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Postal Centennial at Expedit Station

On August 22, 1996, the Village of Twin Rocks celebrated the Centennial of the establishment of the first Post Office at Expedit. The current post office is located in the former company store.

To commemorate the centennial of the U.S. Postal Service in Twin Rocks, symbols that reflect the beginnings of the town were selected. The cancellation and cachet are dedicated to the many Lumbermen and Coal Miners who worked in the industries that brought prosperity to the Blacklick Valley. The U.S. Post Office at Expedit, Pennsylvania was estaablished in 1896 to serve a community that was undergoing an explosive growth. The population of Blacklick Township rose from 587 in 1890 to 1,611 as reported in the 1900 Federal Population Census. Most of this growth was centered around the town of Twin Rocks. The 1900 Census reported that of the 710 employeed individuals in Blacklick Township, 195 were employed at coal mines and 238 working in the timber and lumber industries.

The cancellation depicts an early Climax Locomotive, perhaps similar to the 16 ton Climax Class A steam locomotive that was operated on 10 miles of 36" guage railroad in Twin Rocks by the Whitmer $ Sons Lumber Company in 1896. The Climax Locomotive Company built more than 1,100 locomotives of which only 11 exist and 4 are still operating. The Whitmer railroad, the first logging railroad in Cambria County, was used to haul timber to the sawmill located in Twin Rocks.

The wooden coal mining car in the cachet symbolizes the millions of tons of coal mined in the various mines of Twin Rocks -- Wagner, Hughes #14, Swatera, Jackson #1, Hayden, Nonparell, Big Bend, Number #5, Commercial Coal Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, & 16, Shiffer, Stanwix and others long forgotten. The mines hve been sealed, the landscape reclaimed with only an occasional eroded rockdump or remnant of a foundation giving a hint to the town's past history.