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Bucks Co. PA Cemeteries

Bucks County PA Cemeteries

Mission: To transcribe and catalog historic cemeteries in the Bucks County Area.

My name is Lynette Salsbury. I have lived in the Bucks County area my whole life. I am a genealogist and it is because of this that I am doing this project. Had it not been for some stranger somwhere else in the country, taking the time to transcribe a historical cemetery, I would not have the information I do today.

As young as this project is (a few weeks) I have already found descendents of some of the people listed in the cemetery. It is a good feeling to know that you have helped someone find thier great great great grandfather.

Help is always needed for this project. It really doesn't take much time to do, either. One hour is not much time to spend helping someone to find thier family history.

Pictures of some tombstones are available online at Search the virtual cemetery for either name or location. Pictures are added almost daily. Other pictures can be seen at the link below.

Here are the cemetery transcription websites:

New Hope Cemetery - Linked to pictures
Newtown Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Linked to pictures
Unknown Langhorne Cemetery - Pictures coming soon!

This page belongs to Lynette Salsbury.

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