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David Anderson, PA; Johannes Angstadt, PA; Jeremiah Barrus, NH; Thomas Batson, NC; John Beard, PA; Nicholas Beaver, PA; Phineas Beede, NH; John Berry, PA; Philemon Bidlack, PA/CT; Charles Brewster, VT;Johannes Brotzman, PA; Peter Brua, PA; John Cave, SC; Jacob Casho, PA; Joseph Catterlin, Sr., NJ; John Clutter, NJ; Noah Cross, NY; Benjamin Curtis, Jr., CT; Samuel Curtis, NH; Isaiah Davis, PA; George De Benneville, PA; Henry Disbrow, CT; Jacob B. Dreibelbis, PA; Henry Eckel, PA; George Edelman, PA; George Adam, Egolf, PA; John Eisenlord, NY; John Erford, PA; John Faneher, NY; Stephen Flanagan, PA; Jeremiah Flexer, PA; Bernard Follweiler, PA; Nicholas Gehringer, PA; John Paul Geiger, PA; John Gerhart, PA; John Adam Gruber, PA; John G. Haag, PA; Henry Hain, PA; John A. Hain, PA; Joseph Hain, PA; Carey Hampton, VA; A. Joseph Hays, PA; John Hays, PA; Samuel Helm, PA; John George Herrold, Sr., PA; John Conrad Hess, PA; Peter Kachlein, PA; George Kaufman, Pa; Jacob Kaufman, PA; Conrad Kershner II, PA; Johannes Kefner, PA; Johann Jacob Kintzer, PA; Philip Kistler, PA; John Kline, PA; Henry Knouse, PA; Daniel Knowlton, CT; John Larrabee, MA; John D. Leinbach, PA; Christoffel Leis, PA; Christian Lessig, PA; John Lichtenwalter, PA; Abraham Lincoln, PA; John M. Lindenmuth, PA; Nicholas Lotz, PA; Michael Ludwig, PA; Patrick Mc Gee, PA; Daniel Melson, PA; Johann Mertz, PA; Valentine Meyer, PA: John Martin Mickley; George Miller, PA; James Miller, PA; Peter Miller, NY; Samuel Moore, MA; Edward Moseley, VA; Jacob Murray, PA; John Murray, MD; Mathies Naftzinger, PA; Johannes Nies, PA; Bodo Otto, MD, PA; Elisha Philps, CT; David Pollock, PA; John Pollock, PA; Micajah Posey, PA; Jacob Postens, PA; John Purdum, MD; Edward Robinson, Jr., VA; Conrad Roeder, PA; Johan George Roth, PA: Jacob Rothermel, PA; Jacob Rush, Sr., NJ; Frederick Shawhan, MD; Jacob Schappelle, PA; Johan Christopher Shearer, PA; John C. Scherrer, PA; Martin Schoenholtz, PA; John David Scholl, PA; Johan Christofer Shearer, PA; Thomas Sollers, MD; Peter Stam, PA; George Stein, PA; Johann Jacob Stevens, PA; Benjamin Talbot, PA; Gamaliel Taylor, CT; Ludwig Tobias, PA; Jesse Tourtellot, MA; Joahann Phillip Trautmann, PA; Valentine Ulrich, PA; Samuel Wakefield, MA; Anthony Warner, PA; Henry Warner, PA; John Heinrich Webber, PA; Philip Wetzel, PA; Samuel Whiting, Jr., CT Adam Wicklein, PA; Cornelius Willet, NY; William Williamson, PA; Silas Wolcott, PA; John Yocum, PA.







The Patriots found here are only those researched and proven by members of the Berks County Chapter. Hundreds more are contained in the Patriot Index of the National Society. Many Patriots remain to be proven and are proven every day.

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