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Cameron County Pennsylvania

Spring Street Cemetery

Emporium, PA

This is a small cemetery located at the intersection of Spring Street and East Fifth St. Extension in Emporium, PA. There are several graves that are marked unknown and since it is an old cemetery, several of the headstones are not readable at this time. 

Bortz, Ella Newton

Chadwick, Emma C.

Crow, David

Crow, Lydia

Crow, William

Earl, Anna D.

Earl, John

Earl, Pembroke 

Earl, Anna S.

Elwell, Rev. Daniel

Freeman, Allen P.

Freeman, Bryan Hill

Freeman, Clytus

Freeman, Marcus B.

Freeman, Orrell Freeman

Freeman, Seneca

Hubbard, James P.

Minard, Sophia

Newton, David E.

Newton, Mary Ellen

Newton, Theodore H

Newton, Theophilus

Parsons, Ella Aloysa

Parsons, John Fribley

Shaw, Jacqueline Sue

Shaw, Shawn Lee

Shea, Mary Ella

Taggart, George


Graciously submitted by Mary Ellen Smith


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