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Original Charter of
Blacklick Township


Order for a new Township out of parts of Cambria, Jackson, and Carroll to be called Blacklick.

Cambria County S.S.
At a court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace held at Ebensburg in and for the County of Cambria on the seventh day of July A.D. 1849, before the Hon. George Taylor, John Murray and Philip Noon. Judges of the Same Court: -- Upon the petition of divers inhabitants of the Townships of Cambria, Jackson, and Carroll, in the said County, setting forth that they labor under great inconvenience for want of a New Township to be erected out of portions of said townships: The line to commence at or near the Saw Mill of Abraham Bartlebaugh on the line of Indiana County, thence East so as to include the farms of Abraham Makin and John Skelly, then South so as to include the farm of David E. Jones to the South Branch of Blacklick, thence so as to include the farm of John Sloyde, thence by the South branch of Blacklick to the line of Indiana County, thence by the said line to the place of beginning. The said Township to be called "Blacklick" and therefore Praying the Court to appoint powers for the above stated purposes. The court upon due consideration bade of the premises do order and appoint Patrick McCoy, Jacob Luther, and Stephen Sloyde Commissioners to inquire into the propriety of granting the Prayer of the petition. We who do report, that they have as directed made a plot of the following boundaries which they do return to be erected into a new township to be called "Blacklick Township" viz: Beginning at a large red oak on State roads leading from Ebensburg to Punxataney about sixty perches N.W. of the house of Wm. Gittins, Ju., thence South Seven degrees West three miles & ninety one perches to Jobe Rees' run, thence South one mile & one hundred and seven perches to the Indiana Turnpike roads, thence South Seven degrees East three miles and seventeen perches to the south branch of Black___ at the upper fence of Jno. Thomas' Meadow, thence down the same to the Indiana County line being about Eight miles, thence by said line about nine miles to where it crosses the Dutch run, thence down the same to its mouth, thence up the North branch of Blacklick to where the said State road to Punxataney crosses it, and thence by the roads about one mile to the beginning red oak, and that they consider the said new township of Blacklick is necessary for the convenience of the inhabitants within the above mentioned boundaries, a plot or draft whereof is to the said report annexed.

12 January 1850, read
10 October 1850, confirmed
By the Court
Wm. Kittell, Clerk

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