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Old Reed Cemetery

Quakake Valley
Steward, Paul  03/06/1858-04/03/1858 son of David & Rebecca
Steward, Julianna  02/17/1785-03/24/1830 w. of Capt. David Steward
Steward, David  12/01/1778-03/06/1864 1st Steward in Quakake
Gerhard, Sarah Elizabeth  06/08/1871-12/11/1871 dau. of Jonas & Elizabeth
Gerhard, Asa Franklin  07/01/1864-02/05/1880 son of Jonas & Elizabeth
Gerhard, Reuben  05/01/1828-04/15/1929 dau. of Jonas & Elizabeth
Gerhard, Daniel  12/13/1781-05/29/1860 son of Mathias & Anna
Gerhard, Elizabeth  04/27/1789-12/31/1868 [dates very worn]
Eroh, Charles F.  03/20/1858-06/21/1877 s. of Joel and Mary 
Mace, Emma            1849-1939 Mace plot
Mace, Jacob            1821-1904 Mace plot
Mace, Mary            1821-1905 Mace plot

The cemetery known as the Reed Cemetery, actually contains no known members of the Reed family.  It was given this name because it is located on land once owned by the Reed family.  Earlier, it was known as the Horn Cemetery.  Located on private property in the West End of Packer Township, it is within a small stand of woods, roughly triangular in shape, at a place where three fields come together.  There may be twice as many burials as shown above, but some of the stones may have been taken, buried, or just broken beyond recognition.  Some of the stones still standing are so illegible and worn, I couldn't include them here.  There is at least one member of the Hinkle family buried here, but that surname is the only thing that can be read on the very worn stone.  Some small stones have only initials on them, including an "H" for the second initial, which may indicate more Hinkles or maybe Horns are buried here.  This is probably the oldest cemetery in the valley.  Supposedly, Philip Hoffecker, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, was buried here in  1796.

More information on the Quakake Valley...

    George Klees and Daniel Heil were the first white settlers in the Quakake Valley, arriving around 1790.  Crossing the Blue Mountain from Berks County, they came north following an old road that had been built to a point a few miles south of present day Tamaqua. From there, they forged their own road to the Quakake Valley, where they built the valley's first sawmill.  The valley was heavily forested, and that became the first industry of the settlers.  The sawmills that dotted the region were soon joined by grist mills when the cleared land was set to plow.  Later settlers followed the road cut by Klees and Heil, while other settlers came from the valley of the upper Lehigh Valley, following the course of the Indian's Warrior's Path, which later was used for the building of the Lehigh and Susquehanna Turnpike.  The forests soon were relegated to the mountain tops and deep ravines, while the broad valley of the Quakake Creek became rich farmland. Though some industry came into the valley, the valley was, and remains, primarily farmland.

David Steward was born in Alsace Twp., Berks Co., according to his stone, though other sources say he was born in Edinborough, Scotland. Family legend has it that David and his mother were the only family members to survive an Indian massacre in Berks County.
    He married Julianna Swoyer, who was born in Pricetown, Oley Twp., Berks Co., and they moved north to Rush Twp. in Schuylkill Co. about 1829.  David and Julianna both died in Rush Twp.  David and Julianna had about eight children.  They included Julianna (mar. Jonas Merkle), Reuben, Daniel David (mar. Rebecca Gottshalk), Lydia (mar. John Steiner), Christiana (mar. Edward Gangwer), Joseph (mar. Maria Leigh of Germany), Matilda (mar. Joel Gerhard), and David Jacob (mar. Rosina Neifert).  "Steward" appears to be the original spelling of the name.  Some of David's sons changed the spelling to "Stewart", though.  Joseph Steward and his descendants seem to have mostly stayed with the original spelling.  His son, David L. Steward, who married Rebecca Gerhard, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Heil) Gerhard, were the parents of Paul Steward buried in the Reed Cemetery.

Daniel Gerhard was a son of Mathias Gerhard and Anna Yeakel, who came to the Quakake Valley around 1790.  Daniel married Elizabeth Heil, daughter of Daniel Heil, who pioneered settlement in the Quakake Valley.    They had about 9 children:  Benjamin (mar. Sarah Santee), Joel (mar. Matilda Steward, a daughter of David and Julianna), Hannah (mar. Ephraim Ballliet), Daniel (mar. Molly Neifert), Elizabeth, Susanna, Mary (mar. Jacob Mace), Jonas (mar. Elizabeth Bachart, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Bachart), Sarah, Solomon B. (mar. Matilda Romig, daughter of Benjamin and Julia Romig, who first settled the site where Weatherly would be), the father of Jefferson Gerhard, Reuben (very likely a twin brother of Solomon's, Reuben died before his first birthday), and Rebecca (mar. David L. Steward, son of Joseph and grandson of David and Julianna Steward).

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