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Cameron County Genealogy Project

West Creek, Shippen Township

Submitted by Dee Shaffer Zito- March 12, 2000

From "Cameron Co, PA Tombstone Inscriptions," Cameron Co Historical Society; donated by
Mrs. M. L. Bowser. Submitted by Dee Shaffer Zito, 11 March 2000

BURKLAND, Blanche E. 5/6/1876–7/19/1957 81y 2m 13d
CLOSE, Edwin 8/26/1842–5/28/1907 Civil War, Corp, Co. E, 111th NY Inf, 9/8/1864–6/4/1865
 Close, Marie E. 11/16/1848–5/28/1926 Wife of Edwin
COOL, Florence 1877–1927
EASTERBROOK, Edwin P. 3/19/1840–2/11/1899 Civil War, Pvt, Co. C, 42nd Reg PA Vol, 6/21/1861–?
FITCH, Alice M. 5/24/1895–9/11/1896 Daughter of H. S. & M. E.
GOFF, Nelson W. 1873–1918
Goff, Agnes S. 1880–1929 Wife of Nelson W.
Goff, Edna M. 1916–1921
GREEN, ? Served in Mexican War 1850 to ? [Note: Error on either the war or the date]
HELLYER, Susan 1833–1917 Mother of S. C. Parks
HINES, Solomon d. 1/15/1892 76y
Hines, Ellen d. 8/10/1890 72y; wife of Solomon
JOHNSON, Mrs. William R. d. 2/2/1917 45y 6m 9d (no marker)
KAUTZ, Mary A. 3/8/1843–6/22/1926 Wife of George A.
Kautz, Irving G. 12/14/1882– 11/14/1962 79y 11m; son of George A. & Mary A.
HOPKINS, Stephen B. d. 3/21/1926 73y (no marker)
MORGAN, Morris 2/27/1817–5/5/1884  
Morgan, Hannah G. 8/24/1820–7/20/1851 Wife of Morris
Morgan, Elizabeth A. 3/10/1828–2/9/1883 Wife of Morris
MORRISON, Benjamin S. 1825–1892
Morrison, Alvira L. 1839–1904 Wife of Benjamin S.
Morrison, Lillie M. d. 4/21/1864 2y 8m 27d; daughter of Benjamin S. & Alvira L.
Morrison, Clarence A. 7/28/1859–4/8/1945  
Morrison, Emma Amelia 1863–1915 Wife of Clarence A.
Morrison, Roy A. 1888–1944  
Morrison, Ralph Robert 8/20/1888–8/21/1926  
Morrison, Noah Palmer 1895–1915  
Morrison, Mary I. d. 3/11/1865 2y 7m 4d; daughter of J. R. & G.
Morrison, John K. d. 10/14/1952 79 y; son of John & Selena (no marker)
Morrison, Myra 3/23/1873–5/16/1952 Wife of John K. (no marker)
 Morrison, Bert 1882–5/12/1953 Son of Robert & Alvina Bliss (no marker)
OSTRUM, Byrum  3/21/1829–1/22/1917  
Ostrum, Amelia C. 10/28/1833–3/24/1891 Wife of Byrum
Ostrum, Samuel Garret  1852–9/25/1926 Son of Byrum & Amelia C.
Ostrum, Alzina C. Garrison 1862–1949 Wife of Samuel Garret
Ostrum, Ernest   Son of Samuel & Alzina C.
Ostrum, Clinton O. 1887–1935 Son of Samuel & Alzina C.
Ostrum, Belle O. 1889– Wife of Clinton O.
Ostrum, Newman A. 1857–1936  
Ostrum, Alice L. 1864–1958 Wife of Newman A.
Ostrum, Ralph B. 1884–1911 Son of Newman A. & Alice L.
Ostrum, Nora A. 1886–1929 Daughter of Newman A. & Alice L.
NORTON, Thomas J. 4/14/1842–12/7/1912  
Norton, Fred L. 1874–1936  
Norton, Bertha A. 1871–1938 Wife of Fred L.
PELLAM, Lemuel 5/11/1858–1/4/1902  
PIPER, Eli F. 10/5/1860–4/9/1894  
PYE, Forrest C. 11/12/1879–7/20/1938
Pye, Elsie E. 1886–19__ Wife of Forrest C.; daughter of Clarence A. Morrison
Pye, Ruth M. 1908–1923 Daughter of Forrest C. & Elsie E.
PARKS, Samuel C. 1/1/1845–12/27/1943 Civil War, musician, Co G, 143 PA Vol, 9/19/1862–6/12/1865
Parks, Augusta 1850–1944 Wife of Samuel C.
Parks, Floyd 2/10/1891–11/12/1906 15y 9m 2d; son of Samuel C. & Augusta
SIPPLE, Anna B. d. 8/20/1892 31y; wife of Kasprer
SLOTTJE, Jane Nydam 1883–1928  
SPANGLER, Mother 1827–1907  
Spangler, W. A. 1845–1903  
Spangler, Adaline S. d. 3/1868 19y 11m 10d
Spangler, Christian d. 10/17/1863 14y 8m 16d
TOWNER, Adelbert W. 1854–1912  
Towner, Martha M. 1860–1925 Wife of Adelbert W.
Towner, H. Adolpha d. 5/3/1851 3m; son of James M. & Martha A.