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Wallace Cemetery 

Daugherty Township

The entrance to Wallace Cemetery is almost opposite the entrance to Sylvania Hills Memorial Park, but the cemetery itself is some distance back from the highway, by a paved road part of the way and then down a lane to a house near the cemetery. There were two separate lists of monument inscriptions for Wallace Cemetery in the files of the Research Center. One was by Martin Langnecker in July of 1936; the other was from the material of Helen Patterson. Since there were differences between these two lists, any material on the Patterson list that differed from the Langnecker list was enclosed in brackets [ ]
Brewer, James A. "Father" [G.A.R. Marker] "Baby" Jane A. Jane M. nee Moore, Mother Hannah H. Hugh Mary F. Robert M.
Brewer, Elias M. [May 17, 1860-Apr.26 1894]
  Beulah  5/17/1850 4/26/1894 [Oct 17, 1891-Jan.15 1893]
  Infant son  1011711891 1/15/1893 [1893-1894]
  Children of E.M. & M. Brewer
[Denny, Eleanor, wife of A. Denny  d 1872 in 52nd year of her age]
Marshall ,  Infant son of W.H. & A.J. Marshall
[McClelland, William d Apr. 10, 1867, aged 76 years. War of 1812]
McClelland,  George L.  1853-1904 Sgt. Co. B. 10th Regt. Pa.
McClelland, Jas. R. no dates, veteran
McCready, James W. 1867-1942
  Mary  1876-19--
  William S. son no dates [d. Feb. 27, 1879]
Moore, Robert  d. 3/23/1877 [1847]
  Jane wife  d. 12/27/1869 [d. Dec. 27, 1860 aged 74 yrs]
Porter, Mary, Wife of George Porter 5/11/1816--10/12/1861
Tagg,  Thomas Herbert  1885-1960
Myra Mae  1884-1932
Mabel Mildred  1924-1934
Torrence, John d. 8/30/1862 age 46 (or 45)
Wallace,  Abiram  1857-1912
  Mary  1856-1935
  Emerson  1879-1881
Wallace, Eleanor  6/20/1795 12/13/1881
Wallace, Frank  1837-1904
  Euphemia  1841-1917
  Infant son no dates
Wallace, James  1830-1983. G.A.R. marker
Wallace,  James  3/15/1789 - 1/21/1867 War of 1812
Wallace, John,  d. 11/27/1863, age 31 [d. Nov. 259 1863]
Wallace,  Robert  2/26/1814 - 6/4/1891 (or 1911) [1891]
Wallace,  Roxanna
  Elizabeth [d. Nov. 30, 1862] dau. of Robert & Jane Wallace
  Isabelle  [d. dec. 1859]
Wallace, William  d. 9/27/1883 age 80 [aged 90? yrs, 4 mo. 23 d]
Jane, wife  d. 2/7/1882 age 79 [79 yrs, I mo. 13 days]
[Wallace William 0.  1836-1914]
Young, Abraham  1879-1963
  Elizabeth Jane, nee Wallace  1880-1935.

Notes From the Patterson File

Note the record for Mary, wife of George Porter. I feel sure this must be the Pauly Porter, daughter of James and Elenor Wallce. he must have meant Polly Porter, or Mary Porter. This Mary died in 1861 and James Wallace in 1867.

Note the James A. Brewer. In Warner's (County History) p. 754 James A. Brewer married, 1842, Jenie, daughter of Robert Moore. As they are buried in the Wallace Cemetery, I would judge that the Jennie Moore was the daughter of Robert Moore and Jane Wallace, daughter of William Wallace and Mary McClelland. This James A. Brewer was a brother of McPherson Brewer, great grandfather of Anna (Abbot) Patterson. It is probable that the Elias Brewer should be shown as born in 1850 rather than 1860 if he is the son shown in the 1850 census. Of course this could be another by the name, as every family had one by the name of Elias for the father of James A. and McPherson and others.

Wlliam Wallace. From a comparison with census records, he was evidently 80 years old when he died, rather than 90. In 1850, William and Jane were both given as 47, and in 1880 as 77.

Published: Gleanings, Beaver County Genealogical Society, 
Vol. XV No. 4, June, 1991

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