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1892-93 Directory of Phillipsburg

(Water Cure Post Office, Later renamed Monaca)

This was extracted from a larger directory that was orginally published by the Burch Directory Co. Akron, Ohio, 1892.
Able, Chas, glass worker 
Adams, Joseph, glass worker 
Allen, J.J., Physician 
American Express Co., D. G. Hood, agent. store
Anderson, J.D., molder 
Arbogust, Alexander, glass blower 
Arbogust, James, glass blower 
Baker, Frank, laborer 
Baker, I.B., laborer 
Baker, James, stonemason
Baker, Orr, surveyor Cain, J.C., laborer
Baker, Taylor, boat mate 
Barnett, Morris, clothing 
Barrett, Edward, retired 
Barrett, M.J., laborer 
Bebeck, Chas, R.R. boss 
Bechtel, George, dry goods etc. 
Bender, Jacob, shoemaker 
Biddle, Robert, gardener St.
Bickerstaff, A.M., laborer 
Bickerstaff, Frank M, order clerk, Phoenix Glass Co. 
Bickerstaff, Wm., retired 
Bickerstaff, W.J., laborer 
Bird, Thomas, brick yard 
Blakely, John, glass blower 
Blanchford, Albert, laborer 
Blatt, Adolphus, laborer 
Blume, Henry, laborer 
Boak, James, laborer 
Boak, Samuel, blacksmith 
Bock, Chas., laborer 
Bowser, R.S., engineer 
Boyle, James, glassworker 
Boyle, John, laborer 
Bradley, Peter, foreman Glass Works 
Brickner, August, laborer
Brooks, T.A., laborer 
Brown, John, laborer 
Brown, Wm., laborer 
Brown, W.P., barber
Bruce, G.W., laborer
Buchhelt, Michael J., postmaster and general
Buchheit, Jacob, retired
Burkhart, Simon, glass blower
Burry, Jacob, barber
Cain, Brison, laborer
Cain, Geo., laborer
Cain, James, bartender
Cain, Wm., glass cutter
Caler, Doris, laborer
Cantlin, J.T., laborer
Carey, Daniel, clerk
Carey, Martin W., grocer
Carney, Thomas, glass worker
Central Hotel, James Markey propr., Hanover
Chambers, M.V., stonemason
Chambers, W.C., glass blower
Chambers, W.J., carpenter
Colyer, Chas., laborer
Cook, Geo., laborer
Cotter, Jas., foreman shipping dept. Phoenix Glass OD.
Cotters, Henry, glass blower 
Craig, Edward, laborer
Cross, Geo., glass worker
Cross, Samuel, retired
Daley, P.F., R.R. Boss
Davis, Filmore, laborer
Davis, J.M., retired
Davis, J.M., merchant
Davis, quarryman
Deitrich, John E., boots and shoes
Denoon, Wm., laborer
Dias, Thomas, laborer
Dickey, John, engineer
Dixon, Wm., L., merchant tailor
Duffner, F.J., supt. lamp dept. Phoenix Glass Co. 
Ebberts, E.P., secy and treas. The Phoenix Glass Co. 
Erb, Joseph, laborer 
Erb, Samuel, laborer 
Erbeck, Christian, farmer 
Faust, Henry, glass blower 
Faust, Philip, glass server 
Ferguson, Alonzo, pilot 
Ficher, Paul, decorator 
Figley, David, laborer 
Figley, John C., carpenter 
Figley, Wm., miller
Fisher, David, blacksmith 
Fisher, Henry, retired 
Fleming, Robert, teamster 
Folland, Geo., laborer 
Folland, John, glass worker 
Folland, Phillip, glass worker 
Foley, Geo., glass server 
Forner, John B., miller 
Forner & Figley (John B. Borner, Wm. Figley) flouring mill. 
Frank, E.R., stonecutter 
Frank, H.W., laborer 
Frank, Joseph, farmer 
Gamble, Harlan L., blacksmith Householder, L.L., laborer
Ganley, G.J., glass blower 
Garwood, Wm., glass cutter 
Glass, Wm., laborer 
Glasser, Harry C., painter 
Glasser, John, painter 
Gormley, Thomas C., physician 
Graft, John, laborer 
Gress, Adam, laborer 
Grimes, Dad, laborer 
Grimm, Chas., 
Grinder, Edward, laborer 
Gross, Henry, laborer 
Gross, Wm., laborer 
Grunstrong, Antona, glass cutter 
Gulliver, Wm., H., supt. molding dept. 
Phoenix Glass Co. 
Hand, Miss Anna, order clerk lamp dept. 
Phoenix Glass Co. 
Hahn, Henry (Hahn & Reno) 
Hahn, Leonard, retired 
Hahn & Reno (Henry Hahn, Jos 1. Reno), furniture dealers and undertakers, Fourth St.
Halsip, John, retired
Hamilton, Adam, butcher 
Hamilton, Nelson, painter
Hamilton, Oscar, laborer
Hamilton, Samuel, painter
Hamilton, W.H., retired
Haney, John R., cooper 
Harbison, Geo., carpenter
Hartman, henry, carpenter
Havice, Andrew, laborer
Havice, Andrew, laborer
Hedvich, John, laborer
Heidiger, Chas., painter
Heckerman, Wm., glass server
Hemphill, Morris, stonemason
Henderson, E.E., laborer
Hicks, Elmer, laborer
Hicks, Hiram, contractor
Hicks, James, laborer
Higgins, Adolphus, laborer
Higgins, Lindsay, laborer
Higgins, Wm., laborer
Hood, David G., agent P & L. E. R.R. and American Express.
Hood, Wm., laborer
Howard, Andrew, pres The Phoenix Glass Co., res. Beaver Falls, Pa.
Howard, Chas. A., corresponding clerk and office supt. Phoenix Glass Co., res Beaver Falls.
Howard, James R., invoice dept. Phoenix Glass Co., res Pittsburgh, Pa.
Howard, Robert B., shipping dept. Phoenix Glass Co., res Beaver.
Huff, Adam, furniture and undertaking.
Huff, Chas, carpenter
Huff, Edward, telegrapher
Huff, Emil, laborer
Hughs, Andrew, laborer
Hughs, Matthew, laborer
Hunter, Wm., glass packer
Hustin, Wm., glass blower
Irons, Jas. A., justice and ins. agt.
Irons, John, stonemason
Irwin, Louis, laborer
John, Jacob, laborer
Johnston, J.A., glass server
Johnston, Matthew, laborer 
Johnston, Sylvester, harness mkr. 
Johnston, Will, variety store 
Jolley, A.F., contractor 
Jolly, Dickerson A., baker 
Jolley, A.D., retired 
Kane, Patrick, glass cutter 
Kays, David, foreman, Glass Works 
Kaye, Edward, general foreman, Phoenix Glass Co. 
Keller, Chas., laborer 
Keller, David, laborer 
Keller, Samuel, laborer 
Kelley, James, glass cutter 
Kelly, Wm., glass packer 
Kernmer, Adam, hardware, stoves, tinware, etc. Fourth. 
Kerber, John, laborer 
Kimberly, Miss Jennie E., clerk Phoenix 
Glass Co., res Beaver Falls 
Kirk, J.M., laborer 
Koedle, Henry, glass packer 
Koehler, Paulus, decorator 
Kohler, Rev. T.W. 
Krank, J.C., policeman 
Krausse, Henry, barber 
Kroeber, Lambertine, laborer 
Kunkle, Adam, glass blower 
Landis, Albert, laborer 
Landis, Chas., laborer 
Landis, Philip, laborer 
Landis, Wm., laborer 
Lay, Felix, real estate agent 
Lay, George, retired 
Lay, Geo Jr., clerk 
Lay, Mrs. George Jr., cigars, etc. 
Lay, Richard, mold maker 
Lees, Chas., glass cutter 
Lees, Samuel, glass cutter
Leffert, Fred, pool room 
Leffer, John, retired 
Leffert, John P., meat market 
Leffert, Wm., laborer 
Le Goullon, Philip, 
Levy, Henry, liquors 
Lias, Chas., carpenter 
Lias, David, carpenter 
Lias, Harry, glass server 
Lindsay, A..H. carpenter
Liston, M.S., glass cutter
Longen, Adolpus, decorator
Love, Samuel, propr. Point Breeze Hotel
Love, Thomas, bartender
McClatchey, J.B., retired
McClatchey, Mrs. James B., cigars, etc.
McClurg, Joseph, laborer
McCormick, G.L., glass blower
McCreary, Robert, glass server
McCreary, Thomas, laborer
McCullough, John, engineer
McCurdy, John, laborer
McDonough, Byron, laborer
McGragor, Ruben, glass cutter
McGray, R.D., glass packer
McKee, Robert, retired
McKee, Thomas
McKindley, Harry, laborer
Maloney, Frank, glass cutter
Maloney, John, R.R. boss
Markey, James, propr. Central Hotel, Hanover St.
Martin, Robert, glass blower
Mellon, W.J., lawyer
Mercer, Thomas S., boots and shoes
Merkle, Justice, retired
Merriman, Elmer, glass blower
Merriman, J.P., laborer
Merriman, Leonard, glass blower
Merriman, Sharp, glass blower
Merriman, Wm., carpenter
Metcalf, Cord, laborer
Mikschs, Chas., decorator
Mikschs, John, laborer
Mikschs, W.A., decorator
Miller, Godfrey Jr., dealer In the best brands of pure wines and liquors, if you would be convinced please call around on Fourth St.
Miller, Harry, restaurant
Miller, James, cigars, etc.
Miller, James, laborer
Monongahela Fire Clay Co.
Moore, James, carpenter
Morehouse, John, glass blower
Morgan, W.W., laborer
Morris, James, R.R. Boss
Morris, Thomas, R.R. Boss
Mowry, Col., laborer 
Mowry, Col., jr. glass blower 
Mullen, Geo., glassblower 
Mullen, James, retired 
Muller, Adolphus, carpenter 
Murott, Frank, glass blower 
Myers, James, glass blower 
O'Brien, Charles, grocer 
Onstott, R.G., carpenter 
Orr, H.A., & Co. grocers 
Palmer, Joseph, decorator 
Palmer, Joseph jr., decorator 
Palmer, Richard, decorator 
Patterson, A.H., vice. pres. The Phoenix Glass Co. 
Phoenix Glass Co., The Andrew Howard pres., A.H. Patterson, vice. pres., E.P. Ebberts secy and treas, mfrs artistic glassware, etc. 
Pittsburgh and Lake Eris R.R., D.G. Hood agent.
Plunkert, Peter, laborer 
Point Breeze Hotel, Samuel Love propr. 
Polen, Charles, grocer 
Porter, Wm. J., dry goods, etc. 
Potter, John B., livery 
Potter, Washington, laborer 
Powell, Ephraim, blacksmith 
Powell, Sidney, blacksmith 
Priest, Elmer, laborer 
Pritchard, Walter, glass blower 
Prosser, Rosco, laborer 
Rambo, H.B., laborer
Rambo, Thomas, laborer 
Rambo, W.H., laborer 
Ramer, Chas., glass server 
Ramer, Christian, laborer 
Ramer, John C., laborer 
Ramer, Joseph, glass blower 
Ramer, Peter, glass server 
Ramsey, John, glass server 
Reed, Joseph, glass blower 
Reed, Oliver, contractor 
Reed, S.K., merchant 
Robinson, Ebert, gardner 
Robinson, Wesley, gardener 
Routh, James 
Sack, George, laborer 
Sanders, Grant, glass server
Sawyer, R.A., mold maker
Schear, Julius, laborer
Scheid, Miss Rosa, milliner
Schnoble, George, telegrapher
Schocheon, Joseph, laborer
Scott, Jesse, glass server
Scott, Samuel, laborer
Shaffer, Jacob, laborer
Shahen, Ed, R.R. Boss
Shivier, John, laborer
Short, Thomas, stonemason
Shrodes, Rev. John
Simpson, John, glass server
Skroul, E.E., engineer
Slidham, Chas., laborer
Smith, Agus, laborer
Smith, Forker, laborer
Safereed, Frank, laborer
Sparling, Wyndham, druggist and pharmacist, dealer in watches, clocks; and jewelry cor. Fourth and Laoock sts.
Stelfle, E.B., cooper
Stelfle, John, retired
Stein, D.A., laborer
Stein, Matthew, laborer
Steiner, Daniel A., shoemaker
Steiss, Chas, retired
Stewart, J.R., laborer
Stewart, Wm., glass cutter
Stewart, Wm jr., laborer
Steinson, Miss Sadie, clerk Phoenix Glass Co., res Rochester.
Stockdale, Joseph, laborer
Stoops, Edward, laborer
Stubert, Joseph, merchant
Sullivan, Wm., glass server
Summerville, Geo., laborer
Swanger, Seraphine, laborer
Swansey, Wm., F., furnishing goods.
Sweet, Chas., cooper
Sweet, E.P., cooper
Taylor, Rev. G.W.
Taylor, Harvey, reporter
Taylor, James, carpenter
Taylor, J.T., clerk
Thomson, David, glass blower
Todd, Frank M., flour and feed
Trumpiter, Gilbert, gardener
Trumpiter, John, gardener
Trumpiter, Nelson, laborer
Trumpiter, Wm., retired
Urwin, Geo., glass server
Urwin, Wm., glass blower
Vail, Thomas, mold maker
Vankirk, Sherman, laborer
Varner, Mrs. Magdalena, cigars
Volhart, Wm. ferry man
Vogt, Daniel F., meat market
Wagner, Chas. M., foreman Phoenix Glass Co.
Wagner, William, hardware
Wait, James, R.R. Boss.
Walker, Joseph, stonemason
Webb, Joseph, supt. and designer, Phoenix Glass Co., res Beaver
Weidner, Henry, laborer
Weigle, Homer, laborer
Weigle, Jacob, laborer
Weigle, J.W., glass packet
Weigle, Louis, laborer
Weigle, Marsh, pool room
Weirich, Henry, baker
Welch, Gloninger & Co. (J.H. Welch, J.H. Gloninger), brick mfrs.
Wentworth, A., carpenter
Wepler, Henry, retired
White, Arthur, laborer
White, John, shoe dealer
White, Presley, laborer
White, Samuel, laborer
Wickline, Peter, laborer
Wickline, Thomas, laborer
Wickline, Thomas jr., glass server
Winkle, D.B., laborer
Winkle, Geo., laborer
Winkle, Wesley, laborer
Wurzel, Nicholas, cigars, etc.
Zitzman, Francis, glass blower
Zitzman, John B., glass blower

Published: Gleanings, Beaver County Genealogical Society, 
Vol. XXI No. 4 June 1997 and Vol. XXII No. 1 September 1997

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