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Penn Cambria High School
Class of 1984

Yearbook made available by Catherine Iappalucci - Cresson HS Class of 1948  

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Patti Lynn Probish - Mark A. Przybys - Terri A. Przybys - Amy I. Racz - David J. Reese - Julia E. (Garena) Rickens

Michael J. Ruggery - Renee M. Salpino - Deborah A. Secriskey - KImbelry A. Sell - Diane M. Seymore - Patrick J. Shaffer

Lisa A. Sharp - Brenda A. Shevenock - Timothy J. Shrift - Ronald A. Shuty - Lee Ann Simendinger - Brenda L. Shelly

Mary A. Sklodowski - Removed - Judith A. Smith - Maria F. Squashic - Paul J. Stanslaw - S. Scott Steberger

Marianne Stolarski -  Corey D. Stombaugh - Edward M. Stombaugh - Vonda K. Storm - Theresa M. Suchta - Thoams J. Suchta

Thomas S. Suchta - Donald F. Swemba - Rhonda L. Szpala - Jon S. Szynal - Nancy A. VanNest  - Tina M. Vermeulen

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