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Beaver County Research Facilities

Beaver County Genealogy and History Center
Beaver Train Station Complex
250 East End Ave.
Beaver, PA 15009
Phone: (724) 775-1775
Monday - Thursday 10AM-4PM
Friday  Closed
Saturday  10AM- 2PM

Beaver County Court House
800 3rd Street 
Beaver, Pennsylvania 15009 
(724) 728-5700 
8:30 to 4:30


Clerk of Courts Office

The Clerk of Courts is primarily concerned with the custody of all original records of criminal cases, and is elected for a four-year term. The Clerk keeps all papers filed in criminal proceedings of the courts and maintains, among other things, constable and municipal tax collector bonds, trial lists, municipal tax collector reports, and municipal road ordinances. The Clerk of Courts is responsible for assessing, collecting and distributing court-related costs. 

Register of Wills Office

The Register of Wills, has jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the granting of letters, acts as the State's agent for collection of inheritance tax, and administers proceedings relative to adoptions and estates of incapacitated persons. Marriage licenses are issued from this office and genealogical records dating from 1800 are located here. 
Births, Deaths 1852 - 1854 
1893 - 1906 
Wills 1800 to Present
Marriages 1886 to Present
Adoptions Confidential
Orphans' Court 1804 to Present 
1804 to 1897 indexed
Delayed Birth Registrations September 1941 to 
September 1966

Recorder of Deeds

The main duties of this office are the care and preservation of all County real estate records and the preparation of record books and indexes which are accessible to the public. Documents recorded in this office include easements, powers of attorney, military discharges, charters of nonprofit organizations, subdivision plans, deep mine maps, highway plans, and agreements of sale. 
Land Deeds 
Grantor Index, Grantee Index 
(Russell Index System)
1800 to Present
Charters 1800 to Present
Mortgages 1800 to Present
Commissions 1800 to Present
Letters of Attorney 1800 to Present


The Prothonotary keeps the records of all civil proceedings before the Court of Common Pleas. This office is responsible for processing subpoenas, County tax claim petitions and orders, equity and ejectment proceedings, mechanics and waivers of liens, federal and state tax liens, public welfare liens, municipal liens, and eminent domain proceedings. The Prothonotary also maintains naturalization records and processes passport applications.The Sheriff's Deed books are available in this Office. 
Naturalization records, Civil Actions, Divorce, Trespass Cases, Land disputes, Judgments, Personal property liens, Municipal liens, Change of names, Registry of Notaries, Registry of County officials 1800 to Present

Veteran's Office

The duties of this office include assistance to veterans and their dependents in processing forms and claims for Federal, State and County benefits such as pensions, widows' benefits, burial needs, and educational assistance. Staff provides counseling services and maintains files for all veterans. 
Registry of Veterans Registry of Places of burial French & Indian War to Present

Beaver County Historical Research & Landmarks Foundation
1235 3rd Ave.
Freedom, PA 15042 

A. D. Campbell Funeral Home, Inc.

Writing for records from the A. D. Campbell Funeral Home, Inc. Campbell's is the largest funeral home in Beaver Falls, and they bought the Young Funeral Home in New Brighton, and have those records as well. 

  1. All inquiries must be made in writing to:

  2. A. D. Campbell Funeral Home 
    P. O. Box 43 
    Beaver Falls, PA. 15010 
  3. Please sign and date letter of inquiry.
  4. Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to mail back inquiry.
  5. A photo copy of inquirer's driver license and family relationship is needed to request information.
All information will be completed as staffing time permits. 


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