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Blacklick Township, 1890

Blacklick Township is bounded on the north by Barr Township, on the east by Cambria, on the south by Jackson and on the west by Indiana County. The population of the township is 587. The village of Belsano, located south-west of the centre, has about 50 inhabitants. The north branch of Blacklick Run flows through the western part of the township, from north to south, and, with its tributaries, drains almost the entire township. Much valuable coal underlies the surface of this township. Of the citizens deserving special notice, for their push and enterprise, in this township, are James H. White, I. N. Wissinger, John J. Jones, farmers; E. L. Davis, sawyer at Sellers' mill, on the Blacklick, has been in the business over thirty years, in Blacklick and Cambria Counties; Moses Davis, farmer, stock raiser and coal dealer, Elias Rowland, Esq., farmer and stock raiser; Samuel Reed, owner of a large farm near Belsano; Empfield & Son, contractors and builders, own a large saw mill near Belsano, dealers in lumber, rough and planed; J. L. Edwards, farmer and stock and poultry raiser, farm two miles north of Belsano; John B. Hite, justice of the peace in Belsano; Simon Adams, general dealer in lumber; Isaac Michael, postmaster at Belsano, and dealer in general merchandise; Thomas Duncan, miller and proprietor of Duncan Mills; Joseph J. Prycer, farmer and dealer in all kinds of lumber; Daniel Houghman, farmer and stock raiser; John P. Kirsch, John Duman, Philip Anstitt, Thos. L. Edwards and M. Frank. farmers and stock raisers; Elias Edwards, William H. Williams, George Boring, farmers and lumbermen; Philip H. Jones, B. F. Marsh and Shane Cameron, dealers in and manufacturers of lumber.


Blacklick Township Business Directory, 1890

 Daniel Griffith  Farmer
 James White  Farmer
 J. N. Wissinger  Farmer
 George J. Jones  Farmer
 D. L. Davis  Sawyer at Sells' Mill
 Moses Davis  Farmer and Coal Dealer
 Elias Rowland  Justice of the Peace and Farmer
 Samuel Reed  Farmer
 Empfield & Son  Contractors and Builders; also
Manufacturers of Siding, Flooring and Dealers in Rough and Planed Lumber. Bills sawed to order.
 J. L. Edwards  Farmer and Dealer in Fine Poultry
 J. B. Hite  Justice of the Peace; also Dealer in Lumber
 Simon Adams  Farmer and Dealer in Lumber
 Z. Thomas  Farmer and Coal Dealer
 Isaac Michael  Postmaster and Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries and General Merchandise; also Dealer in all Kinds of Country Produce, and highest prices paid for all.
 Thomas Duncan  Manufacturer of Flour, Feed, Lath, Shingles and Lumber of all Kinds. All orders filled promptly, Belsano, Pa.
 Joseph Prycer  Farmer and Lumber Dealer
 Matthias Hoffman  Farmer and Lumber Dealer
 John D. Kirsch  Farmer
 John Duman  Farmer and Stock Raiser
 Philip Amstead  Farmer and Stock Raiser
 Thos. L. Edwards  Farmer and Stock Raiser
 Elias Edwards  Farmer and Dealer in Lumber
 Philip H. Jones  Farmer and Dealer in Lumber
 William H. Williams  Farmer and Dealer in Lumber
 Michael Frank  Farmer and Stock Raiser
 B. F. Marsh  Farmer and Manufacturer of Lumber, Marsh's Mill, on Blacklick Creek, 3 ¼ miles North of Belsano
 George Boring  Farmer and Lumberman
 Shane Cameron  Manufacturer and Dealer in Lath, Pine and Hemlock Lumber

Source: Atlas of Cambria County, Pennsylvania, J. A. Caldwell, Atlas Publishing Co. Philadelphia, PA, 1890

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