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Furs carefully kept for the Summer Season by

P. 188
Post Office Addresses -.Colemanville - Conestoga- Safe Harbor - Slackwater

Airline JosephfarmerConestoga Aston Abrahamlaborer Conestoga
Ale Jacoblaborerdo Aston Isaacdodo
Ale Mrs. Fanny do Aston JosephdoSafe Harbor
Appleton JameslaborerSafe Harbor    
Bachman Miss Susan Conestoga Baker JohnlaborerSafe Harbor
Bair Ephraim laborerdo  Bealer Marks farmerConestoga
Bair Mrs. Fanny do  Belly Mrs Safe Harbor
Baity Silasfarmerdo  Benedict Amoscarpenter    Conestoga

* Furnished by John W. Urban, Small Fruit Culturist, and Township Assessor, Conestoga
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company - Assets $24,000,000

P. 189


Benedict Amos laborerConestoga Bowers JacoblaborerSlackwater
Benedict Chrnlaborerdo Boyle Jamesstage driverSafe Harbor
Benedict Georgedodo Brady AdamshoemakerConestoga
Benedict John Srdodo Brady MillerlaborerConestoga
Benedict Reubentailordo Brady Ruebendodo
Berkheart Jacoblaborerdo Breniser Jacobsaw millerSlackwater
Berk Henry do Breniser Mrs.widowdo
Bitts JacobbutcherConestoga Brenner EmanuellaborerSafe Harbor
Boatman JohnlaborerSafe Harbor Brenner Johndodo
Bohnert JacoblaborerSlackwater Brenner Levidodo
Bonart Jacobdo do Brenner Martindodo
Bones Wm, (Davis &Bones)Safe Harbor Broom Isaacdodo
Bortzfield AdamfarmerConestoga Buckwalter JacobfarmerConestoga
Bortzfield BenjblacksmithSafe Harbor Buckwalter Johjn Jr.dodo
Bortzfield Georgelaborerdo Buckwalter John Sr. dodo
Bouswine JohnfarmerConestoga    
Caldwaell Davidsaw millerConestoga Charles Mrs. Martha  Slackwater
Caldwell JohnlaborerSlackwater Clark Jacoblaborer 
Campbell Georgecooperdo Clark John farmerConestoga
Campbell HiramlaborerConestoga Clarken MichaellaborerSafe Harbor
Carigan Elido  Clayman Georgedodo
Carigan FranklindoConestoga Clinger Peter SphysicanConestoga
Carrigan Mrs. CatharineseamstressConestoga Cole Christiancarpenterdo
Cately Mrs Safe Harbor Conner JameslaborerSafe Harbor
Chambers AmoslaborerConestoga Conrand JacobfarmerConestoga
Chambers FrankcabinetmakerConestoga Cosloe Mrs  
Chambers Mrs. Mary do Crosson SamuellaborerConestoga
Charles Jacoblaborerdo Crow SamueldoSafe Harbor
    Crow ThomaslaborerSafe Harbor
Daily BenjaminlaborerSlackwater Davler Mrs. Elizabeth  Conestoga
Daily MartindoConestoga Davler Mrs. Susan do
Daily Mrswidowdo Dill John A.laborerConestoga
Davis David(Davis & Bones)Safe Harbor Doubtz Geo.doSafe Harbor
Davis Thomas studentdo Duke AdamcooperConestoGA
Davler HenryfarmerConestoga Duke Sam'lsaw millerSafe Harbor
Davler Jacoblaborerdo Duke ThomascooperConestoga
Eby ChristiantailorConestoga Erb John Sr.ret'd mer'ntConestoga
Eckman Amosshoemakerdo Erb Mrs do
Eckman Benjaminlaborerdo Ernest JohnlaborerSlackwater
Eckman, Danieldodo Eshleman BenjaminfarmerConestoga
Erb John Jr.dodo Evans Wesley(col'd) laborerdo
Fehl Jac Esq.justice of peaceSlackwater Fralich JohnsalesmanConestoga
Fehl Samuelfarmerdo Frey BenjaminlaborerSlackwater
Flinchbaugh Fred'kwheelwrightConestoga Frink ElliaslaborerSafe Harbor
Flinchbaugh Henrydodo Funk Henryfarmerdo
Foutz Jacobfarmerdo Funk Martindodo
Gall JacoblaborerConestoga Gibson SamuellaborerSafe Harbor
Gardner JohnfarmerColemanville Giles Wm.wagon makingConestoga
Gardner John W.dry goodsColemanville Glessner & shoes. Conestoga
Garret GeorgelaborerConestoga Good AmamfarmerConestoga
Garret Mrs. Mary Safe Harbor Good Andw.dodo

A.B. Kaufman Agt,. Office No. 1 E. Orange St. one door East of N. Queen

P. 190
J.M. Westheaeffer, 44 N. Queen-st., Bookseller, Stationer & News Dealer

Good Benj.farmerSafe Harbor Good Williamgrist millConestoga,
Good Chrn.doConestoga Good Valentinelaborerdo
Good Davidlaborerdo Goodman Mrs. Margaret Slackwater
Good Eph.dodo Graham CharlesteacherSafe Harbor
Good John P.saloon keeperConestoga Graham Daniellaborerdo
Good Levilaborerdo Graver AndrewdoConestoga
Good Marisdodo Graver Henryfarmerdo
Good Miss Margaret do Guntner Benj.laborerSafe Harbor
Good Mrs. Martha do Guntner Danieldodo
Good Miss Susan do Guntner Johnfarmerdo
Hackman BenjamincarpenterConestoga Hess ChristianfarmerConestoga
Hackman ChristianlaborerSafe Harbor Hess David Sr.doSafe Harbor
Hackman JacobcarpenterConestoga Hess David Sr.doConestoga
Hackman Mrs. Susan Safe Harbor Hess David Jr.dodo
Hackman SolomonlaborerConestoga Hess David Jr.doSafe Harbor
Hall Henrycarpenterdo Hess David L..laborerSafe Harbor
Hall Mrs. Mary do Hess GeorgedoSafe Harbor
Hammer HenrylaborerSafe Harbor Hess JacobdoConestoga
Harley Mrs. Sarah Conestoga Hess James E.teacherSlackwater
Harley Williamlaborerdo Hess Johnfarmerdo
Harmon Mrs. Mary do Hess MartinshoemakerConestoga
Harmon Philiplaborerdo Hess Maynard J.PostmasterSafe Harbor
Harnish Christianfarmerdo Hess Mrs. Mary Conestoga
Harnish Jacobdodo Hess Mrs. Mary Slackwater
Harnish JonasdoSafe Harbor Hess Mrs. Sarahwid. DanielSafe Harbor
Harnish Sam'llumber mer'ntColemanville Hess Mrs. Sarahwid. JacobSafe Harbor
Hartman John(col'd) laborerConestoga Hess SamuelPostmasterSlackwater
Hebble Jacobdodo Hess ZachariahlaborerSafe Harbor
Hebble Jacobdodo Hevron Johndodo
Henry AaronlaborerSafe Harbor Hill Andrewdodo
Henry AbrahamcarpenterConestoga Hill Frederickdodo
Henry Chrn. K.carpenterdo Hill Johndodo
Henry Davidlaborerdo Hiller Casper(Hiller&Son)Conestoga
Henry GeorgefarmerSafe Harbor Hiller Peter C.(Hiller & Son)do
Henry Georgelaborerdo Hiller & Sonnurserydo
Henry Jacobstone masonConestoga Hoak Jacoblaborerdo
Henry Johndodo Hoak Mrs. Martha Slackwater
Henry JohncarpenterSafe Harbor Hollow SamuelminerConestoga
Henry John T.stone masonConestoga Hookey Benjamin F.butcherConestoga
Herny Samuellaborerdo Hoopes ColemanclerkColemanville
Hess AbrahamfarmerSlackwater Hoopes MarisColemanville FurnaceColemanville
Hess Abraham R.clerkSafe Harbor Hupper FredericklaborerConestoga
Hess Benjaminmasondo Hupper Johncarpenterdo
Hess BenjamintailorConestoga    
Hess Christian Sr.farmerConestoga    
Jones FranklinaborerConestoga Jones JohnblacksmithingConestoga
Kauffman JacoblaborerSafe Harbor Kendig EmanuellaborerConestoga
Kauffman JacobdoConestoga Kendig Johnphysiciando
Kauffman Johncooperdo Kendig John Mteacherdo
Keller ConradlaborerSlackwater Kendig Martinfarmerdo
Keller John W.laborerdo Kendig Mrs. Elizabeth Colemanville
Kemp JohndoSafe Harbor Kendig Mrs. Marywid. UriasSafe Harbor
Kendig AbrahamfarmerConestoga Kepperly AbrahamlaborerConestoga
Kendig Adam  do Kepperly Johndodo
Kendig Alfredlaborerdo Ketterman JohnlaborerSafe Harbor
Kendig Christianfarmerdo Kirk Lewis(col'd) laborerConestoga
Kendig Elidodo Kline Miss Elizabeth do
Zephyrs - Black Lace and Grenadines, at L. Reincehl & Sister's

Note: Page 191 was a full page ad, not relevent to Conestoga

DIRECTORY OF LANCASTER COUNTY Men's and Boy's Wool Hats, for Sale Cheap, by

Kline GeorgefarmerConestoga Kreider JacoblaborerConestoga
Kline Miss Barbara  do Kreider John dodo
Kline Rudolphlaborerdo Kreider Johndodo
Knisely BenjaminfarmerSafe Harbor Kreider Mrs. Elizabeth do
Knisely Valentinecarpenterdo Kreider Samuellaborerdo
Kreider GeorgelaborerConestoga    
Laird Johnlaborer  Lenheart JohncooperSlackwater
Lanish HenrylaborerSlackwater Leib ChristianlaborerConestoga
Larue Johncarpenterdo Lines AbrahamfarmerSafe Harbor
Lawrence HenrymasonConestoga Lines Christianaborerdo
Lawyer Abrahamlaborerdo Lines Johndodo
Lefever AdamfarmerSlackwater Lines WilliamblacksmithingConestoga
Lefever Michaellaborerdo Lipp FredericklaborerSlackwater
Lefever Philip A.doConestoga Loucks JohndoSafe Harbor
Lehman Benj. F.dodo    
Malhorne Mrs. Rachel Safe Harbor McMullen RobertlaborerSafe Harbor
Mann William H. tailordo McMullen WilliammasonConestoga
Markley BenjaminlaborerConestoga Mc Pherson Jameslaborerdo
Marron Henrymasondo Mehaffey Mrs. Leah do
Marron John J.dodo MEHAFFEY SAMUELPhysicianConestoga
Martin Benjaminfarmerdo Metzgar Henry C.laborerSlackwater
Martin Henrytailordo Miller Christian E.farmerConestoga
Martin JohnlaborerSlackwater Miller Christian K.dodo
Martin Johngrist millConestoga Miller Fred'k S.butcherSafe Harbor
Martin Josephlaborerdo Miller HenryfarmerSlackwater
Martin Lewis(col'd) laborerdo Miller John K.dodo
Mathias JohnlaborerSafe Harbor Miller LewislaborerConestoga
May Mrs. Susan do Miller Mrs. Martha Slackwater
Maynard Benjamin KteacherConestoga Miller Miss Susan Conestoga
Maynard Jacob Jr.laborerdo Miller Peterlaborer 
Maynard Jacob Sr.doSafe Harbor Moore Caleb B.shoemakerSlackwater
McCalister Miss Mary Conestoga Moore Johndodo
McCalister Mrs. Susan seamstressConestoga Morrison WilliamfarmerConestoga
McCardle JosephlaborerConestoga Musser AmoslaborerConestoga
McClune Rawlinslaborer  Musser Christiandodo
McCue SimondoConestoga Musser Martindodo
McGouse JohnlaborerSafe Harbor Musser, Mrs. Mary94 years old the ,oldest person in the township
McKinly Johndodo Musser SamuelfarmerConestoga
McLaughlin CollinslaborerConestoga Myers Abrahamlaborerdo
McLaughlin Isaacshoemakerdo Myers Rudolphfarmerdo
McLaughlin Johnlaborerdo Myers Samuellaborerdo
McLaughlin Samueldodo Myers Sam'l B.dodo
Neal Jameslaborer     
Pennypacker FranklinlabConestoga Peters Jacob G.speculatorSlackwater
Pennypacker Mrs. P. do Potts EphraimteacherConestoga
Perry E. B.laborerSlackwater Preis Edwardlaborerdo
Perry Mrs. Catharine   Preis Geo. J.Center Hoteldo
Peters GeorgelaborerSafe Harbor Preis Johnlaborerdo
Ramsey Wm.Burkholder's Ferry HotelColemanville Rankin JohnlaborerConestoga
    Rankin Jos. Sr.dodo

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company, Assets $ 24.000.000

P. 193
Directory of Lancaster County
FREDERICK J. SCHEUING - FURRIER - South Queen St.- Lancaster

Rankin Jos. Jr.laborerConestoga Ressel JacoblaborerConestoga
Rankin Samuelfarmerdo Ressel Martindodo
Rathfon Georgedodo Ressel MrswidowSafe Harbor
Rathfon Johndodo Riggs Hezekiahlaborer 
Rathfon John Jrdodo Rinier DaniellaborerConestoga
Reese HenrycoachmakerConestoga Rise Frederickdodo
Rees ThomaslaborerSafe Harbor Rise Marisdodo
Reeves & Co.Safe Harbor Iron WorksSafe Harbor Rise Williamfarmerdo
Reinhart JohnweaverConestoga Rohrer SebastiancarpenterConestoga
Reinhart WilliamweaverConestoga Rowe GeorgelaborerSlackwater
Ressel Georgelaborerdo Rowhouser DavidfarmerSafe Harbor
Sawyer JohnplastererConestoga Shoff Sam'llaborerConestoga
Sawyer John Sr.labdo Shultz AaronfarmerConestoga
Sellers WillaimlaborerColemanville Shultz Benj.laborerSlackwater
Seman WilliamdoSafe Harbor Shultz Mrs. Sarah do
Shanahan Wm.dodo Simmers PatricklaborerSafe Harbor
Shank AbrahamfarmerConestoga Smith Franklindo.Conestoga
Shank Christian R.laborerSafe Harbor Smith Johnplastererdo
Shank Danieldodo Smith Mrs. Elizabeth do
SHANK ELI WcarpenterConestoga Snyder BenjaminlaborerSafe Harbor
Shank Henry B.dodo Sourbeer CatharineseamstressConestoga
Shank Henry C.laborerColemanville Sourbeer JohnbutcherSafe Harbor
Shank Jacob M.dodo Sourbeer MaryseamstressConestoga
Shank JeremiahfarmerConestoga Sourbeer ReubenlaborerSafe Harbor
Shank MichaelfarmerSlackwater Stahl Williambricklayerdo
Shank Miss Fanny Conestoga Stauffer JohnmillerSlackwater
Shank Miss Mary do Stauter JacoblaborerConestoga
Shank Mrs. Christianna Slackwater Stelts Mrs. Fanny  do
Shank Mrs. Elizabeth Safe Harbor Stehman Henry D.farmerSlackwater
Shank Mrs. Fanny Slackwater Stehman Jacob B.dodo
Shank NathanielbutcherConestoga Stehman Mrs. Martha do
Shank Rudolphgrist millSlackwater Stehman Tobiasfarmerdo
Shank Samuel M.farmerConestoga Sterneman Christiandodo
Shank Tobiasdodo Sterneman Davidlaborerdo
Shaub DaniellaborerConestoga Stever Anthony(col'd) laborerSafe Harbor
Shay MichaellaborerSafe Harbor Stoll MichaelblacksmithSlackwater
Shenk JohnlaborerConestoga Stratton Miss Elizabeth Slackwater
Shlott Fred'klaborerSafe Harbor Strickler UriahteacherConesotga
Shober Wm.paper makerSlackwater Stump JohnlaborerSlackwater
Shoff AbrahamlaborerColemanville Sweeney Daniel(col'd) labConestoga
Shoff Chrn.Shenk's Ferry Hoteldo Swenk DavidlaborerSlackwater
Shoff George farmerConestoga Swigart JacobteacherSafe Harbor
Shoff JohnlaborerColemanville    
Tangart PeterlaborerColemanville Trilly ThomaslaborerSafe Harbor
Tangart Williamdodo Tripple John(Tripple & Warfe)Safe Harbor
Taylor Abraham Safe Harbor Tripple Jos. C.shoemakingSafe Harbor
Taylor Wm. J.laborerdo Tripple & Warfeldry goods &,do,
Thomas JacobfarmerConestoga Trissler DavidbutcherConestoga
Tome BenjaminlaborerSafe Harbor Turner Jacob(col'd) laborerConestoga
Tome Henrydodo    
Tranwith Geododo    
Ulmer JohnshoemakingSafe Harbor Urban Jacob B.cabinetmakerConestoga
Urban Benj.justice of the PeaceConestoga Urban Jacob Sr.farmerdo
Urban Benj. F. W.physiciando Urban Josephlaborerdo
Urban Isaaclaborerdo Urban Jos. R. Jr.carpenterdo

A.B. Kaufman - Agt.- Office No. 1 E. Orange St - 1 door East of N. Queen

P. 194
Furs of the LATEST STYLES always on hand at

Urban Jos. R. SrlaborerConestoga Urban John W.small fruitsConestoga
Varley AbrahamtinkerSafe Harbor    
Wade NoahcapenterConestoga Warfel LevilaborerSafe Harbor
Wagner GeorgelaborerColemanville Warfel Mrs.wid. Johndo
Wagner Johndodo Warfel Mrs. Barbara Colemanville
Waller JosephmasonConestoga Warfel Mrs. Elizabeth Slackwater
Waller Rubattuslabdo Warfel Mrs. Fanny Colemanville
Walters JacobExchange HotelSafe Harbor Warfel Obed.shoemakerConestoga
Wanner Abraham(col'd) labConestoga Warfel SamuelmillerSafe Harbor
Wanner Jacob(col'd) labdo Warfel Urias(Tripple & Warfel,)Safe Harbor
Wanner Mrs. Susan(col'd)do  Warfel ValentinefarmerSafe Harbor
Warfel Aaron G.carpenterConestoga Warren Jamesdodo
Warfel AdamlaborerSafe Harbor Watson FranklincabinetmakerConestoga
Warfel AmosfarmerConestoga Wells George(col'd) blacksmithdo
Warfel Andrew Colemanville Welsh Samuelpeddlerdo
Warfel Benjaminshoe'krConestoga Wilhelm Jaocbblacklsmithdo
Warfel ChristianfarmerColemanville Williams Daniel(col'd) laborerSafe Harbor
Warfel CyruslaborerSafe Harbor Wise AndrewlaborerColemanville
Warfel Frederickfarmerdo Wise Fred'kdodo
Warfel George B.farmerdo Witmer FranklinlaborerSafe Harbor
Warfel George W.dodo Witmer John R.blacksmithConestoga
Warfel Henrydodo Witmer Mrs. Cath.seamstressdo
Warfel HiramdoSlackwater Woods William W.teacherColemanville
Warfel JacobdoSafe Harbor Wright Samuel M.manager Safe Harbor Iron WorksSafe Harbor
Warfel Jacoblaborerdo Wright Samuel S.M.clerkSafe Harbor
Warfel Jacob Sr.farmerdo    
Warfel JohnweaverConestoga       
Warfel John M.laborerSlackwater     
Yentzer Jacob Jr.tobacconistConestoga Young Henryiron workmando
Yentzer Jacob Sr.doSafe Harbor     
Zell JohnshoemakerConestoga Zigler HenrylaborerSafe harbor
Zercher Andrewfarmerdo Zimmer BaltzerdoColemanville
Zercher Chrn. S.dry goods &Slackwater Zimmers Eli makerConestoga
Zercher JacobfarmerConesotga    

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