out, and her remains laid to rest.
Hannah Holland - Amiable, unselfish Hannah was a conscientious and faithful Christian; married Alex Bannerot; for many weary months, she suffered intensely, while cancer was eating away her vitals; finally Death conquered, and now she rests.
Katie Endres - Married Christian Seafried. A few years of married life were alloted to her, then with the hosts who have preceded her, she was laid to rest to await the Summons.
Amoret Phillips - Bright in her studies, but in young womanhood, disease claimed her as a victim, and she went out into the world of spirits.
Isabella Graham - Modest, backward Belle; married John Gardener, and lived for several years after her unselfish and devoted life adorned the Doctrines of Faith, but the pangs of disease were upon her, and soon she went to her home in the Bright Beyond.
Amanda Furnier - A noble, good woman. Was brought up in a religious home; she, early in life, became a Christian. Married G. W. Coffin; lived a happy life for many years, but illness came to her, and she yielded and now rests with the loved ones who have preceded her.
Mary Hunt - Married F. M. Coulter; lived but a short time and died in her old home, leaving one child, Herbert. He is still living in Georgia.

The Boys' Roll Call

"Following was an address by W. W. Kerr, on the "Boys' Roll Call". It is but proper to say, that these various lists were made up from memory alone, and, if ant shall be overlooked, kindly charge the omission to faulty memory; and, when you shall hear the old, familiar nicknames, remember that to-day we are all boys and girls of "Ye Olden Times", and nothing but kindliest feelings are entertained by those of us who survive. 
Joseph B. Kronk - Married Miss Martha Caler of Freedom; nearly all present will remember the jolly, pleasant, good-humored "Specks". Early her went to the West; was conscripted into the Rebel Army; made his escape into our line, served a short time, then came home. After a long illness, in which he suffered much, he passed into the "Great Beyond".
John Kronk - Married Mrs. Caroline Miller of Pittsburgh. Bog, good-natured "Jack", Away from us much of the time; in his later years, he came back to the "Old Homestead"; finally, with relatives and friends about him, he went out of life.
Adam Graham - Married Miss Emily McIntyre of Kentucky. For many years, he lived in his Kentucky home and became somewhat prosperous. At last, disease fastened upon him, and with his wife and children gathered about his bed-side, "Ad" passed away.
William Hall - Married. Who among us will not remember the bold, reckless and daring "Halix". The first child born in Freedom; a leader in all our sports and pleasures. He served a time in the army; came home in poor health, and, after living weary months of suffering, his light went out from among us, and now he quietly sleeps in the beautiful cemetery in Beaver.
William Brown - Married Miss Celestia Phillips of Freedom. Quiet, unobtrusive "Brownie". For many years, he went in and out with us in our old hill-side home; he is not here to-day. Paralysis claimed him, and for many months his life hung by a thread, but at last the cord snapped and he was gone.
John F. Bentel - Married Miss Mary Beatty of Washington, Pa. Earnest, aggressive "Johnnie". Many will remember the explosion that hurried him out of life; we also remember him, as he lay on his bed suffering from those wounds - the calm and peace that surrounded and upheld him, and now with almost exultant joy, he left us for his home "On the Evergreen Shore".
Joseph McCaskey and John Bryan - Brave, noble, young men. Pushed out of this earthly life - one by yellow fever, the other by a malignant fever. Both now sleep in our own beautiful "Oak Grove Cemetery".
John Robinson - Married Miss Bell Kerr of Freedom. The twice enlisted soldier. Some of us will recall that bright Sunday morning, as we stood by his bedside, when he faintly whispered "Sing", and, as with tearful eyes and swelling hearts, we sang, "There'll be no parting there". As his voice gained strength he joined us in his clear bass tones until his well-known voice attracted attention on the street; yet in a few moments after, "Curly" was dead.
John McCaskey - Married Miss Emma Dropps of Freedom. Scarcely any one here but will readily remember "Jack". Peculiar in many things, with a mind running along certain lines, in which he became an expert; whether in the army or at home, the same line of thought governed him. Death, however, was on his track, and a few years since, surrounded by loved ones, he passed away.
Robert Snead - Married Miss Sarah Austin. For some years, he has not been identified with the interests of Freedom. In his mountain home, he yielded to the call of the Destroyer, and "Bob" was no more.
Charles Bentel - Young, pushing, energetic Charlie; cut down in his young manhood, when life seemed to open brightly before him. He now rests.
Tobias Hetchie - Married Miss Mary Robinson of Freedom. Bright, almost brilliant, as a writer; king, impulsive hopeful, his life went out prematurely. His readings were large and varied. A weak heart and poor circulation, early sent "Toby" to the tomb in the prime of manhood.
Thomas Hall - Not of a rugged nature, his constitution yielded readily to disease, and, after a short vigorous life, "Tom" went to the grave.
Thomas McKee - Married Miss Mary Brandt, of Freedom. The memory of many will recall the great-hearted "Big Injun." Early he went to the Army, and, although of stalwart frame, his health was broken, and after years of suffering, he went to his long home, remembered by many.
Samuel McKee - A younger brother. Of delicate build and weak constitution; in his young manhood contracted disease that hurried him out of life.
William McKee - Another brother; was with us and of us until he reached young manhood, when disease closed in upon him, and crushed out the life of another of our "Freedom Boys."
N. K. Crooks - Many here will remember "Rosy", the friend of my boyhood and youth; the true Soldier and thoughtful man. I ask, where is he to-day? And from out the dreary, dark, hellish blackness of Saulisbury prison pen comes the sepulchral reply, "Slowly but surely starved to death within these walls, because he was an American soldier." Thank God, the day will come when what is wrong will be made right.
John Stoops - Through an accident, he was early called away, and in his young boyhood was laid in the grave.
James Stoops - Married Miss Hunter of Beaver, Pa. A soldier of a few days until Rebel lead inflicted a wound that caused him much pain while he lived. A few months since he was suddenly called to answer the last roll call, and was carried our from wife and children, and laid away in our own "Oak Grove."
Charles Webster - He lived but a few years in Freedom; removed to West Virginia with his parents, and there sickened and died.
Jonathan Betz, Jr. - Married Miss Cynthia Hesson of Freedom; was one of our number until a short time since, when he slowly went to the grave.
James T., C. W., A. Burt, and Mart Fisher - James married Miss Maria Devol; C. W. married, and Mart R. married Miss Harriet Atkins. Four brothers, well known and respected citizens who have passed away. Varied fortunes followed them along life's pathway, and then one by one, they went to the tomb, rather early in life. Burt died but a few months ago.
Joseph and John Reno - Both married. Tall, strong, athletic men; kind and pleasant and ever ready to help the weaker ones, but illness came and they sank under its power. "Joe" and "Rhiner" will long be remembered for their kind helpfulness.
Washington McKee - Lived for some years in our town; married Prudence Ann Nickum. Both have been called to their "Home Above."
Samuel and Thomas R. Woods - Two brothers and two Soldiers. Samuel, delicate and lacking in strength, could not stand the rigors of war; came back to the old home and soon went down to the grave. Thomas, with thousands of others, fell before Rebel bullets on the bloody field of Gettysburg, and his life-blood stains the soil of his native state. He now quietly sleeps on the same field, guarded by "Old Glory."
Thomas Cooper - Quiet, backward "Tom". In his later years, his mind weakened, and, with memory almost a blank, he moved about among us until death came to his relief.
George W. Cooper and Edwin K. Sloan - Two of as patriotic, brave young men as ever wore the "Blue" or carried a musket. In that storm of shot and shell, commencing in the Wilderness and continuous for almost ten days, both these young men fell on the line of duty, pierced by Rebel bullets, and their patriotic, young blood stained the soil of Virginia. Later, tender hands brought their remains home, and now they rest with loved ones.
George Bentel - Another Soldier, who Gave his life for his Country in that terrific fight on Fisher's Hill. He went down as a true and tried Soldier, and now sweetly sleeps in the quietness of Oak Grove.
Horam Graham - Early in his life was called away. He was delicate in frame, and could not stand the rough usage of this world. We remember "Cider", as the nervous, active, energetic boy.
Thomas D. Grim - Married Miss Emma Elder. Nearly all here will remember "Dixie". He was with us for years, but at last, reached the end of his pilgrimage. His Soldier life was comparatively short but honorable.
Joseph Morton Hall - Married. At times quite prominent in business circles; never rugged in his make-up. At last, was suddenly taken from home and friends.
George Nickum - Studious, witty and thoughtful George. He went out of life in his early boyhood, and now sleeps in his "Long Rest."
Henry and Burkhardt Holland - Two brothers as well as two Soldiers. One shot down on the bloody field of Fredericksburg; the other went down slowly but surely to death in that darkest, blackest spot in American History, where thousands were slowly tortured to death for defending the Flag of our Country - Andersonville will go down along the annals of time, as the most damning blot on the fair name of America.
Francis M. Coulter - Married Miss Mary Hunt, of Freedom. For many years of his life, "Mar" lived in his Georgia home. He served in the Confederate Army; was captured as a prisoner through Freedom to Sandusky, Ohio. A few years since, death claimed him.
William Coulter - Married Miss Lucy Hendrickson of Freedom. The explosion that occured many years since, carried this earnest, active, impulsive, young man to the grave.
Theodore Cooper and Isaac Grim - Young men of near the same age, lived close together. The weak lungs of "Dore" gave way in his early young manhood. "Boyd" lingered, but finally the light went out, and now they both are covered over in "Oak Grove."
William Hunt - Was with us in his boyhood; left Freedom many years since, Now reported dead.
Joseph White - The quiet, earnest Soldier. Wounded to his death from hidden ambush. His body brought home, and rests in Beaver County soil.
Hiram S. Phillips - Married Miss Lizzie Parks. A young man of more than ordinary ability; quiet and reserved in his manner; a great reader and close student. On lines of drafting, he was more than a success, and, as an accountant, he had no superior. In the prime of manhood, he was stricken down by disease, and went out of life, mourned by many.
Stephen and Henry Rogers - Stephen married Miss Martha Snead of Freedom. Two brothers gifted above the ordinary along certain lines. Their ideas have been incorporated into several mechanical devices that have largely improved machinery. "Steve" died several years ago in Freedom. "Hen" is supposed to have died several years ago in China.
John L. Beatty - Married. For many years his home was in Kentucky. A few of his later years were spent in and around his old home. He now sleeps in our Cemetery.
William D. Fisher - Married Miss Agnes McBrier of Freedom. Jovial, jolly "Fish"; sometimes careless, but warmhearted and true as a friend.
John Gross - Married Miss Elizabeth J. Shaffer. Never of vigorous or stalwart frame, the exposure of camp and march left him in broken health. A few years since, he quietly and calmly faced death and was vanquished.
Martin French - Many years since, "Mart" left Freedom for New Albany, Ind. He is reported as having died several years ago.
Benjamin F. Craig - Married Miss Jessie Blythe of Freedom. Pleasant, smiling, jolly "Dad". Always ready to lend a helping hand to friend or neighbor. We miss his genial smile and hearty greeting.
Hon. Jacob F. Slagel - Married. He was one of our teachers for a short time; afterwards studied law in Pittsburgh; became a Major in the Army, and soon after his return from soldier life, was elected Judge in Allegheny County, and served with distinction and honor. A few years since, disease took him to an early grave.
Judson Kerr - A goodly number will not remember "Jud". For many years, his home was on Mexican soil, his business leading him there. He gained prominence in railroad circles, becoming Master Mechanic of the Road by which he was employed. He was on the high road to wealth, when stricken down by disease, and now his remains are buried far away from the old home 
Robert H. Kerr - Married Miss Mary Whistler of Rochester. Very many here will recall the nervous, active "Bob". In the zenith of his young, active manhood, he was stricken down with disease, and now he sleeps his last sleep near the home of his childhood.

"It will be seen that of the 61 names here recorded, 18 were Soldiers in the War of the Rebellion; add to these the number still living, and we have a total of 30, all of whom went out from the original Borough of Freedom to defend "OLD GLORY"; a record of which any community may well be proud."

"Since the date of the "Reunion", the following persons who were in attendance have passed out into "The Great Beyond." viz.: 

Oliver J. Hamilton, Capt. Abram McDonald, James Manor, John R. Graham, Dr. Wm. F. Vankirk, John McNaught, John Conway, Dr. H. S. McConnel, Mrs. Rebecca (Porterfield) McConnel, Mrs. Caroline (Graham) McDermitt, Mrs. Annie (McCaskey) Luker, Mrs. Agnes (Fowler) Young, Mrs. Rhoda Berrington, Mrs. J. Feazel Graham, Mrs. Annie Leonard Betz and Zachary P. Coulter." 

Published: Gleanings, Beaver County Genealogical Society, 
Vol. XXI No. 4 June 1997 and Vol. XXII No. 1 September 1997

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