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Cameron County Genealogy Project

Here is a list of known books. microfilmed county and church records, and newspapers about Cameron County. There are also links if the items are available.  Please let me know of others!


dot.gif (910 bytes)  History of the Counties of McKean, Elk, Cameron, and Potter, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches, including their early settlement and development; a description of the historic and interesting localities; sketches of their cities, towns and villages; portraits of prominent men; biographies of representative citizens; outline history of Pennsylvania; statistics - J. H. Beers & Co. Each county has its own chapter wherein is described its general history, its townships' histories, and biographical sketches of some of its citizens. Portraits are scattered throughout the book. (1890)  

dot.gif (910 bytes)  Journal of Samuel Maclay, while surveying the west branch of the Susquehanna, the Sinnemahoning and the Allegheny rivers, in 1790. Pub. by John F. Meginness. Williamsport, Pa., Gazette and Bulletin Print. House, 1887.

dot.gif (910 bytes) 1860 & 1850 Census for Cameron County : Before Cameron County Was Formed in 1860 From Clinton, Elk, McKean and Potter Counties. Koppenheffer, Cornelius E., (May be available via interlibrary loan-

dot.gif (910 bytes)  Cameron County Centennial 1860-1960. PUB/DATE Emporium : Souvenir Program Committee, 1960-

dot.gif (910 bytes)  Cameron County, Pennsylvania, Tombstone Inscriptions and Obituaries. Koppenheffer, Cornelius E.,   PUB/DATE Emporium, PA, 1989.

dot.gif (910 bytes) Cemeteries and Burial Plots of Cameron County, Pennsylvania / compiled by Sarah A. Caskey and Iris S. Caskey.-  I believe this book is still available.

dot.gif (910 bytes) Historical Record of Permanent Data Sinnemahoning Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1868-1894. Cameron County, PA. Attempts to get a copy of this book from the Church have been unfruitful.

 dot.gif (910 bytes) History of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Sinnemahoning Circuit, Cameron County, Pa., 1867-1894. AUTHOR Koppenheffer, Cornelius E.,PUB/DATE Emporium, Pa., 1969.

dot.gif (910 bytes) Official Church Records : Historical Record of Permanent Data of the Cameron Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church 1903-1928, Emporium, Pennsylvania. PUB/DATE Emporium, PA. : Historical Committee of First United Methodist Church, 1996. Attempts to get a copy of this book from the Church have been unfruitful.

dot.gif (910 bytes) A History of Cameron County, Pennsylvania. PUB/DATE Dallas, Tex. : Curtis Media Corp., c1991. DESCRIPT vii, 512 p. : ill., maps ; NOTE Includes index. This book is a collection of family histories written by the people of Cameron County.  There are many photos and stories in this book. This book has been reprinted (2010) by the Historical Society. Contact them for details.

dot.gif (910 bytes) Reflections of Cameron County, Pennsylvania. PUB/DATE Dallas, Tex. : Curtis Media, c1994. DESCRIPT ii, 127 p. : chiefly ill. ; 29 cm. - I have not seen this...suppose to be a photo book to accompany the above History of Cameron County.

dot.gif (910 bytes)  Cameron County, Pennsylvania, area key : a guide to the genealogical records of Cameron County, Pennsylvania, including maps, histories, charts, and other helpful materials  by Florence Clint. Kiowa, Colo. : Area Keys, 1977. 

dot.gif (910 bytes) A Story of the Sinnamahone by George Huntley Jr., 1936 This a great book about the Lumber days of Cameron County.  Some photos. Many local families mentioned.  This appears on EBAY from time to time.

dot.gif (910 bytes) Sinnamahone, a Story of Great Trees and Powerful Men  by George William Huntley, Jr. PUB/DATE Boston : The Christopher publishing house, [1945]. This is apparently a rewrite of the above book. No photos in this one, some different stories than above...less detailed.

dot.gif (910 bytes) Naturalization Records of Cameron County, Pennsylvania, 1850 thru 1906  by Edna M. Dunbar. PUB/DATE Evansville, IN : Whipporwill Publications, 1987.

dot.gif (910 bytes)  Royally Rugged Cameron County  by Ira B. Collins. PUB/DATE Sykesville, Pennsylvania : Nupp Printing, 1976. DESCRIPT 56 p. : illus. maps.

dot.gif (910 bytes)  Eldorado Found, the Central Pennsylvania Highlands ; a tourist's survey / by Henry W. Shoemaker The region described comprises the counties of Clinton, Centre, Mifflin, Union, Lycoming, Cameron, and Snyder Originally published, 1917, Altoona, PA"  Looks like this has been reprinted in 1993- Please direct all correspondence and book orders to Spencer L. Kraybill, Swiss Chalet Lane, Waterville, PA 17776-0067; (717) 753-5498.

dot.gif (910 bytes)  Whining Saws and Squealing Flanges; Cross Fork, Emporium, Austin, Hicks Run, Galeton. by Taber, Thomas T. PUB/DATE [Williamsport, Pa., Lycoming Printing Co.] 1972. DESCRIPT 696 P. SERIES Logging railroad era of lumbering in Pennsylvania, no.6. These are great if you have ancestors who lived in Cameron County during the Lumber era.  These are being reprinted and are available on Ebay from time to time.

dot.gif (910 bytes) The Goodyears; An Empire in the Hemlocks. by Taber, Thomas Townsend.  PUB/DATE Pa. Historical & Museum Comm., 1971. DESCRIPT 86 p. : illus. Mostly about the Goodyear Lumber Company and the Goodyear Brothers.  Much First Fork and Potter County History. no.5 -

dot.gif (910 bytes) In Sinnamahoning Uplands : a Novel of the Depression Days in Central Pennsylvania. by Milulski, John J., 1897- PUB/DATE Exposition Press, c1955. I borrowed this view interlibrary loan, but did not get a chance to read it all.  It is written around Driftwood and Emporium area...not sure how accurate it is.

dot.gif (910 bytes) THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF TOM MIX, by Paul Mix, published by A. S. Barnes & Co., NewYork, 1972. Both of these books contain some Cameron County History and debunk  the myth that Tom Mix was born in El Paso, TX.

dot.gif (910 bytes) TOM MIX by Paul Mix, McFarland and Co., 1995.An autographed version of this book is available directly from Paul for $35.00, including postage Unautographed copies are available from for $35.00 plus $4.00 S and H.  The Tom Mix book is hardback, 328 pages, 80 illustrations, with Filmography, Index and library binding. Anyone interested in ordering a copy of this book may send a check or money order to Paul Mix at 13116 Billiem Drive, Austin, TX 78727.   

dot.gif (910 bytes) 50 Years a Hunter and Trapper by E. N. Woodcock.
Published in 1941. It does not give much historical information as it is mainly a hunting and trapping book. There are two chapters titled " Hunting and Trapping in Cameron County in 1869". It does mention Emporium and Sinnamahoning and several runs in Cameron county. Reprints of this books are 5"x 7", paper bound. $5.95 plus $4.00 per order for postage & handling. Canadian & Foreign orders add 7%GST(+8% PST where applicable). US FUNDS ONLY!  No COD orders! Ohio residents add 5.75% tax. Fur-Fish-Game, Book Dept., 2878  E. Main St., Columbus, OH 43209

dot.gif (910 bytes) Northern Pennsylvania by John W. Jordan, 3 Vol, 1448 pp, 79, 1913, Ill.   Genealogical & Personal History of Northern PA includinh the counties of Bradford, Cameron, Clinton, Elk, Forest, Lycoming, McKean, Potter, Tioga, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Warren, Wayne, Wyoming, Venango, etc. Biographical sketches of over 750 families with many portraits.

dot.gif (910 bytes) Northwestern Pennsylvania by W. J. McKnight, 749 pp, 1905, 710, Ill.  Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern Pennsylvania Embracing the Counties of Tioga, Potter, McKean, Warren, Crawford, Venango, Forest, Clarion, Elk, Jefferson, Cameron, Butler, Lawrence, and Mercer. Sketches of the cities of Allegheny, Beaver, DuBois, Towanda, and Brookville. Indexed.



The State Library of Pennsylvania has a small collection of Cameron County newspapers on microfilm reels. You can borrow them via Inter-library loan for free.

Emporium Independent. Editor: S.S. Hacket- Weekly -Began in 1867.Our earliest issue is a February 13, 1879 We then have a gap until July 21, 1904. A run then exists through December 19, 1912. We have spotty issues for 1913, 1914, 1915, and 1916. Our run resumes on July 13, 1916 and continues through December 15, 1919. It appears that this newspaper merged with the Cameron County Press with the February 2, 1922 issue.

Our run of the Cameron County Press begins with the June 13, 1889 issue and continues through August 1970. For more recent years we rely on the Cameron County Echo. For Cameron County news prior to 1879, you would have to rely on the newspapers of the surrounding counties: Clinton, McKean, Elk and Potter.

Cameron County Echo Established in 1963. Some microfilm  is  available from the PA State Library.  Subscriptions are available at $24 per year. PO Box 308, Emporium, PA 15834.  Weekly excerpts from 90 or 100 year old Cameron County Press's..

Also available is a reel labeled:  Voice of Emporium, Pennsylvania 1924:July 4-1926:Sept.8

Driftwood Gazette. On reel labeled: Cameron county newspapers, 1913-1916. John T. Earl, Publisher.
Published every Thursday. Began in 1875; ceased with June 29, 1916. Available- 1913:Aug.21 1914:Oct.15
1915:June 3 1916:Apr.6, June 29


As far as Renovo is concerned, they have two newspapers: The Evening News and The Record. Their collection of the Evening News consists of spotty issues from 1883, 1884, and 1889. Their run of the Record begins in 1871 and extends through 1902. There is a gap and the run resumes in 1907 and extends until 1911. They then don't have any Renovo newspapers until 1981 and the run extends through 1992.


Census on CD'S  

Heritage Quest has census records and indexes on micro film that you can rent or purchase.  They also have several years on CD!  This is a great idea since you can view the census in your own home.  The digitally enhanced version is great as you can enlarge it to help with hard to read words, you can print parts of it and much more.  The CD's are only $19.95!  I will be ordering the 1900 census soon.  They also have the 1870 census on CD and earlier years their site for details.


Family History Center Holdings

The Church of Latter Day Saints or the Mormon Church have a lot of Cameron County Records on microfilm.  They also have census records, passenger ship lists, and much, much more.  Rental of the microfilm is about $3 per roll and you can use them for 3-4 weeks.  Contact your local Temple.  Anyone is welcome to use their resources and they do not try to recruit you!  

Cameron County Tombstone Inscriptions 1788-1967 one roll 0902447

Newton Cemetery Inscriptions- 1869-1971 one roll 0902448

Orphan Court Dockets 1859-1882  If minors were left land or left orphans, the records would be here. One roll 0902024 Index 1854-1972 one roll 0902023 

Index to the Histories of McKean, Elk, Cameron and Potter Counties by Mrs. William Heckel. One Roll 0982230

Cameron County Deed Books 1860- 1889 4 rolls 0902016,1316246-1316249 Index 1860-1902 1 roll 0902015

Newspaper Obituaries 1890-1902 Collected from various newspapers by the Cameorn County Historical Society one roll 0902448

Cameron County Death Records 1893-1906 one roll 0902021

Cameron County Birth Records 1893-1906 one roll 0902022

Cameron County Delayed Birth Records 1942-1906 one roll 0902023

Cameron County Marriage License Docket Books 1885-1901 0902019; 1901-1910 0902020; 1910-1919 1316245

Cameron County Register's Dockets (Probate Court-Wills?) 1862-1917 2 reels 0902018, 1316246 Index 1862-1976 2 possibly identical reels 0902017, 1316246

Wesleyan Methodist Church Baptisms, Marriages, Church History and Misc. Records 1895-1917 one reel 0902446

First Presbyterian  Church Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths  Records and Session Minutes 1884-1943 one reel 0902445

St. Marks Catholic Church Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, Death Records 1874-1934 one reel 0902444

Emmanuel Episcopal Church Baptisms, Marriages, Church History and Misc. Records 1864-1916 one reel 0902443

McKean County Deed Books 1806-1836 092921, 1836-1848 0929022, 1848-1856 0929023, 1856-1861 0929024 These would contain Shippen Township Records 


Pennsylvania State Library Holdings

PA State Archives - RG-47 - Series Titles - Microfilm: County Governments

Many of these are the same as available from the Family History Centers listed above.  They can only be viewed at the Library in Harrisburg. SO if you are in the area....

Naturalization Dockets, 1862-1906. 1 roll. 

Recorder of Deeds 

Deeds, 1860-1867. 1 roll. 
Deed Books, 1868-1889. 4 roll. (LDS) 
Index to Deeds, 1860-1902. 1 roll. 

Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans' Court 

Wills, 1862-1907. 1 roll. 
Will Book, 1908-1918. 1 roll (LDS) 
Index to Wills, 1863-1972. 1 roll. 
Orphans' Court Docket Index, 1854-1972. 1 roll. (LDS) 
Orphans' Court Dockets, 1859-1882. 1 roll. (LDS) 
Birth Records, 1893-1905. (LDS) 
Delayed Birth Records, 1942-1963. (LDS) 
(Above 2 series combined on 1 roll) 
Index to Delayed Birth Records, 1942-1963. (LDS) 
Death Records, 1893-1906. (LDS) 
(Above 2 series combined on 1 roll) 
Marriage License Docket Books, 1885-1919. 3 rolls. (LDS) 


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