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History of Cameron County, Pennsylvania 1890

by J. H. Beers & Co


Political History

Transcribed by Carol Rice




At the time of the first settlement of the country, the territory was included in what was known as the Northumberland district. Soon after this the counties of Lycoming, Potter and McKean, were set off all at one time. Portions of this county were included in each of these divisions. Potter and McKean counties were at first attached to Centre county for judicial purposes. In 1816 Potter and McKean, for the sake of convenience, were attached to Lycoming for judicial purposes. In 1827 McKean county was judicially erected and Potter attached for judicial purposes. In 1834 Clinton county was erected from a portion of Lycoming and Centre. This took off the lower portion of the county. Afterward Elk county was erected when another change was made of a portion of the territory. Finally, in 1860, a law was passed by the legislature organizing Cameron county. The county commissioners met in that year, and located the ground for the court-house in Emporium.

The first election for county officers was held October 11, 1860, and the vote canvassed on the 13th of that month by Henry Shaffer, Samuel D. Tanner and Thompson Huff, judges, with John Brooks and E. B. Eldred, clerks. The figures do not include the returns from Shippen, as they were sent to Smethport, where they cannot now be found, while the returns given below, sent to Ridgway, relate to Grove, Gibson, Lumber and Portage townships.

ELECTIONS, 1860.----Associate Judge: James Baily, 260; Merrick Housler, 161; Seneca Freeman, 138. Commissioners: George R. Vosburg, 260; James Shaffer, 274; Hezekiah Mix, 206; Cyrus H. Sage, 99. District Attorney: E. B. Eldred, 52. Auditor: Joseph Housler, 168; H. H. Sizer, 168; L. Mosier, 177. Treasurer: Washington Brooks, 230; David Morrison, 28. Surveyor: Edward Vosburg, 227; S. W. Freeman, 8. Coroner: William Floyd, 228. Sheriff: John A. Eldred, 263; Prothonotary: Isaac Ramage, 267.

ELECTIONS, 1861.----President Judge: R. G. White (R), 107; Brown (D), 115. Commissioners: Hezekiah Mix (R), 173; Lewis Williams (R), 51; Josiah Fink (D), 78. Coroner: L. G. Cook (D), 63; Saul Barr (R), 33. Auditor: George Chapman (D), 129; David Chapman (R), 3. Legislature: Shippen township ---J. B. McEnally (R), 47; A. J. Wilcox (D), 44; Dr. C. R. Earley (D), 39; George W. Zeigler (D), 57; Gibson township---J. B. McEnally ( R), 37; A. I. Wilcox (D), 37; Dr. C. R. Earley (D), 26; George W. Zeigler (D), 26; Legislature: Lumber township---W. H. Armstrong (R), 14; James Chatham (R), 14; Pharon Jarrett (D), 15; John S. Smith (D), 15. Senator: Gibson township---C. L. Lamberton, 25; S. M. Fox, 38. Senator: Lumber township---William H. Blair, 15; Henry Johnson, 14.

ELECTIONS, 1862.----Congress: Milton Courtwright (D), 143; G. W. Schofield (R), 195. Senator: Gibson township---Stephen F. Wilson (R), 53; Seth A. Backus (D), 37; Shippen township---Stephen F. Wilson (R), 118; Seth A. Backus (D), 52; Portage township---Stephen F. Wilson (R), 14; Seth A. Backus (D), 1. Treasurer: Henry Mason (D), 144; G. W. Warner (R), 279; Auditor: H. F. Sizer (R), 239; John Summerson (D), 190. Commissioners: Levi Williams (R), 251; Samuel Smith (D), 179. Legislature: Gibson township---M. H. Shannon (R), 54; Warren Cowles (R), 54; C. R. Earley (D), 40; J. F. Boyer (D), 40; Shippen township---M. H. Shannon (R), 114; Warren Cowles (R), 113; C. R. Earley (D), 64; J. F. Boyer (D), 64. Legislature: Lumber township---Amos C. Noyes (D), 51; John B. Beck (D), 50; James Chatham (R), 14; Ed. D. Trump (R), 13; Grove township---Amos C. Noyes (D), 34; John B. Beck (D), 33; James Chatham (R), 53; Ed. D. Trump (R), 53; Legislature: Portage township---Charles O. Bowman (D), 13; O. N. Taylor, 1; A. G. Olmstead (R), 14.

ELECTIONS, 1863.----Governor: A. G. Curtin (R), 318; G. W. Woodward (D), 216. Sheriff: H. T. Taggart (R), 290; William Floyd (D), 239. Commissioners: P. W. Whiting (R), 304; Samuel Smith (D), 224. Auditor: J. P. Wilson (R), 292; James Wylie (D), 224. District Attorney: F. B. Hacket (R), 280; J. B. Newton (D), 241. Prothonotary: Edward Vosburg (R), 266; J. M. Judd (D), 266 (the former was appointed by governor). Surveyor: John Brooks (R), 154; Samuel Freeman (D), 142. Coroner: S. H. Storrs (R), 302; G. W. Mason (D), 218. National Congressional Amendment: For, 248; contra, 0. Legislature: Portage township---A. G. Olmstead (R), 27; John W. Guernsey, 27; Grove township---C. W. Wingard (R), 53; Clinton Lloyd (R), 53; A. C. Noyes (D), 36; John B. Beck (D), 36; Lumber township---C. W. Wingard (R), 16; Clinton Lloyd (R), 17; A. C. Noyes (D), 41; John B. Beck (D), 40; Gibson township---F. J. Boyer, 56; A. M. Benton, 56; Frank Bell, 66; John Mahaffy, 66; Shippen township---F. J. Boyer, 80; A. M. Benton, 77; Frank Bell, 149; John Mahaffy, 141.

AUGUST ELECTION, 1864.----For amendments, 225; contra, 80.

OCTOBER ELECTION, 1864.----Congress: William Bigler (D), 189---*4; G. W. Schofield (R), 262--15. Legislature: L. Rogers (R), 248--15; E. B. Eldred (D), 211--1. Prothonotary: A. E. Kelly (R), 255--5; J. M. Judd (D), 210--1. Commissioners: Amos Finton (R), 266--5; James Fulton (D), 193. Treasurer: Joseph Shafer (R), 234--6; N. P. Minard (D), 231--1. Auditors: Moses Walker (R), 253--5; David Chapman (R), 249--5; James Wylie (D), 196; C. C. Lyman (D), 200. Presidential Electors: Isaac Benson (R), 335; John Patton (R), 335; Hugh Montgomery (D), 232; John M. Irvine (D), 232.

ELECTIONS, 1865.----Legislature: John Brooks (R), 278; E. B. Eldred (D), 223. Senator: John Irvine (R), 277; W. A. Wallace (D), 210. President Judge: Henry W. Williams (R), 289. Associate Judges: Levi T. More (R), 292; James Bailey (R), 231; A. H. Boynton (D), 276; George Chapman (D),


*The soldiers' vote follows the citizens' vote after dash---.


158. Surveyor: Edward Vosburg (R), 287. Commissioners: Asa Ingalsbee (R), 263; Andrew Dent (D), 222. Auditors: J. C. Chandler (R), 270; John L. Furgeson (R), 269; D. P. Baird (D), 214; A. W. Georgia (D), 207.

ELECTIONS, 1866.----Governor: John W. Geary (R), 374; H. Clymer (D), 303. Congress: G. W. Schofield (R), 372; W. L. Scott (D), 305. Legislature: C. A. Lyman (R), 368; G. O. Deise (D), 307; Sheriff: R. M. Overhiser (R), 373; Samuel Smith (D), 295. Coroner: G. W. Kimball (R), 341; William S. Hamlin (D), 328. Commissioners: Jacob D. Smith (R), 363; George Goss (D), 310; Auditor: John Beers (R), 347; J. M. Shaffer (D), 315. District Attorney: J. H. Vosburg (R), 367. Treasurer: N. P. Minard (D),-----; Philip Lewis (R), -----.

ELECTIONS, 1867.----Legislature: G. O. Deise (D), 298; S. D. Freeman, 356. Prothonotary: A. E. Kelly (R), 346; D. P. Baird (D), 297. Commissioners: C. H. Sage (R), 349; Philip Smith (D), 301; S. S. Hacket (D), 288; H. F. Sizer (R), 18. Auditors: Allen W. Swift (R), 359; G. W. Kimball (D), 299. Jury Commissioners: Hezekiah Mix (R), 362; John Mason (D), 287. Coroner: Dr. B. S. Gould, 625.

ELECTIONS, 1868.----Presidential electors: James Sill (R), 508; H. C. Johnson (R), 508; Amos C. Noyes (D), 395; W. A. Galbraith (D), 395. Congress: G. W. Schofield (R), 537; R. Brown (D), 440. Senator: Manasseh Arnold (R), 538; William A. Wallace (D), 439. Legislature: John Brooks (R), 565; W. J. Davis (D), 412. Treasurer: B. J. Earl (R), 535; P. W. Whiting (D), 437. Commissioners: Robert Rothrock (R), 529; Philip Smith (D), 447; H. F. Sizer (R), 514; N. P. Minard (D), 447. Auditor: J. C. Chandler (R), 541; J. M. Shaffer (D), 437. District attorney: F. D. Leet (R), 962.

ELECTIONS, 1869.----Governor: J. W. Geary (R), 474; Asa Packer (D), 423. Legislature: L. W. Crawford, 493; A. B. Armstrong, 406. Sheriff: Alonzo Bailey (R), 440; D. B. Wheeler (D), 434. Coroner: J. T. Lanning (R), 423; C. A. Reese (D), 465. Commissioner: J. L. Cook (R), 443; L. G. Cook (D), 432. Auditor: Lucien Bird (R), 427; G. W. Huntley (D), 468. Surveyor: Ed. Vosburg (R), 480.

ELECTIONS, 1870.----Congress: Selden Marvin (D), 390; G. W. Schofield (R), 437. Representative: A. C. Noyes (D), 583; V. P. Carter (R), 241. Associate judges: N. P. Minard (D), 468; Samuel Smith (D), 349; J. W. Phelps (R), 331; Hezekiah Mix (R), 211; Philip Lewis (Ind.), 233. Treasurer: James Wylie (D), 458; C. C. Fay (R), 328; Henry Mason (F), 127. Prothonotary: J. M. Judd (D), 437; M. J. B. Brooks (R), 375. Commissioners: William Howard (D), 455; N. S. Housler (R), 328. Auditors: Isaac Ramage (D), 472; J. O. Brookbank (R), 344. Jury commissioners: Jacob Shaffer (D), 436; G. C. Thayer (R), 367.

ELECTIONS, 1871.----Senator: B. B. Strang (R), 423; W. Y. McCoy (D), 344. Representative: A. I. Wilcox (R), 427; Edward English (---), 345. Auditor: H. T. Taggart (R), 439; Horace Wolcot (D), 321. Commissioners: R. M. Williams (R), 429; James Shafer (D), 338. District attorney: F. D. Leet (R), 420; S. C. Hyde (D), 348. President judge: H. W. Williams (R), 457; M. F. Elliott (D), 312. For convention: 536.

ELECTIONS, 1872.----Governor: J. F. Hartranft (R), 572; C. R. Buckalew (D), 531; S. B. Chase (T), 7. Additional law judge: S. F. Wilson (R), 552; W. A. Williams (R), 536. Delegates to convention: M. F. Elliott (D), 503; J. S. Mann (R), 446; J. B. Niles (R), 548. Constitutional amendment: For, 847; contra, 0. Congress at large: Richard Vaux (D), 527; H. B. Wright (D), 526; J. H. Hopkins (D), 526; Lemuel Todd (R), 597; G. W. Schofield (R), 597; Charles Albright (R), 596; George McFarland (T), 3; A. G. Clark (T), 3; B. R. Bradford (T), 3. Congress: T. L. Kane (D), 531; C. B. Curtis (R), 590. Representative: D. P. Baird (D), 504; W. H. Newcom (R), 604. Treasurer: G. W. Huntley (D), 447; W. Russell (R), 658. Sheriff: Riley Warner (D), 483; R. M. Overhiser (R), 627. Commissioner: A. A. Housler (--), 573; Hezekiah Mix (R), 524. Auditor: M. P. Hogan (D), 541; H. F. Sizer (R), 579. Coroner: C. A. Reese (D), 516; W. J. Craigan (R), 591. Delegates at large: Republican, 578; Democratic, 514; Temperance, 5. Electors: Republican 554; Democratic, 340; Temperance, 7.

ELECTIONS, 1873.----License question: For license, 226; against license, 459. Representative: J. W. Phelps (R), 580; D. P. Baird (D), 325. Prothonotary: J. M. Mudd (D), 574; V. A. Brooks (R), 331. Commissioners: J. W. Cochran (R), 591; J. K. Morrison (D),296. Auditor: David Chapman (R), 435; John Summerson (D), 467; Jury commissioners: Joseph Housler (R), 408; Philip Smith (D), 464. Surveyor: Ed Vosburg (R), 412; S. T. Le Barron (D), 481. For new constitution, 419; against new constitution, 50.

ELECTIONS, 1874.----Congress: Henry W. Early (D), 470; Sobieski Ross (R), 487. Representative: A. H. Boynton (D), 406; J. W. Phelps (R), 439; G. W. Shaffer (T), 108. Treasurer: A. Dent (D), 375; H. F. Sizer (T), 79; Dr. J. G. Bryan (R), 497. Commissioner: Isaac Ramage (D), 448; C. E. Wykoff (R), 422; A. H. Mays (T), 86. District Attorney: S. C. Hyde (D), 481; B. W. Green (R), 467. Auditor: H. L. Putzell, 469; I. L. Craven, 466.

ELECTIONS, 1875.----Senator: William P. Finley (R), 555; Philip D. Thomas (D), 489. Associate judges: Solomon Ross (R), 516; George W. Warner (R), 557; Henry Mason (D), 417; Ed. Vosburg (R), 342; Philip Lewis (I), 120. Sheriff: Riley Warner (D), 613; Franklin Hausler (R), 432. Commissioners: John S. Wiley (R), 526; B. V. Wykoff (R), 549; C. C. Lyman (D), 486; George Dodge (D), 455. Auditor: John C. Chandler (R), 518; Hiram F. Sizer (R), 536; John K. Morrison (D), 507; James Fulton (D), 499. Coroner: Dr. John F. Lanning (D), 642; William J. Craigen (R), 369.

ELECTIONS, 1876.----Congress: John I. Mitchell (R), 517; Henry White (---), 601; J. F. Davis (G R), 8. Senator: William L. Corbett (D), 547; Henry Wetter (R), 577. Representative: John Brooks (R), 630; A. H. Boynton (D), 486. Prothonotary: J. W. Frank (R), 582; J. M. Judd (D), 537. Auditor: J. H. Barrows (R), 594; Wash. Mason (D), 518. Jury commissioners: Isaac Smith (R), 575; William Wylie (D), 544. Surveyor: Charles Behrens (---), 1,116. Presidential electors: S. M. Jackson, J. Westerman, et al. (R), 572; F. W. Knox, R. B. Brown, et al. (D), 543; W. W. Patton, R. S. Hunt, et al. (G B), 5.

ELECTIONS, 1877.----District Attorney: Samuel C. Hyde (D), 538; E. R. Noyes (R), 539. Treasurer: J. H. Cochran (D), 711; William P. Herrick (R), 189.

ELECTIONS, 1878.----Governor: Henry M. Hoyt (R), 408; Andrew H. Dill (D), 381; Samuel R. Mason (G B), 219; Frank H. Lane (T), 6. Congress: John I. Mitchell (R), 433; R. B. Smith (D), 352; J. F. Davis (G B), 237. Senator: Edward M. Grant (R), 404; John G. Hall (D), 402; Thomas W. Taylor (G B), 210. Representative: John Brooks (R), 427; John B. Newton (D), 374; Charles F. Barclay (G B), 210. Sheriff: Franklin Hansler (R), 488; Hiram J. Smith (D), 298; John Mason (G B), 236. Commissioners: Hezekiah Mix (R), 424; Samuel Kirk (G B), 284; William Howard (D), 429; Thomas Dougherty (D), 514; Morris Lewis (G B), 353. Auditors: John Day (R), 448; D. D. Alderfer (R) 353; I. K. Hockley (D), 383; David Fulton (D), 343; William Cole (G B), 213; E. P. Lewis (G B), 258. Surveyor: John C. Chandler (R), 430. Coroner: Dr. R. P. Heilman (R), 707; Dr. John T. Lanning (D), 297.

ELECTIONS, 1879.----Prothonotary, etc.: J. W. Frank (R), 462; G. W. Huntley (D), 341. Jury commissioners: J. A. Wykoff (R), 419; N. P. Minard (D), 365.

ELECTIONS, 1880.----Electors: Andrew Stout (R), 647; A. M. Benton (D), 582; O. S. Webster (G B), 27; H. D. Patton (T), 1. Congress: R. J. C. Walker (R), 686; David Kirk (D), 566. Representative: Leonard Taggart (R), 650; John B. Newton (D), 601. Associate judges: J. W. Cochran (R), 877; Milo Bull (R), 547; Isaac Ramage (D), 601; Phil Lewis (G B), 407. Treasurer: Robert Rothrock (R), 629; J. M. Judd (D), 620. District attorney: J. C. Metzger (R), 663; S. C. Hyde (D), 575.

ELECTIONS, 1881.----President judge: H. W. Williams (R), 1,037. Associate judge: George W. Huntley (D), 593; Joseph Housler (R), 290; N. P. Minard (I), 151. Sheriff: Le Grand Cook (D), 576; R. M. Overhiser (R), 473. Commissioners: George A. Walker (R), 629; Hezekiah Mix (R), 466; Thomas Dougherty (D), 538; Benjamin Sweazey (D), 414. Coroner: Dr. E. O. Bardwell (R), 584; Wellington Walker (---), 448. Auditor: Levi Dougherty (D), 559; M. W. Whiting (D), 531; I. K. Hockley (D), 523; D. D. Alderfer (R), 470. Surveyor: V. A. Brooks (R), 518.

ELECTIONS, 1882.----Governor: Robert E. Pattison (D), 484; James A. Beaver (R), 481; John Stewart (G B), 86; T. A. Armstrong (---), 28; Alfred C. Pettit (T), 1. Congress at large: M. F. Elliott (D), 514; M. Brosius (R), 492; William McMichael (---), 68; R. K. Tomlinson (---), 9. Congress: Henry W. Early (D), 510; W. W. Brown (R), 564. Senator: John G. Hall (D), 566; Miles W. Tate (R), 487. Representative: Joseph M. Shafer (D), 558; John Day (R), 504. Additional law judge: A. G. Olmsted (R), 1,027. Prothonotary: T. Bart. Lloyd (R), 1,072. Jury commissioners: Benjamin Sweazey (D), 509; Harrison Logue (R), 565.

ELECTIONS, 1883.----Treasurer: Franklin Hausler (R), 718; Austin H. Boynton (D), 392. District attorney: James P. McNarney (R), 576; Michael Brennan (D), 533.

ELECTIONS, 1884.----Congress: William C. Kennedy (D), 565; W. W. Brown (R), 768. Representative: Joseph M. Shafer (D), 564; George A. Barclay (R), 751. Sheriff: Hiram J. Smith (D), 726; John W. Phelps (R), 595. Commissioners: John P. Felt (D), 556; J. C. Danckelman (D), 568; F. A. Wykoff (R), 695; J. R. Buckwalter (R), 813. Auditor: I. K. Hockley (D), 558; M. P. Whiting (D), 573; W. F. Lloyd (R), 762; D. D. Alderfer (R), 758. Coroner: John D. Maloy (D), 583; J. E. Free (R), 742. Increase of debt: No, 114; yes, 27.

ELECTIONS, 1885.----Associate Judge: Clark Harrington (D), 536; C. B. Gould (R), 475. Prothonotary: T. B. Lloyd (R), 992. Jury commissioners: R. W. Collins (R), 497; Benjamin Sweazey (D), 494.

ELECTIONS, 1886.----Governor: James A. Beaver (R), 645; C. F. Black (D), 528; C. S. Wolf (---), 38; R. J. Houston (---), 4. Congress: Henry C. McCormick (R), 713; Edward L. Keenan (D), 512. Senator: H. L. Yound (D), 683; John H. Wilson (R), 536. Representative: George A. Barclay (R), 600; George W. Warner (D), 608. Associate judge: John S. Wiley (R), 715; Thomas Dougherty (D), 486. Treasurer: Benjamin W. Green (R), 785; Philip E. Lewis (D), 437. District attorney: James P. McNarney (R), 622; Michael Brennan (D), 592. Surveyor: Albert H. Shaffer (D), 543.

ELECTIONS, 1887.----Sheriff: John W. Kriner (R), 617; N. P. Minard (D), 462. Commissioners: Leonard Lucore (R), 525; Charles W. Beldin (R), 448; Philip Smith (D), 483; M. C. Tulis (D), 575. Auditors: D. D. Alderfer (R), 561; W. F. Lloyd (R), 609; C. H. Felt (D), 471; M. P. Whiting (D), 503.




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