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Faces of Cameron County Through the Ages

Isher and Mate Craven Family

Photos courtesy the Potter County Historical Society

craven3.JPG (264160 bytes)

Isher Craven

craven4.JPG (315178 bytes)

Isher Craven

craven8.JPG (295601 bytes)

Mary "Mate" Craven

craven9.JPG (229773 bytes)

Mary "Mate" Craven

craven1.JPG (321632 bytes)

Lettie, Sadie, George & Lloyd Craven

craven2.JPG (452758 bytes)

Sadie Cravin (as spelled)

craven10.JPG (289605 bytes)

Lettie Craven

craven11.JPG (277246 bytes)

Nettie Jones, Flora & Agnes Ryan, Lettie Craven

craven6.JPG (367873 bytes)

Lloyd & George Craven

Floyd Wamsley (front)

craven7.JPG (297282 bytes)

George Craven died in 1873

craven12.JPG (288049 bytes)

Lloyd Craven

craven5.JPG (374393 bytes)

Lloyd Craven

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