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Hickorynell Cemetery, Franklin Township

The Hickorynell Cemetery has been associated with the Lillyville Church of God In Franklin Twp. This church was in existence in 1902, but burials as early as 1884 indicate the cemetery had been in existence earlier. The Lillyville Church of God was formerly located in the 4th Ward of Ellwood City and only moved to a new building on the present site in 1972. Its current address Is R.D. 2, Rt. 288, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 16117. This tombstone listing was done in 1936 apparently as part of a WPA project. For some reason, the listings are limited to adult males. 
Burnett, Samuel Ross b. Dec. 27, 1845 d. March 18, 1906
Crans, J.J. b. Nov. 23, 1828 d. Jan 22, 1900
Fisher, Simon 1849-1917
Fander, Jacob 1831-1898
Gerrard, Joseph S. 1832-1908
Johms, Jacob 1835-1905
Koach, William 1857-1929
McQuiston, Samson 1829-Jan 26, 1885, aged 56
Musser, David 1814-Jan 22, 1884, aged 70
Pander, James W. b. May 16, 1818 d. Jan 11, 1896
Pander, John aged 81
Pettit, Nathaniel 1813-1890
Smith, William b. Dec. 22, 1863 d. Nov. 22, 1930
Swick, Jacob F. b. Nov. 24, 1836 d. Jan 19, 1916
Wiley, Amos M. 1853-1903

Published: Gleanings, Beaver County Genealogical Society, 
Vol. XVII No. 3 March 1993

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