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Cameron County Genealogy Project

Shippen Township

Markert Cemetery, Truman, PA

Transcribed on November 30, 2003 by Alex and Wendy Davis. Unmarked graves, if any, are not identified in this transcription. The vertical rows are transcribed starting on the left side as row one as approaching the entrance.


Row 1

Smith, Alda 1908-2002

Smith, Robert J 1908-1962

Smith, Joel Alda (son of Rbt. and Alda) 1943-1949

Row 2

Smith, Robert J. 1885-1951

Smith, Rev. A 1849-1931

Smith, Anna G 1870-1955

Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth (no dates)

Row 3

Smith, Minnie L (mother) 1874-1957

Smith, John W. (father) 1862-1939

Smith, Otto A. (son of JW and ML Smith) 1898-1919

Smith, Margaret 1905-1907

Lehman, George J.M. (son of Rev. CE and OF Lehman) 7/25/1927-8/5/1927

Row 4

Smith, John W. 1892-1966

Smith, George W. 1895-1948

Smith, Dorothy M (wife of GW Smith)(mother) 1895-1918

Row 5

Brown, Carl O. 1921-1970

Brown, George F. 1857-1940

Brown, Maude I. 1900-1968

Brown, Guy A. Sr. 1893-1967

Brown, Jeanette L. 1894-1923

Brown, Jeanette 1939-1939

Row 6

Busch, Retha M. 1904-1984

Markert, Frank 1900-1941

Markert, Dorthea 1864-1914

Markert, George P. 1859-1953

Markert, Margaret 1908-1960

Arnold, Kathryn 1887-1960

Smith, Edna Markert 1902-1963

Row 7

Markert, Pauline Edna (dau. of GD and FE Markert) Jan. 17,1922-Dec. 28, 1922

Broker, Kathryn M. 1919-1987

Markert, George Dewey 1897-1949

Markert, Frances E 1896-1985

McDonald, Elizabeth M. 1884-1974

McDonald, Calvin 1885-1964

Row 8

Morrison, Clifford B. 1893-1965

Morrison, Sophia 1890-1985

Dexter, Gertrude 1904-1991

Dexter, Authur F. 1904-1968

Reid, Bonnie M. 1948-1995

Reid, Richard F. 1935-

Reid, Anna Brown (mother) 1944-1964

Row 9

Armstrong, Rbt. (husband) 1849-1907

McLaughlin- no dates

Toner, Clara A. (dau. Of Mr. and Mrs. David Toner) 1883-1905

Toner, David McMicken (Co. C 137, Rgt Pa 101) died-Aug. 30, 1912

Toner, Otto 1892-1916

Row 10







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