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Jul. 30, 1893 VOGUS Nora B. Female White J. C. Maggie S. Centre Twp. Miner Washington Twp Dec. 6, 1893
Sep. 7, 1893 VOGAN Frank Male White Marshall Emma Worth Twp. Farmer Worth Twp. Dec. 11, 1893
Sep. 26, 1893 VANCE Hellen Female White George Carrie Butler, Pa. Brakeman 116 Monroe St. Dec. 13, 1893
Sep. 30, 1893 VOGEL Sadie H. Female White Jacob Caroline Zelienople Boro. Carpenter Zelienople Boro Dec. 28, 1893
Oct. 5, 1893 VOGAN Violet P. Female White Stephen Lena Harrisville Boro. Coaldigger Harrisville Dec. 4, 1893
Oct. 11, 1893 VANDYKE Clarence Male White Samuel Sadie Mercer Twp. Laborer Mercer, Twp. Dec. 8, 1893
Feb 6, 1894 VENSEL Male White Richard Mary Catharine Donegal Twp. Pumper Renfrew May 15, 1894
Feb. 6, 1894 VENSEL Olan J. Male White Richard May Catherine Chicora Oil Man Chicora Jun. 30, 1961 Court Order
 Feb. 15, 1894 VENCIL Bessie Female White W. H. Ada Millerstown Driller Millerstown May 31, 1894
Mar. 3, 1894 VARNER Oddly Male White John Clara Renfrew Laborer Renfrew Jun 6, 1894
Mar. 3, 1894 VARNER Oddy Female White John Clara Renfrew Laborer Renfrew Jun 6, 1894
Apr. 8, 1894 VOTARD Jos. Male White Jos. Trinet Butler, Pa. Glass Wrkr. 110 Spring Hill Ave. May 15, 1894
May 2, 1894 VOGEL Mary Cecelia Female White J. E. Lizzie 208 North St. Glass B. North St. 26
May 25, 1894 VANDERBILT Carl Male White Clayton Lizzie Butler, Pa. Driller 410 New Castle St. Dec. 3, 1894
Aug. 14, 1894 VENSEL Floyd O. Male White George Mary E. Donegal Twp. Pumper Donegal Twp. Dec. 13, 1894
Oct. 5, 1894 VYOCK Jennie May Female White Amos Sophia Penn North Merchant Penn Twp. Dec. 20, 1894
Oct. 5, 1894 VIOCK Junia May Female White Amos Sophia Penn. Twp. North Merchant Penn. Twp. N. Mar. 3, 1950 Court Order
Nov. 20, 1894 VOLAND Emma D. Female White Henry Mary K. Butler Twp. Farmer Butler Twp. Dec. 22, 1894
Feb. 19, 1895 VOGLE Henry Philip Male White John Elizabeth Butler Twp. Tooldresser Butler Twp. May 14, 1895
Jul 1, 1895 VANDYKE Charles Leslie Male White R.E. Jennie Marion Twp. Farmer Dec. 6, 1895
Aug 15, 1895 VANDYKE Edward Maurice Male White S.M. S. A. Mercer Twp. Laborer Mercer Twp. Dec. 6, 1895
Sep. 3, 1895 VALENTINE Female White Joseph Maria M. Butler, Pa. G.H. Worker 6 Co. Row S. St. Dec. 13, 1895
Sep. 10, 1895 VANDEVORT Elmer Male White A.E. A. M. Evans City, Pa. Carpenter R.R. Street
Oct. 2, 1895 VANDYKE Scott DeWitt Male White James C. Maggie  Marion Twp. Farmer Dec. 9, 1895
Dec. 16, 1895 VANEMAN Eliza Female White W. C. Ida Venango Twp. Miner Venango Twp. Dec. 7, 1895
Dec. 30, 1895 VENSEL Easter Female White Joseph, Jr. Vern Donegal Twp. Driller Donegal Twp. May 11, 1895
Jan. 5, 1896 VANHORN Emma Hilda Female White Abraham Amanda Worth Twp. Farmer Worth Twp. May 18, 1896
Feb. 23, 1896 VOGEL Leo Male White Jos. Lizzie Butler , Pa. G. Blower 232 Clay St. May 20, 1896
Feb. 28, 1896 VINCENT John Porter Male White W. J. Nannie Marion Twp. Farmer Marion Twp. May 8, 1896
Mar. 3, 1896 VENSEL George A. Male White Joseph Verne Donegal Twp. Driller Donegal Twp. May 16, 1896
May 22, 1896 VOGAN John Clayton Male White Frank Mabel Muddy Creek Twp. Farmer Muddy Creek Twp. Dec. 15, 1896
May 26, 1896 VOGAN Norman F. Male White F. S. Blanche Butler Twp. Driller Butler Twp. Dec. 7, 1896
Jul. 26, 1896 VENSEL Male White Richard Mollie Millerstown Oil Op. Millerstown Dec. 26, 1896
Sep. 1, 1896 VALENTINE George  Male White Joseph Mary Butler Boro. Laborer 6 South St. Dec. 9, 1896
Sep. 6, 1896 VINCENT Hezekiah B. Male White W. E. Nancy B. Slippery Rock Farmer Slippery Rock Dec. 17, 1896
Sep. 26, 1896 VOUTARD Rita Female White Joseph Trinette Butler Boro. Grinder 109 Spring Hill Dec. 10, 1896
Oct. 1, 1896 VOLAND Edwin Arthur Male White J. H. E. Carrie Winfield Twp. Farmer Winfield Twp. Dec. 31, 1896
Oct. 21, 1896 VANDERLIN Arthur M. Male White J. M. I. M. Middlesex Twp. Pumper Middlesex Twp. Dec. 16, 1896
Oct. 25, 1896 VOLRATH Lelia M. Female White Miss Kate Volrath Jackson Twp. Jackson Twp.
Jan. 6, 1897 VOGLEY Male White Theodore Migonette Butler Boro. Agt. 127 W Cunningham St May 5, 1897
Jan. 8, 1897 VARNER Willie Male White John Clara Renfrew Laborer Renfrew May 4, 1897
Feb. 17, 1897 VOSLER Joseph Male White Lewis Ella Worth Twp. Farmer Worth Twp. May 4, 1897
Apr. 1, 1897 VENSIL Florence Female White Joseph, Jr. Vernie Donegal Twp. Driller Donegal Twp. May 19, 1897 Surname written in as VENSEL
Apr. 29, 1897 VANDYKE Male White Jackson Elizabeth Marion Twp. Farmer Marion Twp. May 5, 1897
Jun. 10, 1897 VANGORDER Carl Male White G. E. Leotta Centre Twp. Farmer Centre Twp. Nov. 17, 1897
Jul. 27, 1897 VOGELEY Dorothy G. Female White Theodore Mingonette 127 Cunningham St. Agent 127 Cunningham St. Nov. 29, 1897
Jul. 28, 1897 VOGEL Arthur  Male White Joseph Lizzie Butler, Pa. Glass B. 331 Jeff St. Nov. 13, 1897
Aug. 9, 1897 VENSEL Earl Calvin Male White C. F. Margaret Donegal Twp. Farmer Donegal Twp. Nov. 19, 1897
Oct. 7, 1897 VANBUREN Morris Male White George Mary Butler, Pa. Packer 401 Third St. Nov. 26, 1897
Dec. 22, 1897 VANDYKE Paul M. Male White S. B. Nancy E. Fairview Twp. Pumper Fairview Twp. May 3, 1898
Jan. 23, 1898 VINCENT Charles Male White W. J. Nannie Marion Twp. Farmer Marion Twp. May 6, 1898 Can't read middle initial
Jan. 31, 1898 VOGAN Clyde R. Male White L. C. Mabel T. Muddy Creek Twp. Farmer May 6, 1898
Feb. 26, 1898 VALENTINE Vernance Female White Joseph Mary Butler, Pa. Grinder 5 South St. May 18, 1898
Mar. 1, 1898 VAUGHN Female White J.D. Sarah Parker Twp. Laborer Parker Twp.
Mar. 28, 1898 VENSEL Elmer L. Male White Joseph Verne Donegal Twp. Driller Donegal Twp.
Aug. 2, 1898 VEITCH Jean Male White Andrew May Washington Twp. Coalminer Washington Twp. Dec. 19, 1898 Child's name changed to Leon.
Aug. 4, 1898 VARNUM Mabel H. Female White G. W. Adda Center Twp. Farmer Center Twp. Nov. 1, 1898
Aug. 26, 1898 VANDERPOOL Lavern Male White Jos. Joanna S. Adams Twp. Laborer S. Adams. Twp May 16, 1899
Sep. 1, 1898 VAN VOY Female White C. R. Mary Callery Clerk Callery Dec. 15, 1898
Sep. 1, 1898 VAN VOY Mildred Lois Female White Charles R. Mary A. Callery Clerk Callery Mar. 12, 1943 Court Order
Sep. 29, 1898 VOGAN Edward Male White Mart Mary Glade Mills Pumper Pgh. Dec. 10, 1898
Oct. 13, 1898 VINIOND Emile Male White Louis Nellie Butler, Pa. Clk. 223 Spring Ave. Dec. 30, 1898
Nov. 6, 1898 VOGLE Male White John Jennie Butler Twp Pumper Butler Nov. 11, 1898
Jan. 13, 1899 VANBURAN Elizabeth E. Female White George Mary Butler, Pa. Laborer 231 Cunningham St. May 15, 1899 Surname cahnged to VANBUREN
Mar. 4, 1899 VANDYKE Female White J. L. Annie S. Connoq. Twp. Pumper S. Connoq. Twp. May 1, 1899
Mar. 4, 1899 VANDYKE Mary Helen Female White Joseph Lee Anna B. S. Connoq. Twp. Pumper S. Connoq. Twp. May, 14, l942 Court Order
Apr. 16, 1899 VINCENT Hazel Caroline Female White W. E. Nancy  Slippery Rock Slippery Rock May 17, 1899
May 9, 1899 VENSEL Female White Jacob Zella Donegal Twp. Farmer Donegal Twp. May 26, 1899
May 24, 1899 VINROE Mary Gertrude Female White O. B. Helen Butler, Pa. Barber 331 W. North St. Nov. 11, 1899
Jul. 27, 1899 VANGORDER John A. Male White Geo. Leota Centre Twp. Farmer Centre Twp. Dec. 7, 1899
Jul 29, 1899 VOGEL Charlotte Female White Joseph Elizabeth 219 E. Clay G. Blower 219 E. Clay Dec. 29, 1899
Sep. 20, 1899 VENSEL Mary E. Female White J. C. Anna Coleman Fairview Twp. Laborer Fairview Twp. Nov. 16, 1899
Oct. 21, 1899 VOGT Martha Female White John Elizabeth Parker Twp. Producer Parker Twp. May 26, 19OO
Oct. 22, 1899 VOGT Male White John Elizabeth Parker Twp. Producer Dec. 1, 1899
Nov. 29, 1899 VOGLEY Male White Theo. Minne Cor Cunn & Wash Sts Agent Cor Cunn & Wash. Sts. Dec 14, 1899
Nov 29, 1899 VOGELEY Theodore Kenneth Male White Theodore Mignonette G. Butler, Pa. Coal & Ins. Butler Apr. 27, 1959 Court Order
Mar. 13, 19OO VARAUSS Jenna Female White Thomas Filonena Callery Laborer Callery
Mar. 14, 19OO VOGEN Nancy M. Female White Frank Mable Jacksonville Farmer Worth Twp. May 22, 19OO
Mar. 23, 19OO VIMOND Female White Louis Nellie Butler Boro. Clerk 603 Walker Ave. May 26, 19OO
Apr. 10, 19OO VARNER Margaret F. Female White William Almire Fairview Twp. Miner Petrolia May 1, 19OO
Sep. 28, 19OO VOLAND Alberta Female White J. H. E. Carie Dellano Butler, Pa. Farmer Dellano Butler Co. Nov. 10, 19OO
Nov. 12, 19OO VINROE Pauline Margarite Female White Oliver B. Hellen Butler Boro. Barber 313 Penn St. Dec. 18, 19OO
Feb. 12, 19O1 VOGLEY Elenore Female White John M. Julia Butler Boro. Butcher 417 West Clay St. May 13, 19O1
Mar. 20, 19O1 VANDYKE Wilbert G. Male White R. E. M. J. Marion Twp. Farmer Marion Twp. May 7, 19O1
Apr. 2, 19O1 VINROE Margrett C. Female White Philip Mary Butler Boro. Laborer West St. May 20, 19O1
Jul. 13, 19O1 VANVOY Elgin Leroy Male White C. R. Mary A. Callery Clerk Callery Nov. 12, 19O1
Jul. 2O, 19O1 VANDYKE Stanley Blair Male White J. L. A. B. Connoq. Boro. Pumper Connoq. Boro Nov. 25, 19O1
Aug. 14, 19O1 VENSEL Harold Male White C. L. Katie Clearfield Twp. Laborer Donegal Twp. Nov. 3O, 19O1
Sep. 19, 19O1 VAN BURON George Male White George Mary   Butler Boro. Laborer Cliff St. Nov. 7, 19O1
Oct. 2, 19O1 VOGEL Mary Catherine Female White John T. Martha J. Butler Twp. Farmer Butler Twp. Mother's name changed to Elizabeth J
Nov. 3, 19O1 VANDERLIN Virgil D. Female White J. M. Ida M. Middlesex Twp. Pumper Middlesex Twp. Dec. 12, 19O1
Nov. 30, 19O1 VAN HORN White R. E. Parkers Landing Laborer Dec. 13, 19O1 DOR handwritten
Dec. 3, 19O1 VAN VECHTEN Jay Henry Male White Frank Van Vechton Annie Jackson Twp. Miller Jackson Twp. May 19, 19O2
Dec. 21, 19O1 VALKER Willie Male White William May 120 Monroe St. Laborer 120 Monroe St. May 7, 19O1
Dec. 27, 19O1 VAN DYKE Elsie J. Female White S. B. Minnie Fairview Twp. Farmer Fairview Twp. Dec. 4, 19O1
Mar. 28, 19O2 VINCENT Male White William Nannie Slippery Rock Twp. Farmer Slippery Rock Twp. May 8, 19O2
Mar. 28, 19O2 VINCENT Frederick William Male White William Elmer Nannie Belle Slippery Rock Twp. Farmer Slippery Rock Twp. Mar. 18, 1968
Apr. 24, 19O2 VOBLE Female White Calvin Nellie Winfield Farmer Winfield May 20, 19O2
May 28, 19O2 VOGAN Homer C. Male White Frank Maybel Worth Twp. Farmer Worth Twp. Dec. 13, 19O2
Aug. 24, 19O2 VOGUS Infant Male White Joseph Margaret Slippery Rock Laborer Slippery Rock Twp. Dec. 12, 19O2
Sep. 2, 19O2 VAN NORMAN John R Male White John M. E. L. Church St. Petrolia Boilermaker Church St. Dec. 17,19O2
Dec. 20, 19O2 VARNER Ruth E. Female White Harry Mary Jackson Twp. West Laborer Jackson Twp. W. May 29, 19O2
Mar. 12, 19O3 VORINE Valentine Female White John Marino Carnel West Winfield Limeburner May 14, 19O3
Apr. 7, 19O3 VINRO Laura M. Female White Albert Clora Butler Twp. Laborer Butler Twp. Jun. 4, 19O3
Apr. 8, 19O3 VENSIL Infant Male White D. T. Elsie Concord Twp. Pumper Concord Twp. May 8,  19O3
May 27, 19O3 VINCENT Alda M. Female White C. G. Hattie Harrisville Farmer Marion Twp. Jun. 3, 19O4 DOB changed to Aug 3, 1903
Aug. 5, 19O3 VOGLE M .B. Female White W. F. Perl Fairview Twp. Barber Fairview Twp. Dec. 8, 19O4
Oct. 14, 19O3 VOLTZ John Raphael Male White Clement Headrick Butler Twp. Laborer Butler Twp. Jun. 4, 19O3
Nov. 19, 19O3 VENDER Elsie Female White P. Charlotte Callery Laborer Callery May 12, 19O4
19O4 VORONOV Isena Female White Sumer Fannie Butler, Pa. Laborer Pearce Ave. Red Row Nov. 28, 19O4
Jan. 21, 19O4 VORINE Pat Male White John Cormala W. Winfield Limeburner W. Winfield May 20,. 19O4
Feb. 26, 19O4 VANBUREN James W. Male White Geo. Mary 221 Cliff St. Salesman 221 Cliff St. May 6, 19O4
Mar. 6, 19O4 VOGAN Thos. C. Male White Frank Mabel Worth Twp. Farmer Worth Twp. May 27, 19O4
Jun 3, 19O4 VINROW Helen E. Female White O. D. Helen Butler, Pa. Barber 2O4 Lincoln St. Nov. 22, 19O4
Jun. 11, 19O4 VERGASCO Infant Male White Mike Mary 42 Red Row Laborer 42 Red Row May 2O, 19O4
Jun. 28, 19O4 VANGORDER Paul E. Male White Geo. E. Leota Center Twp. Farmer Center Twp. Dec. 10, 1904
Sep. 5, 19O4 VAN RENSAELER Edith Female White L. D. Edith Renfrew Merchant Renfrew Dec. 21, 19O4
Sep. 22, 19O4 VOJNER Peter Male White Mike Mary Butler, Pa. Laborer Red Row Nov. 28, 19O4
Sep. 25, 19O4 VANDYKE Dorothy I Female White Richard Alberta Butler, Pa. Carpenter 703 Center Ave. Dec. 1, 19O4
Oct. 24, 19O4 VAN RANSSELAER Marjory Female White L. D. Ethel Penn Twp. N. Merchant Renfrew May 11, 19O5
Oct. 27, 19O4 VENSEL Chas. L. Male White Chas. L. Catherine Millerstown Undertaker Mill St. Dec. 17, 19O4
Nov. 19, 19O4 VOLTZ Margaret L. Clemence Hedwick Summit Twp. Laborer Summit Twp. Dec. 1O, 19O4
May 1, 19O5 VARGO Steve Male White Steve Rosa Venango Twp. Miner Venango Twp.
Oct. 25, 19O5 VARGO Aaron Male White John Rose Venago Twp. Miner Venango Twp.
Nov. 6, 19O5 VASLONESKA Nick Male White Peter Mary Red Row Laborer Red Row
VANCE Calvin D. Male Black
VENASKA Steane Male White Necala Victoria Red Row Laborer Red Row May 9, 19O5