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May 15, 19O3 YAHAN Joseph     Male White Stony Butler Twp. Laborer 109 Standard Ave. Nov. 19, 19O3
Jan 12, 1894 YAHING Mary Elyebeth Female White Ungush Ursina B. Buffalo Twp. Coalminer Buffalo Twp. May 14, 1894
Apr. 25, 19O2 YAHING Female White A. W. Wisina B. Buffalo Twp. Miner Buffalo Twp. May 22, 19O2
Sep.3, 1896 YAHRING Edna Myrtle Female White August W. Ursina B. Buffalo Twp. Coalminer Buffalo Twp. Dec. 3, 1896
Oct. 15, 19O3 YALSHISM John Male White Daniel Butler Twp. Laborer Bredinville Nov. 18, 19O3
Mar. 29, 19O5 YANCH Babe Male White George Eva Petrolia Boro. Tailor Petrolia, Pa. May 18, 19O5
Oct. 20, 19O3 YANCH Olan Male White George Eva Fairview Twp. Barber Fairview Twp. May 23, 19O3
Apr. 27, 19O3 YANCH Stella F. Female White Leonard S. Lulu I. Petrolia, Pa. Boilermaker Argyle St. Jun 1, 19O3 Surname changed to YAUCH
Oct. 24, 19OO YARGER John Male White E. E. Lydia Butler, Pa. Driller 421 Lookout Ave. Dec. 27, 19OO
Jan. 16, 1898 YARGER Roy Sampson Male White Elmer E. Lydia Butler, Pa. Driller 421 Lookout Ave. May 19, 1898
Jan. 27, 1897 YARGER Ruth Female White Elmer E. Lydia Butler, Pa. Laborer 421 Lookout Ave. Jun 12, 1897
Feb. 14, 19O4 YARROW Mary H. Female White A. A. B. M. Concord Twp. Drilller Concord Twp. May 16, 19O4
Oct. 4, 19O4 YASEE Steone Male White Steone S. 236 Butler, Pa. laborer 9 Vernon Row Jan. 3, 19O5
Jul 23, 19O2 YATES Earl Male White Thomas Nancy 122 Race St. Painter New Castle, Pa. May, 18, 19O3
Dec. 13, 1894 YATES Ruth Female White R.C. E.T. Zelienople, Pa. Minister Clay St. Jun 3, 1895
Feb. 22, 1898 YAUCH Martha L. Female White Casper Mary A. Petrolia B. Smith Fairview St. Jun 13, 1898
Aug. 26, 1894 YEAGER Agnes Female White John Catharine Cranberry Twp. Farmer Cranberry Twp. Dec. 7, 1894
Jul 1896 YEAGER Chalmers Barr Male White Harry Harriet Butler, Pa. Railroader Butler, Pa. Jun. 21, 1943 Court Order
May 2, 19O3 YEAGER Infant Female White H. R. Minnie 236 Park St. Slateroofer 236 Park St. May 14, 19O3
Aug. 10, 1894 YEAGER Male White Harry E. Hatie Butler, Pa. R.R.Fireman 712 Fairview Ave. Dec. 21, 1894
Jul 19, 1896 YEAGER Male White Harry  Hattie Butler Boro. Brakeman 40 Fairview Ave. Dec. 30, 1896
Aug. 6, 19O4 YEAMAN Gertrude Jane Female White H. B. Minnie 236 Park St. S. Roofer 236 Park St. Dec. 5, 19O4
Oct. 18, 1895 YEO Florence L. Female White M. E.L. Winfield Twp. Laborer Winfield Twp. Dec. 24, 1896
Sep. 28, 1899 YEO Mary Luella Female White M. E. A. W. Winfield Twp. Boss W. Winfield Twp. Nov. 15, 1899
Aug. 1, 19O3 YETTER Infant Male White Frank Adams North Laborer Callery Dec. 16, 19O3 Child's name written Donald; Mother's name written Clarina.
Apr. 24, 19OO YOCH Male White Frank Annie Clay Twp. Miner Clay Twp. May 8, 19OO
Apr. 4, 19O5 YOCK Agnes Female White Frank YOCH Annie YOCH Clay Twp. Miner Clay Twp. May 9, 19O5 Surname changed to YOCH; DOR handwritten
Aug. 16, 1895 YOCKEY Eugenia Virginia Male White Eugene Wallace Flora Celicia Butler, Pa. Oil & Gas Butler, Pa Dec. 4, 1896
Jun 8, 1894 YOCKEY Georgie B. Female White E.W. Flora B. 815 Fairview Ave. Laborer Armstong Co. Dec. 28, 1894
Sep. 18, 1894 YOCKEY Female White Elmer Ellen Donegal Twp. Laborer Donegal Twp. Dec. 26, 1894
Aug. 16, 1895 YOKEY Eugene V Female White E W Flora C Butler, Pa. Driller 851 Fairview Ave. May 12, l952 Court Order
Aug. 9, 19O4 YONCO Mary Female White E. E. Red Row Laborer Red Row
May 4, 19O5 YOSCO Steane Male White Steane Susie Fair Ground Ave. Laborer Fair Ground Ave. May 8, 19O5
Oct. 4, 19O4 YOSIE Pleane Male White Steane S. 9 Vermun Row Laborer
Jul 23, 19O3 YOST Filbert Male White E. A. Erma 103 Cleveland St. Teamster 103 Cleveland St. Dec. 5, 19O3
Dec. 18, 19O1 YOST Irvine Male White E. A. Emma 105 Cleveland St. Teamster 105 Cleveland st. May 7, 19O2
Jan. 30, 1898 YOUBROUGH Ray A. Male White S. K. E. B. W. Jackson Twp. Tel. Op.
Mar. 29, 19O5 YOUGH Margaret Levada Female White George Michael Eva Alma Petrolia    Tailor Petrolia  Aug. 3, 1953 Court Order
Oct. 18, 1899 YOUKER Jos. Albert Male White A.W. Cora Centre Twp. Farmer Centre Twp. Dec. 11, 1899
Oct. 2, 19O1 YOUKERS Carl Walter Male White Albert W. Cora Center Twp. Farmer Center Twp. Sep. 16, 1942 Court order
Dec. 6, 1897 YOUKERS Flossie Elizabeth Female White William Minnie Millerstown, Pa. Carpenter Millerstown, Pa. Jul. 25, 1955 Court Order
Jun. 11, 19O5 YOUKERS Harry Male White Albert Cora Center Twp. Farmer Center Twp. Dec. 5, 19O5
Aug. 5, 1893 YOUKERS Hazel Female White Z.W. Cora Centre Twp. Farmer Centre Twp. Dec. 26, 1893
Jul 13, 19O3 YOUKERS Pearl M. Female White A. W. Cora Center Twp. W. Farmer Centre Twp. Oct. 29, 19O3
Feb. 28, 1897 YOUKERS Ralph Frank Male White Alvin Cora Center Twp. Farmer Center Twp. May 5, 1897
Dec. 6, 1897 YOUKERS Female White Wm Minnie Millerstown, Butler Co Driller Millerstown Dec 14, 1897
Jan. 22, 19O1 YOUNG Adda Viola Female White John E Louisa Washington Twp. Coalminer Washington Twp.
Apr. 16, 19O4 YOUNG Albert Male White John Mary Oakland Twp. Miner Oakland Twp. Apr. 11, 19O4
Apr. 3, 19O3 YOUNG Alberta C. Female White Homer Serepta Centre Twp. Farmer Centre Twp. May 12, 19O3
YOUNG Alferetta Female White Braden Ada Sunbury Boro Liveryman Sunbury Boro. Nov. 14, 1899
Mar. 15, 19O5 YOUNG Alice Grace Female White John Mary Oakland Twp. Laborer Oakland Twp. May 20, 19O5
Oct. 26, 1897 YOUNG Allene Female White John Lizzie Centre Twp. Driller Centre Twp. Nov. 29, 1897
Jun 14, 19O4 YOUNG Annie B. Female White George Lillie Butler, Pa. Tooldresser 201 Mercer St. Dec. 28, 19O4
Feb. 16, 1896 YOUNG Archie Male White Elmer Zelia Harmony, Pa. Laborer Harmony, Pa. May 20, 1896
Sep. 9, 1899 YOUNG Carl J. Male White Jos. L. Mary  Butler, Pa. Driller West D St. Nov. 6, 1899
Sep. 3, 19O5 YOUNG Charles Edw. Male White Ed Madie Zelienople Boro. Clerk Zelienople Boro. Dec. 15, 19O5
Jan. 8, 1899 YOUNG E. E. Female White Ernest Maggie Argentine, Wash Twp Coalminer Argentine Jun 1, 1899 DOB year is changed to 1898
Jul. 15, 19OO YOUNG E. J. Male White G. H. Tillie Butler Twp Tooldresser Butler Twp Nov. 5, 19OO
Aug. 30, 19O5 YOUNG Edd Male White Earnest Maggie Argentine Miner Argentine Dec. 7, 19O5
Apr. 16, 19O3 YOUNG Elsa G. Female White F. B. Maud Brady St. Oil Man Brady St. May 11, 19O3 Father's Initials changed to T.B.
Oct. 6, 1896 YOUNG Esibell Female White W. M. Maud M. Fairview, Pa. Schoolteacher Fairview Boro. May 14, 1896
Mar. 7, 1899 YOUNG Eugene Male White J. B. Eva Butler, Pa. Oil Prod 229 Clay St. May 19, 1899
Feb. 15, 1894 YOUNG Francis J. Female White John L. Sarah North Oakland Driller Oakland Twp. May 10, 1894
Apr. 14, 1898 YOUNG Frank Male White John Mary Donegal Twp. Farmer
Sep. 17, 1894 YOUNG Genevieve Female White Joseph L. Mary West D. St. Driller West D. St. Oct. 19, 1897
Mar. 29, 19O2 YOUNG George Edward Male White John Anna Mary Oakland Twp. Miner Oakland Twp. May 12, 19O2
Feb. 23, 1894 YOUNG George J. Male White Elmer Zelia Harmony Railroader Harmony Dec. 26. 1894
Mar. 17, 1896 YOUNG George P. Male White Geo. W. Ellen Dennys Mills, Pa. Miller Dennys Mills, Pa. May, 11, 1896 DOB - the day is written in
Apr. 5, 1899 YOUNG George Sterling Male White William Henry Nora Butler, Pa. Merchant Butler, Pa. Jul 3O, 1958 Court order
Aug. 16,1896 YOUNG Gertiie M. Female White John Mary St. Joe Sta. Farmer Oakland Twp. Dec. 11, 1896
Aug. 22, 1899 YOUNG Grace Female White Wilson Ellen N. Adams Twp. Laborer Adams Twp. Nov. 29, 1899
Aug. 25, 1898 YOUNG Harry Male White Charles Alice Donegal Twp. Laborer Donegal Twp. May 18, 1899
Apr. 12, 19O5 YOUNG Hecial G. Male White Charles Grace Mars Liveryman Pittsburgh May 18, 19O5
Mar. 19, 1898 YOUNG Henry Earl Male White Ed Caroline Connoq. Twp. Farmer Connoq. Twp. May 18, 1898
Dec. 29, 1899 YOUNG J. E. Male White John Louise Argentine Coalminer Argentine Jun 1, 1899 DOB - year changed to 1898
Jul. 20, 1894 YOUNG James C. Male White G.W. Ellen Myoma Laborer Myoma Dec. 5, 1894
Jan. 18, 19O2 YOUNG James L. Male White Sheldon Anna Centre Twp. Laborer Centre Twp. May 12, 19O2
Sep. 16, 1895 YOUNG James Vincent Male White Joseph L. Mary Butler, Pa. Driller West D. St. Dec. 4, 1896 DOR the 6 is crossed out and a handwritten 5 inserted
Jan 28, 19OO YOUNG Joseph Adam Male White John Mary Oakland Twp. Laborer Donegal Twp. May 25, 19OO
Jan. 2, 19O2 YOUNG Lena T. Female White Homer Sarepta Centre Twp. Farmer Centre Twp. May 12, 19O2
Aug. 16, 19O3 YOUNG Lottie Margaret Female White George A. Isabell E. Slippery Rock   Farmer Slippery Rock   Dec. 7, 19O3
Dec. 31, 1897 YOUNG Loyal B. Male White Breaden Ada Clay Twp. Farmer Clay Twp. May 6, 1898
Nov. 7, 19OO YOUNG Margaret Female White A. S. Clara Jackson Twp. Coalminer Jackson Twp. May 13, 19OO
Jul 7, 1896 YOUNG Margarete Female White Charles Alice Franklin Twp. Pumper Franklin Twp. Dec. 11, 1896
Oct. 1, 1895 YOUNG Margaretta Female White A.W. Margaretta Washington Twp. N. C. Miner Washington Twp. N. Dec. 5, 1896
Jan. 2, 1898 YOUNG Mark J. Male White W. M. Mrs. Maude M. Fairview Schoolteacher Fairview May 20, 1898
May 19, 19O5 YOUNG Mary C. Female White R. W. C. T. 200 New Castle St. Laborer 201 New Castle St. Dec. 20, 19O5
Nov. 8,19O5 YOUNG Mary E. Female White John Sarah Argentine Miner Argentine Dec. 7, 19O5
Jun 23, 1897 YOUNG Mary May Female White George Isabel Worth Twp. Laborer Worth Twp. Nov. 6, 1897
Aug. 15, 19O2 YOUNG Merle Sebestian Male White Joseph L. Mary 138 West D. St. Driller 138 West D. St.
Jan. 22, 19O4 YOUNG Myrtle Female White Orrie Blanche Forward Twp. Farmer Evans City May 21, 19O4
Jan. 28, 1897 YOUNG Ralph D. Male White W. G. Lucinda Butler, Twp. Producer Butler Twp. May 6, 1897
Aug. 17, 19O4 YOUNG Regis Male White J. L. Mary Butler, Pa. Driller 138 West D. St. Dec. 28, 19O4
Nov. 19O2 YOUNG Robert A. Male White Braden Ada Main st. Undertaker West Sunbury Dec. 15, 19O3
Jan. 14, 19O4 YOUNG Robert J. Male White Earnest Maggie Washington Twp. N. Miner Washington Twp. N. May 13, 19O4
Oct. 19, 19O4 YOUNG Rudelli E Female White William J. Mary E. Center Twp. Farmer Center Twp. Dec. 1O, 19O4 Child's name changed to Rudelle
Jan. 22, 1896 YOUNG Sarah Eva Female White H.H. Eva Clearfield Twp. Pumper Clearfield, Twp. May 26, 1896
Jun. 11, 19O1 YOUNG Thomas Charls Male White E. W. Maggie Washington Twp. Miner Washington Twp. Nov. 18, 19O1
Jan. 16, 19O4 YOUNG Veed V. Female White Sheldon S. Anna Center Twp. Tooldresser Center Twp. May 7, 19O4 Child's name changed to Velda V
Jun. 3O, 19O1 YOUNG William Frank Male White George A. Belle Slippery Rock Twp. Farmer Slippery Rock Twp. Nov. 20, 19O1
Sep. 17, 1894 YOUNG William J. Male White John  Mary Oakland Twp. Farmer Joseph Sayter Farm Dec. 13, 1894
Sep. 4, 1896 YOUNG William J. Male White Wm. H. Nora B. Butler, Pa. Tailor Butler Boro. Dec. 1, 1896
Jun 30, 1893 YOUNG William S Male White H.H. Eva Clearfield Twp. Pumper Clearfield Twp. Dec. 16, 1893
Apr. 5, 1899 YOUNG Male White W.H. N. B. Butler, Pa. Tailor 300 Jefferson St. 1899 DOR handwritten
Dec. 11, 1895 YOUNG Male White Edwin  Carling Connoq. Twp. Farmer Connoq. Twp. Dec. 11, 1896
Feb. 1899 YOUNG Female White Braden Ada West Sunbury Undertaker West Sunbury
Jul. 28, 1894 YOUNG Male White W.J. Lizzie Penn Twp. Driller Center Twp. Dec. 5, 1894
Mar. 21, 19O1 YOUNG Male White Charley Ivy Franklin Twp. Laborer Prospect May 28, 19O1
May 1, 1897 YOUNG Female White Elmer Zelia Flowers Harmony Laborer Harmony May 22, 1897
Nov. 15, 1899 YOUNG Female White G. A. Isabella Slippery Rock Twp. Farmer Nov. 21, 1899
Nov. 19, 1893 YOUNG Female White Ebenezer Lena Butler Twp. Miner Butler Twp. Dec. 9, 1893
Oct. 18, 1895 YOUNG Male White Edwin J. Clemie Adams Twp. N. Tooldresser At Young Farm Dec. 7, 1896
Oct. 28, 1897 YOUNG Female White S. W. Main Butler Twp. Farmer Butler Twp.
Oct. 2O, 19OO YOUNG Male White John Lizzie Center Twp. Farmer Center Twp. Dec. 1O, 19OO
Dec. 31, 19O3 YOUNG A. M. Female White Ed Mattie West Sunbury Boro. Driller Main St. May 25, 19O4
Oct. 14, 19O5 YOUNG Infant Female White Sheldon  Anna Center Twp. Farmer Center Twp. Dec. 5, 19O5 Child's name written in - Lois Mary
May 26, 1896 YOUNG, Earl Shira Male White J. B. Eva M. Butler Boro. Oil Prod. 229 Clay St. Jan. 4, 1897
Oct. 3, 19O3 YOUNGBLOOD Celia Female White Wm. Joshana Jackson Twp. W. Farmer Jackson Twp. W. Dec. 12, 19O3
Jul 11, 1897 YOUNGBLOOD Susanna L. Female White Wm.  Minnie Lancaster Twp. Pumper Lancaster Twp. Oct. 26, 1897
Jul. 12, 19O1 YOUNGBLOOT Levi P. Male White Wm. Johanna Jackson, Twp. Farmer Jackson Twp. Nov. 23, 19O1
Jun 12, 1894 YOUNKIN Florence E. Female White Daniel Evalyn Butler, Pa. Oil Pro. Brady St. Dec. 4, 1894 Evalyn hand written in for Florence's middle name
Jan. 11, 1897 YOUNKINS Dellma Elizabeth Female White Daniel Evelyn Eliza 612 E Brady St. Oil Producer 612 E Brady St. Jun. 9, 1952 Court Order
Apr. 1, 19O3 YOUNKINS Infant Female White Roy Frances Sloan W. Winfield Twp. Stable Boss May 14, 19O3
Jun. 9, 19O1 YOUNKINS James Male White R. D. Frances West Winfield Laborer West Winfield Nov. 8, 19O1
May 3, 19OO YOUNKINS James Kenneth Male White Daniel Eva Butler, Pa. Oil Prod 150 Brady St. Dec. 13, 19OO
Jan. 11, 1897 YOUNKINS Female White Dan'l Evaline Butler, Pa. Producer 150 Brady St. May 10, 1897
Oct. 19O1 YOURKES Clair Male White Albert Cora Centre Twp. Farmer Centre Twp. May 20, 19O2