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Index of Abstracted Beaver County 

This is a list of the cemetery abstracts that are in the Beaver County Research Center. Some of these abstracts are complete cemeteries, some are just veterans, some are very incomplete. There is NO comprehensive index to these cemeteries.
Name of Cemetery Location
Alcorn Cemetery Daugherty Twp.
Allison Burial Gd. / Steel Cemetery New Sewickley Twp.
Ambridge Catholic Cemetery Ambridge
Anderson Memorial / Service Creek Cemetery Raccoon Twp.
Baker / Figley Cemetery Center Twp.
Baker Cemetery / Baldwin Cemetery Monaca
Baldwin Cemetery / Baker Cemetery Monaca
Beaver Catholic / Daugherty Daugherty
Beaver Cemetery Beaver
Beaver Cemetery / Soldier Burials Beaver
Beaver Cemetery Additions Beaver
Beaver Cemetery Mausoleum Beaver
Beaver Cemetery,  Old Beaver
Beaver County Home Cemetery Raccoon Twp.
Beaver County Memorial Park Center Twp.
Beaver Falls Cemetery Beaver Falls
Bernardstown / Braden Cemetery Beaver Falls
Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery Hanover Twp.
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church Shippingport
Boggs Cemetery New Sewickley Twp.
Braden / Bernardstown Cemetery Beaver Falls
Brown/ Musgrave Cemetery Economy Twp.
Bryan Cemetery Independence Twp.
Burial Ground. New Sewickley Twp.
Burns' Cemetery New Sewickley Twp.
Burry's Church Cemetery / St. John’s Burry New Sewickley Twp.
Caldwell Cemetery / Householder North Sewickley Twp.
Calvary / St. Felix Roman Catholic New Sewickley Twp.
Camp Run U. P. Church Cemetery Franklin Twp.
Chapman Cemetery Big Beaver Twp.
Christler Cemetery Shippingport
Christler Private Cemetery Shippingport
Concord Methodist Church Cemetery North Sewickley Twp.
Concord Presbyterian Church Economy Twp.
Conkle & Court Graveyard South Beaver Twp.
Conway Cemetery Conway
Court & Conkle Graveyard South Beaver Twp.
Craiel Raccoon Twp.
Crail Cemetery Raccoon Twp.
Crones German Lutheran Cemetery New Sewickley Twp.
Cunningham, John Farm Cemetery Ohio Twp.
Darlington Reformed Presbyterian Church Darlington
Daugherty Cemetery / Beaver Falls Catholic Daugherty Twp.
Dillworth Cemetery Darlington Twp.
Duff Cemetery Darlington Twp.
Edgewood Baptist Cemetery North Sewickley Twp.
Fairview Cemetery Industry Twp.
Fairview cemetery Monaca
Faulk Family Cemetery / Watts Mill Darlington Twp.
Figley / Baker Cemetery Center Twp.
Four Mile U. P. Church Cemetery Ohio Twp.
Frankfort Springs Presby. Church Cemetery Frankfort Springs
Freed Cemetery / Laurel Point North Sewickley Twp.
Friends Cemetery New Brighton
Frishkorn Farm Cemetery Marion Twp.
Funkhouser Cemetery North Sewickley Twp.
Georgetown Cemetery Georgetown
German Lutheran Cemetery Monaca
Grandview Cemetery Big Beaver Twp.
Greene Twp. Cemetery Inscriptions Greene Twp.
Grove Cemetery New Brighton
Hammerle/Hemmerlien Cemetery Economy Twp.
Hanover Cemetery Burials Hanover Twp.
Hanover Pioneer Cemetery Hanover Twp.
Harmony Society Cemetery Ambridge
Hart / Old Baptist Cemetery North Sewickley Twp.
Hendrickson Cemetery Economy Twp.
Hickory Nelle Church of God Franklin Twp.
Highland Cemetery /New Salem Ohio Twp.
Hill Cemetery Baden
Hill Crest Cemetery / St. John's  Baden
Holy Trinity Cemetery Old Homewood
Homewood Cemetery Racine
Hookstown Cemetery / Old Hookstown Hookstown
Householder / Caldwell Cemetery North Sewickley Twp.
Hoytdale / St. Theresa Catholic Church Koppel
Irwin Cemetery Rochester
Jewish Cemetery Patterson Twp.
Johnson Family Cemetery South Beaver Twp.
King's Creek Graveyard Raccoon State Park
Lacock Cemetery East Rochester
Laurel Point / Freed Cemetery North Sewickley Twp.
Lillyville Church of God Cemetery Franklin Twp.
Lillyville Lutheran Cemetery Ellwood City
Locust Grove Cemetery North Sewickley Twp. 
Major's Cemetery / Young Farm North Sewickley Twp.
McCullough Cemetery/Van Kirk Cemetery Center Twp.
McGuire Chapel Cemetery Center Twp.
McLaughlin Cemetery Ohio Twp.
Mill Creek Greene Twp.
Moffett Cemetery (unnamed) Hookstown
Mt. Carmel Cemetery Hopewell Twp.
Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery Aliquippa
Mt. Olivet Presbyterian Cemetery Hanover Twp.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Marion Twp.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery / Wilson Darlington Twp.
Mt. Zion Cemetery Raccoon Twp.
Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery Raccoon Twp.
Musgrave/ Brown Cemetery Economy Twp.
New Bethlehem United Presbyterian Church Independence Twp.
New Galilee Reformed Presbyt. Church New Galilee
New Salem Cemetery / Highland Ohio Twp.
North Branch U. P. Church Cemetery Center Twp.
North Sewickley Presbyterian Ch. Cemetery North Sewickley
Oak Grove & Todds, Old Part Industry Twp.
Oak Grove Cemetery Ohio Twp.
Oak Grove Cemetery Freedom
Oak Grove Lutheran / Wagoner (Wagner)  New Sewickley Twp.
Ohio United U. P. Church / Scottsville Hopewell Twp.
Old Baptist Church Cemetery / Hart North Sewickley Twp.
Old Bob Thompson Cemetery / Thompson Farm Beaver Falls
Old Free Presbyterian Church Darlington
Old Hookstown / Hookstown Cemetery Hookstown
Old Mill Creek Cemetery Greene Twp.
Old Providence Baptist North Sewickley Twp. 
Passavant Memorial Cemetery Rochester Twp.
Pine Grove Cemetery Independence Twp.
Racoon U. P. Church Cemetery Raccoon Twp.
Reddick Farm Hanover Twp.
Reformed Presbyt./ New Galilee Church New Galilee
Reformed Presbyterian / White Church Darlington
Rehobeth, Old Lutheran Church Cemetery Economy Twp. 
Rocky Springs Cemetery Big Beaver Twp.
Ruckert Private Cemetery New Sewickley Twp.
Scottsville / Ohio United U. P. Church Hopewell Twp.
Seceder United Presbyterian ChurchCemetery South Beaver Twp.
Service Creek / Anderson Memorial Cemetery Raccoon Twp.
Shanor Cemetery New Sewickley Twp
St. Agatha R.C. Cemetery Ellwood City
St. Cecelia Cemetery Daugherty Twp.
St. Felix Roman Catholic / Calvary New Sewickley Twp.
St. John’s Burry / Burry’s Cemeterry New Sewickley Twp.
St. John's Cemetery / Hill Crest Baden
St. Joseph Cemetery New Sewickley Twp.
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church Beaver Falls
St. Matthew's Cemetery Economy Twp.
St. Pauls Protestant Episcopal Cemetery Ohio Twp.
St. Peter's Cemetery New Sewickley Twp.
St. Peter & Paul R. C. Church Cemetery Daugherty Twp.
St. Theresa Catholic Church / Hoytdale Koppel
St. Titus Catholic Cemetery Aliquippa
Steele Cemetery A/K/A Allison Burial Gd.  New Sewickley Twp.
Stone Cemetery Potter Twp.
Stone Methodist Church Cemetery Chippewa Twp
Swearingen Private Cemetery Hanover Twp.
They Served With Honor Beaver Co.
Thompson Farm/Old Bob Thompson Cemetery Beaver Falls
Todds, Old Part & Oak Grove Industry Twp.
Tomlinson Run Graveyard Greene Twp.
Tri State Area, Ohio - Pa. - Selected Obituaries Tri State
Union Brethren Cemetery New Sewickley Twp.
Union Reformed Presbyterian Cemetery Darlington Twp.
Unnamed Cemetery (Moffett) Raccoon Twp.
Van Kirk Cemetery/ McCullough Cemetery Center Twp.
Veasy Cemetery Hopewell Twp.
Wagoner (Wagner) / Oak Grove Lutheran New Sewickley Twp.
Wallace Cemetery Daugherty Twp.
Watts Mill/ Faulk Family Cemetery Darlington Twp.
Weaton Cemetery Potter Twp.
White Cemetery Darlington Twp. 
Wilson Cemetery New Galilee
Wilson Cemetery / Mt. Pleasant Darlington Twp.
Wilson's Cemetery North Sewickley Twp.
Young Farm / Major’s Cemetery North Sewickley Twp.

Other Records
Enon Valley Circuit Methodist Church Records Part 1 - 2 - 3.
Mill Creek Hill Cemetery 1874 - 1971  Copy of Record Book
Beaver Co. Dept. of Veterans Office 
Record Book 
Grave Registrations
St. Mathews Lutheran Church Record Book  Copied Economy Twp.
Schlester Tombstone Co. Records  Freedom, Pa.
Rome Monument Works Records.  Vol. 1 – 9 Rochester, Pa.
Cemeteries General Files - 
Newspaper Clippings, Etc. 
Providence Baptist Church Record Books 
1861 – 1890 
Vol. 1 – 3
Freedom Burials 1893 - 1906  
Woodlawn Cemetery Aliquippa, PA

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