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BCGHC Frequently Asked Questions

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BCGHC Web Site Questions

How can I place a genealogical query on your web site?
We are not set up to accept genealogical queries on this web site. For online queries we suggest that you utilize the Beaver County, Pennsylvania US GenWeb site at:, the  RootsWeb Message Board or the Beaver County Forums

Can the BCGS help me with my family research in Beaver County by e-mail?
No, at this time, the Society is unable to answer research questions sent to us by e-mail. If you have a research question, please see the "Contacting the BCGHC" page for information on writing to the Beaver County Genealogical Society for research help. 

Can I place my GEDCOM on your website?

No, there are many places on the internet that would welcome your GEDCOM.  We are sponsored by Rootsweb and we would prefer that you submit your work to them. The link for this is:

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BCGS General Questions

How can I place a genealogical query in the BCGHC newsletter?
The Center will publish queries of members free in its newsletter.  The fee for non members is $3.00 per query. The editor reserves the right to reject any query if it is deemed inappropriate. 

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Beaver County Research Questions

Has any portion of the regular 1890 census for Beaver County escaped the fire that destroyed these census records?
No, only the special Veterans Census exists. (Gleanings, Vol XIII, No. 1, 1988).  The Society has purchased tax records for 1890 for some communities.  Contact the Center for a search. 

Is there a town called Sharon in Beaver County?
Sharon was a town on the west bank of the Beaver River. It is now part of the Borough of Bridgewater. Sharon, in Beaver County, should not be confused with the city of Sharon in Mercer County. (Gleanings, Vol XIII, No. 1, 1988) 

Our Family tradition says that my great grandfather was born in Phillipsburg, Beaver County, PA, but I have not been able to find this town on a map. Is there such a town in Beaver County?
Phillipsburg is now called Monaca and is located on the Ohio River across from the City of Rochester. The name was changed in 1892 to avoid postal confusion with Phillipsburg in Centre Co. (Gleanings, Vol XII, No. 4, 1988) 

My great-grandmother was born in Beaver county in 1867, Where do I write to find a birth Certificate?
No official birth certificates were kept in Beaver County until 1893, thus such a document does not exist. If you know the church that your great-grandmother was associated with you might be able to write for a baptismal record. If this is not possible, you might confirm the birth by using the 1870 census. Although this is not indexed, a name-by-name search of the area where the family lived might allow you to find your great-grandmother. (Gleanings, Vol XII, No. 4, 1988) 

I have located a deed in in the Beaver County Courthouse in which one of my ancestors sold his farm in Hopewell Twp. in 1821. I have not been able to find out when he bought the land; there seems to be no record of such a purchase at the courthouse in Beaver. How can I find out when he bought his farm?
In the early years of the county not all of the deeds were recorded in the courthouse. Some land purchasers were content only to keep the original deed in their own possession as proof of purchase. If you have not examined the complete 1821 deed when he sold the land, you should; the deed may cite the previous history of the land and may give the information you need. It is also possible that the land was purchased prior to the formation of Beaver County in 1800 and may be found in Allegheny or Washington County. 
An additional possibility is that your ancestor obtained the land through a warrant from the state. An index of warrant maps have been published and is available at local libraries. Land warrant maps may be seen at the History Center, the Beaver County Courthouse and at the Harrisburg Archives. 

Family tradition states that my ancestor came from a town in Beaver county which I can not find on any map. Is there any way to find out if this town ever existed?

The History Center has a book listing towns that no longer exist, the town may be listed in this book. Please see the "Contacting the BCGHC" page for information on writing to the Beaver County Genealogy and History Center for research help. 

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